CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C17 I've Got a Little Bit of a Feeling for Cleanliness.
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C17 I've Got a Little Bit of a Feeling for Cleanliness.
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C17 I've Got a Little Bit of a Feeling for Cleanliness.

The next morning, just as Mu Shuishan was about to go to work, her phone started to sing, "You're my little darling little apple, no matter how much I love you I can't think too much."

Looking at the screen, Mu Shuishan frowned and hung up with disdain. Not long after, her phone started to ring again. Mu Shuishan had no choice but to answer the call in disgust, not saying a single word.

Seeing that Mu Shuishan was still willing to answer his call, he couldn't help but feel happy in his heart, "Shan, what happened that day was really a misunderstanding. You have to listen to me explain to you clearly, I only have your place in my heart, I really don't want the relationship between us to disappear just like that."

Mu Shuishan took a sip of water and then coldly said, "What do you want to say? Hurry up and say it, I still have to go to work."

"It's like this. Originally, I wanted to go to the Mu Family to personally report this to you, but … The people from the Mu Family said … " Gu Cheng's voice was full of worry, he didn't know if he should speak, "Shan, where are you, I'll go pick you up. You come and live with me, I don't want your Mu Family anymore, I'm willing to take you."

"Don't talk so much nonsense!" Mu Shuishan was slightly impatient, and her tone could not help but become more serious.

"Shan, as long as you're happy, I promise you anything you can forgive me. That day's situation was really an accident, the last time I accompanied you to the wedding shop and watched you get taken away, I was powerless, I was very frustrated, I wanted to look for you but I didn't know where to go. Afterwards, I was not in a good mood and drank too much, so I treated Ziyao as you. I swear, I'll never see her again! "

Mu Shuishan laughed sarcastically, "Is that all?" "Alright, I'll hang up now." As soon as he finished, he hung up the phone without giving him any chance to speak. Then he packed up his things and prepared to go to work.

Treat Mu Ziyao as me? What a joke, how sober she was, and she never believed in the word 'drunken chaos'!

He originally thought that he could go to work peacefully, but when he arrived at the police station, he saw a tall figure leaning on the door. He held a cigarette in his hand and was deeply inhaling the smoke. There seemed to be a lot of things on his mind.

Mu Shuishan lowered her head and left as if she didn't see him. Just as she was about to go in, she was acutely noticed by Gu Cheng. He quickly put away the cigarette in his hand and held her with one hand, trying to please her: "Shan."

When Mu Shuishan saw his hand holding hers, her body trembled unhappily. "Please let go of my hand."

Gu Cheng sighed and slowly slid off his hand, "Shan, you still won't forgive me? I swear to God, I will never do anything to let you down! " Saying that, he took his hand and placed it on the side of his head, as though he was swearing to the heavens, "If I do that again, I'll be struck to death by lightning! After all our years of love, how can you just give up? "

Mu Shuishan glanced at him with disdain as she sized up the man who had once been tempted by her. No matter what he had said in the past, she had always felt happy. She hated people who betrayed her the most in her life, and the thought of him naked in bed with other women made her sick!

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gu. I have a bit of a germaphobe." After saying that, she was about to walk around him when she was fiercely stopped by him. "Let go of me, or I'll be rude to you!" Mu Shuishan frowned, slightly displeased.

"I'm not letting go! I will never let go again, unless you forgive me! "

Mu Shuishan could not help but feel disgusted. Just as she was thinking about how to get rid of this so-called ex-boyfriend, Lu Xuan suddenly came out from the side and punched her without any hesitation.

Lu Xuan had been training in the army, his skills were naturally powerful, and he did not even bat an eyelid. The seemingly gentle and refined Gu Cheng did not notice this sudden and intense beating, and fell to the ground. Lu Xuan wanted to continue venting his displeasure, but was stopped by Mu Shuishan. I tell you, it's best not to bother Shan again, or I'll hit you every time I see you! "

"Alright, Lu Xuan, stop fighting!" Mu Shuishan pulled Lu Xuan along, turned around and looked at Gu Cheng, then said helplessly, "We already have nothing to say to each other. Of course, getting engaged doesn't count, so please don't bother me anymore." After saying that, he went back to work without looking back. Lu Xuan followed and left after glaring at him.

Mu Shuishan sat in the police station, not in the mood to go to work at all. She stared blankly at her phone for a long time, flipping it over and over, only to find that there was no longer a picture of Gu Cheng. There were only two pictures in her phone, one of herself, and one of Zhan Beirong.

At this moment, Mu Shuishan was actually quite grateful to Zhan Beirong. She was grateful that he had removed her privacy and brought her to a hotel so that she could see what kind of person Gu Cheng was. Looking at Zhan Beirong's handsome picture, Mu Shuishan suddenly felt that she was not used to not seeing Zhan Beirong for the past few days, so she did not know what was wrong with him.

As she was thinking, Mu Shuishan suddenly shook her head and heavily slapped it!

"What are you thinking about? Aren't you thinking too much like that …" Water Yang Hua must be having an illusion! That Zhan Beirong has so many flaws and eccentricities!

"Shan, this guy is not bad!" A voice sounded from above her head, startling Mu Shuishan. She hurriedly turned her hands around in panic.

Mu Shuishan looked up and saw her colleague Xia Qing walking past her with a glass of water. When she saw Xia Qing staring blankly at her phone, she couldn't help but take a glance. She was looking at a handsome guy!

Mu Shuishan quickly exhaled. "Are you trying to scare me to death!?"

"Look at those eyes of yours. They're simply about to sink into your phone. He dares to be so fair and square during business hours. He really is a little fanatic."

"No way, don't spout nonsense. I'm a very calm person!"

A day's time passed just like that. Mu Shuishan was naturally not as happy as she thought she was. After a whole day, her mind did not know where she was going to go, to the point that she got the information wrong several times. She was ruthlessly criticized by Director Gu, and now that she had just returned to work, did she still want to continue suspending her position?

Lu Xuan had to work overtime at night. Everyone in the police station thought highly of him, saying that he was young and had good abilities. Although he looked like he was a brother to Lu Xuan on the surface, he was still very sharp and smart! Therefore, she had to take a taxi back tonight.

She was just about to call a taxi when a familiar car stopped in front of her. The owner of the car rolled down the window and said, "Shan, get in!"

"Didn't I tell you not to bother me again?" Mu Shuishan walked forward with a disdainful expression. Gu Cheng looked at the car slowly following beside her.

"It's like this. It's my dad who wants to see you."

"Uncle Gu?" Mu Shuishan hesitated for a moment before she helplessly agreed. "Alright then."

With that, he got into the car.

No one noticed that a black luxury car was following closely behind them.

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