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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C15 An Inexplicable Two Slaps on the Face
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C15 An Inexplicable Two Slaps on the Face

The next day, the sun's rays shone into Mu Shuishan's eyes. She couldn't help but frown and put one of her hands on her head. After drinking for so long last night, his head was still extremely tired, and he even felt some pain. Mu Shuishan felt that her body was incredibly heavy. She struggled to sit up, looked at her blanket and clothes, then took a look at the clean and white room.

Mu Shuishan walked out of the room with heavy steps and saw Lu Xuan sitting on the sofa in the living room and reading a magazine. Mu Shuishan walked out of the room with heavy steps and saw Lu Xuan sitting on the sofa in the living room and reading a magazine.

Mu Shuishan pouted, a little dissatisfied as she muttered, "Who would entertain a guest like that?" As he spoke, he sat down at the table and started eating without a trace of politeness.

Lu Xuan closed the magazine and walked over with long and slow steps. He sat in front of her and said with a smile in his eyes, "You've already treated this as your own home. When have you ever been polite to me? You still have the nerve to say that you're a guest."

Mu Shuishan rolled her eyes and immediately changed the topic, "Don't you have to go to the station today? Do you still have time to bicker with me?"

"If something were to happen to you in my house, then who would I tell? I don't want this glorious reputation of mine to be ruined by you." After Lu Xuan said that, he seemed to have thought of something, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at her seriously, "Speaking of which, the suspect that escaped last time has been caught. The person said he was caught for Miss Mu, what's going on?"

Mu Shuishan bit a bun and vaguely answered, "This is a deal. It's a long story, since the person has been found, I should be able to go to work now." Mu Shuishan's mood immediately became better when she thought of going back to the police station. If she was busy with something, she wouldn't have to think about all that nonsense.

"Anyway, you'll be fine later. After I finish eating breakfast, send me back so that I don't have to call a taxi." Mu Shuishan said with an expressionless face. Her tone was full of rudeness and there was not the slightest hint of embarrassment in her tone.

Lu Xuan couldn't help but be shocked by the person in front of him. Other than Mu Shuishan, there was no one else in this world that could be as straightforward as her. However, he really hoped that she would never hide anything from him.

At the same time, Mu Ziyao's teary cries could be heard throughout the entire Mu Manor.

The so-called 'one moment of the Spring Lantern Festival was worth thousands of gold.' Even though it was destroyed by that damnable Mu Shuishan, Mu Ziyao still returned to the Mu Manor the next morning to seek justice. Since she was young, no one had beaten her.

"Mom, you have to avenge me!" Mu Ziyao's eyes were filled with tears as she sobbed and threw herself into Shang Siman's embrace. Her soft and weak voice made people's hearts tremble.

"What's wrong, my darling? Who bullied you? Mom will definitely vent her anger on you." Shang Siman looked at her daughter, who was crying her heart out, with a pained expression on her face.

You actually dared to touch my daughter, you simply don't want to live anymore!

Mu Ziyao raised her head to wipe her tears. With a wronged and disgusted expression, she said while gritting her teeth, "Gu Cheng and I were happy last night. For some reason, that bitch suddenly appeared and slapped me!"

When Shang Siman heard that her daughter had been beaten up, she quickly turned her face away. With a worried expression, she asked, "Does it hurt if I show it to mom?"

Mu Ziyao took off Shang Siman's hand, her tone filled with hatred. "Mom, this time, you must help me vent my anger!" It was always a bad thing, but now he had started it! The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He didn't want to see her again. After he finished speaking, his eyes lit up as he held Shang Siman's hand, "Mom, I want that little bitch to disappear from my sight forever!"

Shang Siman's face revealed an evil expression. Although her face wasn't scarred by the passage of time, her heart was still as vicious as it was back then. When she thought about the sudden appearance of this little girl in the Mu Estate, who now owned twenty percent of her Mu Family, Shang Siman felt extremely uncomfortable.

"Darling, don't worry. I'll definitely help you vent your anger!"

As soon as she said that, she caught a glimpse of Mu Shuishan who had just gotten off the car. When she saw Mu Shuishan with a face full of smiles, looking very similar to that little bitch of hers, Shang Siman immediately became angry.

Mu Shuishan had no idea what would happen next. Although she had expected to run into Mu Ziyao, she was the one who was shameless. Thinking about what happened last night, Mu Shuishan couldn't help but feel depressed.

As if nothing had happened, Mu Shuishan acted as if nothing had happened. The moment she stepped into the hall, she saw Mu Ziyao and Shang Siman glaring at her with murderous intent. Mu Shuishan snickered in her heart. She ignored them and wanted to go upstairs. She didn't expect to be stopped by Shang Siman before she could even step on the stairs. "Stop!"

Mu Shuishan turned around, a puzzled smile appearing on her face. She pretended to be respectful as she said, "Hehe, Auntie, what's the matter?"

"Mu Shuishan, are your wings stiff now? What's the meaning of seeing me not even greet them?" Shang Siman walked up to her with a pair of cold eyes. She crossed her arms in front of her chest as if she couldn't wait to strangle her to death.

Mu Shuishan felt it was a little funny. If she didn't provoke her for a day, she would feel unhappy. "I don't think Auntie would care about that. After all, if I were to open my mouth, you would only be unhappy."

Lili was so angry that she pointed at her. Just as she was about to curse, Mu Ziyao, who was sitting at the side, stood up and deliberately taunted, "Big sister, I know you're unhappy about Brother Gu Cheng's matter. But you can't treat your elders like this no matter what, right? "There are some things that I can't force myself to do. You should know that a man as outstanding as Brother Gu Cheng should naturally be compatible with me. Do you think you're qualified?"

Mu Shuishan looked at Mu Ziyao's shameless and prideful expression and couldn't help but feel angry in her heart. She pushed her down to the ground and shouted at her in exasperation, "Why don't you go to an ancient brothel with someone else's boyfriend? There's a whole bunch of men there, and it's good enough for you! "

When Shang Siman saw her daughter being pushed to the ground by this vixen, her words were even more unbearable. She flung her hand and slapped her with all her might on the spot! The slap Mu Shuishan gave her daughter last night was nothing compared to this slap!

Mu Shuishan's eyes widened, and her face immediately turned red as if she had been scalded by oil from a hot pan! Just as she was about to retaliate, Shang Siman gave her another slap in the face! Mu Shuishan's heart was set ablaze by the redness on her face. She was pushed down to the ground, causing her to fall onto the sofa beside her!

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