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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C20 If You Don't Say Anything You're Tacitly Admitting It.
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C20 If You Don't Say Anything You're Tacitly Admitting It.

"Shan, why aren't you back yet?" The moment he pressed the answer button, Lu Xuan's anxious voice entered Mu Shuishan's ears. Of course, it also entered Zhan Beirong's ears. When Zhan Beirong heard this, his expression immediately changed as if he fell into the Arctic Ocean.

"Oh, I... "I met an old friend on the way, so I went to her place. Maybe I won't be going back for a few days." Mu Shuishan actually forgot about Lu Xuan. She looked at Zhan Beirong's staring expression and lowered her head to continue her lie.

"I saw that you weren't back yet. What did you think happened to you?"

"What can happen to me? You're thinking too much." Mu Shuishan giggled into the phone.

"Fine, call me if you need anything. Let's go to bed early."

Mu Shuishan wanted to continue speaking, but her phone was grabbed and hung up by Zhan Beirong. Before Zhan Beirong could say anything, Mu Shuishan quickly spoke up, "You can't say that you're not allowed to meet him!"

Zhan Beirong frowned and looked unhappy.

"This is my good brother. I have no place to live, so I'll stay there. When I find a house, I'll move out." Mu Shuishan didn't know why she suddenly explained patiently, as if she was afraid that Zhan Beirong would misunderstand something.

"Stay here!" Zhan Beirong said in a domineering tone.

Mu Shuishan's mouth twitched as she thought to herself, "It's not like I'm your girlfriend. Who wants to live with you?" When she raised her head, she saw Nanny Zhou standing outside the door, looking like she was about to leave. She immediately called out to her, "Nanny Zhou!"

Zhan Beirong slightly turned his body, as if he was unsatisfied with being disturbed.

Nanny Zhou looked at the silent Zhan Beirong and quickly walked in. It seemed that she didn't want to disturb Zhan Beirong either, "These are Miss Mu's clothes." After he finished speaking, he quickly left the room and placed them on the sofa. Before leaving, he couldn't help but sneakily glance at them and smile.

Don't think that... What happened to her and Zhan Beirong … OMG!

"I'm going to take a shower and change my clothes. You go out first." Mu Shuishan said confidently while hiding behind the blanket.

However, Zhan Beirong didn't react at all. He just continued to sit beside her in a daze. Oh heavens … You don't want to stare at me while I shower and change my clothes... This freak …

Mu Shuishan stuck her head out. "Get out of here quickly!"

His clothes were torn. How could he let him see his forehead like this? After all, he was still a very pure girl.

Seeing Zhan Beirong's frozen expression while staring at her, Mu Shuishan finally remembered that the person before her was autistic! Thinking of this, Mu Shuishan's heart was slightly moved, and she started to understand him a little more. The angry tone in his voice softened. To deal with an unusual person, he had to use an unusual method!

Then she looked at him with a sweet expression and said fawningly: "Be obedient, I will be fast! You can go out for a while. " Seeing that he was afraid that she would leave, he added, "Don't worry, I definitely won't leave. Besides, I won't be able to go anywhere."

Only then did Zhan Beirong walk out of the door slowly. He didn't forget to look at her meaningfully. Mu Shuishan continued to smile as she watched him leave.

Phew... Mu Shuishan finally breathed a sigh of relief after seeing him leave. She finally persuaded him to leave and carefully tiptoed towards the bathroom.

Mu Shuishan seemed to be having nightmares all night long. It didn't seem to be a nightmare at all. A few hours ago, she had been experiencing nightmares for herself.

The next morning, when the sun was shining brightly, Mu Shuishan switched on the news on her cell phone as usual.

Yesterday, the Gu Group, which has always had a strong family background in our city, went bankrupt overnight with heavy debts. The head of the Gu Group, Gu Zeyuan, was urgently sent to our downtown hospital for rescue, and at 7 o'clock this morning, the successor of the Gu Group, Gu Cheng, was found hanging in the river for a night of immersion. No one has heard about the mastermind yet.

The milk in Mu Shuishan's mouth almost sprayed onto Zhan Beirong's face. She kept coughing and looked at the man with no expression on his face.

"This... It has something to do with you? " Mu Shuishan was perplexed.

Zhan Beirong saw that she didn't say anything, so he continued to eat his breakfast.

Well, that should be tacit acknowledgment...

The Gu Clan was very powerful in City H as well. They had gone bankrupt overnight, just like in a dream. And Gu Cheng was hanging upside down on the riverbank? Cough cough, the person in front of me has indeed been playing a lot of tricks. Although I let him go yesterday, this treatment seems to be even worse than killing him. For someone as strong as Gu Cheng, he might as well just shoot him dead …

"Mom, did you see the news?" Early in the morning, Mu Ziyao, dressed in sexy sleepiness, hurried downstairs. "What's going on? Overnight …"

Shang Siman was puzzled as well. "I'm not sure either. This kind of news is too unexpected. I've never heard of any problems with the Gu Group."

"Then Gu Cheng …" Right … "The news said that he was hung up and soaked in the river water for an entire night. Did he offend someone?"

Just as they were discussing, the servant Xiao Ya came rushing in. "Madam, Miss, Young Master Gu is outside."

Mu Ziyao and Shang Siman curiously looked at each other. Ever since the day Mu Shuishan left, he had come to Mu Family and hadn't come over for the past few days. He also hadn't taken the initiative to look for Mu Ziyao either. Shouldn't he be lying down at home?

"Let him in." Mu Ziyao waved her hand at Xiao Ya.

As soon as Mu Ziyao sat down, Gu Cheng came in with a miserable look. He looked completely different from his usual elegant look. His face was pale and his family background was nowhere to be seen. His eyes were bloodshot.

"Auntie, Ziyao." Gu Cheng lowered his head and shouted politely.

Shang Siman seemed to despise him, but she still pretended to greet him: "Gu Cheng, we've all watched the news, don't worry too much."

Gu Cheng swallowed his saliva, hesitated for a while and asked hesitantly, "Is Uncle home?" I have something I want to tell him. "

Mu Ziyao, who had been sitting by the side all this time, immediately asked when she heard this, "Why are you looking for my dad?" Then she pretended to gracefully walk up to Gu Cheng, who was in a sorry state, and a clear contrast immediately emerged, "If you want my dad to help you, then there's no need to look for him. The hole in your house is so big, who can make up for it?" His words were filled with disgust, completely different from the previous person who charmingly called out 'Brother Gu Cheng'.

"Ziyao, you …" Gu Cheng was left speechless by Mu Ziyao's mocking look. He had already planned to come here for the worst, but now … He had never expected that Mu Ziyao would have such an attitude.

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