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C19 No Leave.

Gu Cheng was shocked by the sound of the door being slammed. Who was the one that broke into his room and kicked the door open! He simply did not want to live anymore!

Before he could even see who it was, he was punched mercilessly. He didn't even have the chance to retaliate as his hail like fists struck everywhere on his body.

At this moment, Mu Shuishan's mind was still tense and tense. The tears in her eyes seemed to have stopped flowing, as if she was on the verge of collapse. Her hair was a mess, completely different from the sunlight from before.

Zhan Beirong's eyes were ice-cold, as if he had the urge to kill. He quickly took off the loose suit and covered her with it, hugging her tightly. Mu Shuishan's trembling body seemed so soft that it was hard to bear touching her. When he saw Zhan Beirong hug him, he felt warmth on his cold body. For the first time, he felt that Zhan Beirong gave him so much security. For the first time, he couldn't help but get closer to Zhan Beirong as he was afraid that he would leave.

After who knows how long, it was finally time for him to stop beating Gu Cheng. Gu Cheng stumbled and stood up, it was him again! Sure enough, Mu Shuishan had an unusual relationship with him. Last time at the wedding shop, Mu Shuishan had really put on an act! Gu Cheng could not help but spit in disdain. Although the presence of this person was great, giving him a feeling of not daring to touch him, he still said forcefully, "How dare you barge into the Gu Residence. How dare you!"

Zhan Beirong looked at him with his fixed gaze. When he saw his upper body bare and his pants loose, his originally dark face became even colder. It was enough to freeze someone! He clenched his fists and said nothing.

Seeing how arrogant Gu Cheng was, Lee Ying gave him a slap on the face. "Since you can walk here, then think about whether we have the guts or not!"

"Heh heh, Mu Shuishan, you filthy woman, you are actually even more despicable than me. And now your man has come to me. " Gu Cheng continued to argue on the ground.

Mu Shuishan had already lost some of her nerve power. Now that she was insulted like this, the corners of her mouth were puckered. She was shaking so much that she couldn't speak and could only cry.

When Zhan Beirong heard her insult Mu Shuishan, it was as if his anger was ignited by gasoline. He didn't wait for Lee Ying to make a move, he abruptly pulled out a gun from his pocket, and just as he was about to hit Mu Shuishan, who was leaning on her, Mu Shuishan stopped him with her hand.

Zhan Beirong frowned as he looked at the person in his arms. He didn't seem to be satisfied with her actions, but she actually helped him? Mu Shuishan saw through his thoughts and shook her head. Her eyes were full of helplessness as she weakly said, "Let him go. From now on, his life or death has nothing to do with me."

Looking at her expression, Zhan Beirong was angry and cherished at the same time. His complex expression was unfathomable, but after a while, he retracted the snatch and, without even glancing at Gu Cheng, gently carried Mu Shuishan out.

Mu Shuishan laid in Zhan Beirong's warm and firm embrace and slightly opened her eyes. She looked at him, who was still as cold as ice, and did not say anything. He always gave people a feeling that he was too domineering to resist, but it made her feel that there was nothing that made her feel safer than him.

Once again, Mu Shuishan came to the Zhan's Mansion. It was as if there was an unceasing connection with this place, coming and going as she pleased.

Just as Zhan Beirong carried her to the door, an unfamiliar man whom she had never seen before suddenly came over and blocked his way. Zhan Beirong looked at him unhappily, his eyes seemed to be telling him, "If you don't leave now, I won't be polite with you!"

However, the man in front of him didn't seem to be afraid at all. Instead, he walked up and said in a deep and cheerful tone, "Beirong, it's rare to see you finally have an epiphany." There seemed to be a hint of mockery in his words.

"Out of the way!" Zhan Beirong looked at the man in front of him coldly, as if... Like an enemy.

"Hehe, of course I will give way. I don't have time to block your path, so I won't disturb your good business." Saying that, he left with a playful smile.

Mu Shuishan turned her head slightly and saw that the man in front of her was wearing a pink shirt. There were only a few random holes in his shirt. His chest was faintly exposed, and his hair that was in the middle added a bit of cynicism.

Mu Shuishan continued to turn her head away. Although she couldn't judge a man by his appearance, such a man was clearly a master of love and loved to swindle little sisters!

She also didn't know why the people from the Zhan's Mansion were all so strange. Mn, there were still many unknown people in the place, which immediately made her feel that the Zhan's Mansion wasn't so simple after all.

"About that, I can walk by myself. Put me down first." Mu Shuishan had already rested for a moment with her eyes closed in the car. She seemed to have thought of something and said softly to Zhan Beirong. However, Zhan Beirong remained expressionless as if he didn't hear anything.

Alright, to think that I had forgotten that he is such a character. How would I listen to her words?

Zhan Beirong put Mu Shuishan on the bed in his room and glanced at Lee Ying, who just came in.

Lee Ying immediately said respectfully, "Don't worry Young Master, I've already brought the clothes that Miss Mu wanted to change. Nanny Zhou will also bring the dishes later." Then he turned and went out, closing the door behind him.

No way … He himself had only … It was just that he had lost control of his emotions for a moment, and it wasn't like he couldn't move. This was too … It's over.

As soon as Mu Shuishan sat up, the quilt she was covered with slipped off. Her torn clothes immediately appeared and her flawless skin was reflected in Zhan Beirong's eyes. Mu Shuishan followed his gaze and looked at her body. She couldn't help but widen her eyes and cover up the blanket. She actually forgot that she was still wearing the torn and tattered clothes.

"Don't look!" Mu Shuishan's ears immediately turned red as she hugged the blanket with one hand and shouted at him.

Zhan Beirong acted as if he didn't hear anything. He just raised his head and pinched her face that was blushing due to her shyness.

"Ah!" Mu Shuishan held her face in pain, the same as last time, pinching her face!

"Why are you pinching my face again!" Just as he was about to get angry at her, he suddenly thought of something and his tone immediately changed. "Today …" "Thank you."

Although this Zhan Beirong had a lot of quirks, but … If it wasn't for him today, Gu Cheng's qinshou might have already succeeded.

"Don't!" Zhan Beirong leaned close to his ear, and a sweet and powerful voice sounded in his ear, making him feel itchy.

Just as Mu Shuishan was about to agree, her cell phone rang. "You're my little Apple, no matter how much I love you, it won't be enough."

Mu Shuishan curiously reached into her pocket. She didn't know who would call her at this late hour. As soon as she took out her phone, she slapped her own head.

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