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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C2 A Provocation from My Sister
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C2 A Provocation from My Sister

Lee Ying looked at Zhan Beirong's serene sleeping face in disbelief, and said with a joyful voice, "Quick, young master is asleep. He's going to have surgery now."

Principal Chen and others recovered from the shock and rushed forward. The safety of this man on the operating bed was a matter of life and death for everyone in the hospital. Therefore, no one dared to be negligent, so they quickly made their respective preparations.

Mu Shuishan felt very uncomfortable watching the crowd watching her being hugged by a strange man. She tried to twist her body to get out of Zhan Beirong's embrace, but this man's arm was like an iron wall, locking her in place and preventing her from moving at all.

Principal Chen took the scalpel and looked at Mu Shuishan, who was struggling in Zhan Beirong's arms. With a serious tone, he said, "As a doctor, our duty is to cooperate fully with the patient's treatment." Then, he looked at Zhan Beirong's unsuitable sleeping posture and said to Mu Shuishan, "Please try your best to get close to the patient's body so that she can lie on her back …"

"I …" Mu Shuishan opened her mouth and looked at Director Chen helplessly. Thinking that even though he wasn't a doctor, he still had the duty of saving the dying and helping the wounded as a policeman. Thus, he braced himself and straightened Zhan Beirong's body while he followed Zhan Beirong's posture half-lying on top of him. Seeing Director Chen remove the bandage on the man's chest and the scalpel cutting into his wound, Mu Shuishan felt her heart being wrung. She immediately closed her eyes, afraid to look anymore.

Feeling the man's regular breathing and his calm and powerful heartbeat, Mu Shuishan, who had not slept for three days and three nights, suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep.

The next morning.

The bright sunlight shone through the huge windows of the room. The pair sleeping in each other's embrace on the bed were covered with a faint layer of light. Everything seemed peaceful and beautiful.

However, at this moment, an inappropriate ringtone broke this beautiful scene.

"You are my little little apple, no matter how much I love you, it won't be too much …"

Zhan Beirong frowned slightly. He opened his long and narrow eyes slowly. His dark pupils were completely devoid of the sleeping aura that they had in the morning. He looked at the sleeping girl in his arms and his gaze landed on Mu Shuishan's white face.

Her thick eyelashes were long and curvy, her small nose was exquisite and straight, and her lips were red and plump. Her whole face had a childish look to it. Zhan Beirong was slightly focused as he looked at the face in front of him, and the overlap with his memory …

Mu Shuishan moved her body and subconsciously took out her phone from her pocket. Zhan Beirong saw that the screen of her shiny phone had the word 'Gu Cheng' written on it. His black eyes narrowed slightly, and he saw Mu Shuishan's eyelashes tremble slightly as she slowly opened her eyes.

When the man's well-formed chest entered her eyes, Mu Shuishan's breathing became sluggish. She raised her gaze and met with a pair of eyes as black as the night.

Mu Shuishan was stunned for a moment before she snapped out of her daze. Only then did she realize that her arm was resting on the man's waist. She hurriedly retracted her hand.

Coincidentally, the door was pushed open at this moment. Lee Ying with a huge body was the first to walk in, followed by Principal Chen and two attendants who did the postoperative examination for Zhan Beirong. Mu Shuishan jumped out of the bed in a panic, as if she had seen her husband who had kidnapped her, and tried to run away.

However, she heard the familiar ringtone behind her, "You're my little Apple, no matter how much I love you, I don't think there's too much of it." Mu Shuishan turned around and glanced at Zhan Beirong, who had already sat up. She walked over with an embarrassed expression and picked up the phone beside him.

Seeing the name on the screen, Mu Shuishan couldn't help but smile sweetly. As he walked out, he picked up the phone, "Hello."

Zhan Beirong looked at Mu Shuishan's disappearing figure at the door and heard a clear voice from outside, "Okay, wait for me at home for a while. I'll be back immediately." After a while, Lee Ying noticed that his eyes, which had been shining brightly just now, instantly dimmed down, and the previous dead silence returned.

Principal Chen saw Zhan Beirong sitting there motionlessly, exuding an aura that didn't allow strangers to get near him. Thinking back to yesterday's situation, he didn't dare to go forward. He looked at Lee Ying for help, "This …"

Lee Ying looked at Zhan Beirong and waved at Principal Chen and the others, signaling them to go out first.

He had been by Zhan Beirong's side for seven years. He understood their young master's temperament very well. At this moment, no one could get close to him. The doctor last night was definitely an accident —

In the car, five minutes later, a taxi stopped outside Mu Family villa. Mu Shuishan got off the taxi and saw a familiar car parked outside the garage through the iron fence. She ran into the house with a face full of joy.

After running a few steps into the courtyard, Mu Shuishan's body suddenly stopped, the joy on her face disappeared. She saw Mu Ziyao wearing a black skintight skirt with a wide slit top, looking like she had suffered a foot wound. She stood on tiptoe, leaning her body against Gu Cheng's body with a weak and unyielding posture, while Gu Cheng held Mu Ziyao's hand and held her waist with one hand —

Mu Ziyao was the first one to notice Mu Shuishan. Her mouth quietly twitched as she suddenly let out a soft moan of pain. Her body stuck even closer to Gu Cheng, as if she wanted to drill into his body.

Mu Shuishan looked at the scene in front of her mother and was naturally jealous. However, she believed that her fiancé, who usually doted on her, would never betray her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have flown straight to the Mu residence to find her.

Mu Shuishan covered up her unhappiness as she stood in front of the two of them with a smile. Gu Cheng looked at her and was stunned for a moment. Then, he covered his eyes and revealed a smile on his handsome face, "Xiaoshan, you're back."

Mu Shuishan cast a sidelong glance at Mu Ziyao, purposely ignoring her. She smiled sweetly at Gu Cheng, "Mhm."

She spoke with a hint of provocation in her voice, "Sis, I accidentally sprained my foot outside just now. Luckily, I met Gu Cheng the Great, I think you wouldn't mind having him help me into the house, right?"

Gu Chengo...

How could Mu Shuishan not see her provocation? She rolled her eyes snappily and welcomed him with a smile, "No matter what, Gu Cheng is our Mu Family's guest. With this sister of mine here, it wouldn't be good for us to be supported by the guest." He then snatched Mu Ziyao away from Gu Cheng's hands. Looking at her cold gaze, he intentionally smiled brightly. "I think it's more appropriate to let my sister support you."

Mu Ziyao was not willing to let her plan fail. Being supported by Mu Shuishan and not being taken two steps away, a plan formed in her mind. While Gu Cheng was not paying attention, she intentionally let go of Mu Shuishan's hand and let out a cry of pain before falling to the ground.

Mu Shuishan naturally felt that she had deliberately gotten rid of her hand. Seeing Gu Cheng hurriedly squat down to check on Mu Ziyao's foot injury, she said angrily, "She deliberately fell down."

"Shanshan." Gu Cheng glanced at Mu Shuishan and helped her stand up. With a tone of reproach, he said, "She is your sister, you can't mess around with her again —"

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