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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C18 It Turned out That He Was Only Doing It for the Shares
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C18 It Turned out That He Was Only Doing It for the Shares

It was silent inside the car. Gu Cheng smiled gently along the way and deliberately tried to find a topic to talk about. He didn't want to make the atmosphere too awkward.

After Mu Shuishan learned her lesson, she stopped eating Gu Cheng's food and just lowered her head to play with her phone. The moment she opened her phone, Zhan Beirong's photo was caught by Gu Cheng, who was staring at her while driving.

This was the photo that Mu Shuishan had accidentally flipped open at the police station and was interrupted by her colleague, Xia Qing. In her panic, Mu Shuishan just turned off the screen and didn't return the photo album.

When Gu Cheng saw the picture of the sleepy man, his face instantly turned blue and his mouth tightened into a frown.

No wonder when Mu Ziyao showed him the photo of her being invited to the car by another man last time, Gu Cheng's originally serious and fawning mood disappeared in an instant.

Although he didn't know Mu Ziyao well, but what about her? Different from this, he still refused to follow a woman's teachings and pretended to be a pure and innocent woman in front of her, refusing to touch her even once.

Gu Cheng thought irritably while feeling indignant in his heart. He didn't say a word and could only raise the speed of his car.

Mu Shuishan, who was at the side, did not notice the change in the mood of the man beside her. She did not want to see him anymore. Unfortunately, even if Uncle Gu wanted to see him, he had no reason to refuse. After all, he and his grandfather had personally arranged this marriage. Now that things had turned out this way, he should naturally inform him.

About thirty minutes later.

Mu Shuishan was standing in the main hall of the Gu Estate. When she saw that there was no one there, she asked, "Where's Uncle?"

Gu Cheng chuckled elegantly as he walked in front of her, "If he's not here, are you really not going to come?"

"You lied to me?!" Only then did Mu Shuishan realize that he was lying to her. She really didn't know what his intentions were, but that was good, he had to explain everything now.

Mu Shuishan looked angrily at the man who had once moved her heart. She tried her best to suppress the unhappiness in her heart as she said calmly, "Gu Cheng, you know me. Since I've said I'm going to break up, then we shouldn't meet again. I also hope you can understand what I mean. We shouldn't disturb each other."

Gu Cheng looked at Mu Shuishan's determined expression and knew that she was a stubborn person. However, she was basically a good girl in front of him. She would occasionally make a ruckus as long as she was good enough.

Gu Cheng calmly cleared his throat and looked at her gently, "Shan, your grandfather was the one who made the decision on our marriage. Before he died, he told us to set the marriage because he didn't trust you. If you are still angry at me and insist on breaking up with me, how can you be compatible with your grandfather in the sky? "

Mu Shuishan felt even more disgusted at her words. She was actually going to use her grandfather to suppress her?

"Heh heh, is that so? If my grandfather was still around and knew that you had done such a thing, do you think he would still let me marry you? "

Gu Cheng's mood started to become impatient. Looking at her sharp eyes and beautiful profile, the flame of desire in his heart couldn't help but burn. Coupled with Mu Shuishan's mockery of herself, her gentle and refined appearance gradually looked like a wolf stripped of its sheepskin, and her tone of voice lost its previous calm.

"Shan, I advise you to not fail to appreciate the kindness. Do you think that you can share as much as you want? Now that you have been chased out by Mu Family, if you still do not marry me, then you will not be able to think of obtaining twenty percent of the shares in Mu Family! "

When Mu Shuishan heard 20% of the shares, her eyes instantly widened. All the doubts she had about the shares were solved by this reminder.

It turned out that he was only staying with her because of her 20% share of the shares. That was why he wanted to get married as soon as possible, but was also unable to resist Mu Ziyao's allure at the same time.

Mu Shuishan's thoughts became clearer and clearer. It seemed that Mu Ziyao and Shang Siman had deliberately destroyed Gu Cheng and her, not only because they wanted to take Gu Cheng away from her, but also because they didn't want her to have that 20% share! Grandfather knew that she couldn't defeat Mu Family, so he specifically mentioned in his will that as long as she marries Gu Cheng, twenty percent will be her dowry.

At that time, Gu Cheng had always listened to everything he said and made his grandfather trust him so much that he thought he was a reliable man and that they would definitely get married.

But now, all the emotions and thoughts he had at that time were all built on this legacy. How blatantly he had slapped his face!

"Shan, don't worry. As long as you agree to continue the marriage, I guarantee that the Gu family won't treat you unfairly. You're still that glorious Young Mistress of the Gu family." Gu Cheng revealed his original crafty look. He stood in front of Mu Shuishan and caressed her face with a tender expression.

Mu Shuishan suddenly threw his hand away. "Stop dreaming! I would rather not have 20% of the shares than to marry a beast like you! "

Just as she was about to leave, she was held tightly by Gu Cheng. Mu Shuishan was about to retaliate, but was lifted up by him into the air. His hands controlled her body so much strength that even Mu Shuishan, as a cop, had difficulty escaping.

"Gu Cheng, put me down!"

Gu Cheng ignored her and carried her into the bedroom on the second floor without any hesitation. He kicked hard with his foot and the door closed tightly with a "peng" sound.

Without a shred of mercy, he threw Mu Shuishan onto the bed and bellowed at her, "You can kiss me outside with other men, but you never let me touch you. I think you just want to get rid of me and be at ease with other men! I tell you, there's no door! " With that, he pounced on Mu Shuishan, pinning her down.

Actually, Gu Cheng wasn't just interested in that 20% share. When he first saw Mu Shuishan at the ball, he was moved by her beauty. With a tall and slender figure, long and straight legs, and white skin, a man's heart would be moved when he saw her appearance.

Even if the usual Mu Shuishan was a very pretty girl, Gu Cheng still couldn't forget her expression back then.

After being together for two years, he actually hadn't even touched her body. Gu Cheng thought about it and his heart was filled with anger and desire. The more he couldn't get anything, the more he wanted to get it!

Thinking about this, Gu Cheng's anger seemed to be ignited, and he immediately lost all rationality and thought.

Mu Shuishan's mind was blank. The despair in her heart had reached its lowest point. The entire room was filled with her curses and curses.

He didn't know when, but suddenly, with a "bang", the door was kicked open by a powerful force.

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