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C3 A Good Deal

Mu Shuishan felt extremely wronged. She heard Mu Ziyao say in a considerate tone, "Brother Gu Cheng, don't blame your sister. Maybe your sister really didn't do it on purpose."

What do you mean maybe she didn't do it on purpose? Mu Shuishan curled her lips and said disdainfully, "Sister, with your acting skills, not going back to filming is such a waste."

Mu Ziyao could hear the meaning behind her words. She was so angry that her cheeks were flushed, but because of Gu Cheng's presence, she did not flare up. Therefore, she put on a pitiful look, "Big sis, I only asked Gu Cheng to give me a hand. Is there a need for you to be so against me?" She pushed Gu Cheng away and tiptoed forward, but before she could take two steps, she let out another cry of pain. Gu Cheng immediately stepped forward and supported Mu Ziyao's tottering body.

Mu Shuishan was now truly in awe of Mu Ziyao's acting skills.

At this moment, a surprised voice could be heard, "Aiya, my darling daughter, what's wrong with you?" A gorgeous dressed woman in her forties came out of the house. Looking at Mu Ziyao's aggrieved face, she asked with a pained expression, "Did someone bully my precious daughter?"

"Mom, I accidentally sprained my foot just now and coincidentally saw Brother Gu Cheng. I …" I was just asking Gu Cheng the Ripper to help me into the house. I didn't expect my sister to misunderstand me when she saw me and even intentionally push me aside … Mock me. " Mu Ziyao was crying like the rain. She grabbed onto Shang Siman's arm and said, "Mom, it's better if you help me into the house. I don't want to be misunderstood by my sister again."

Shang Siman wiped the tears from the corner of Mu Ziyao's eyes in heartache. If she didn't feel the sign of her precious daughter indicating that Gu Cheng was by her side, she would have really slapped that little slut.

"Shuishan, this is what a big sister should do." Shang Siman looked at Mu Shuishan with a frown, and said in an impartial tone, "Shouldn't you apologize to Ziyao?"

Mu Shuishan was extremely disgusted with the mother and daughter pair's expressions and could not help but mock them. "What's the use of me apologizing to my sister? With your little sister's acting, shouldn't you give us an Oscar? "

Anger was written all over Shang Siman's face as she immediately slapped Mu Shuishan.

"Pa!" Mu Shuishan's strength was enough to cause a clear five-finger mark to appear on her face.

After a buzz in her head, Mu Shuishan felt a burning pain on her cheeks. She frowned as she looked at her stepmother, who had finally revealed her true form. She raised her hand in an attempt to slap her stepmother, but was stopped by Gu Cheng.

Mu Shuishan looked at her fiancé Gu Cheng in disbelief. The pain in her heart increased as she forcefully shook off the force on her wrist and ran out of the villa without looking back —

Mu Ziyao grabbed Gu Cheng's arm and shook it lightly, then said apologetically, "Brother Gu Cheng, it's all my fault, causing you to be unhappy with your sister."

"Ziyao, don't think too much into it. It's not your fault." Gu Cheng comforted her. He then turned to Shang Siman and said politely, "Aunt Mu, it's all her fault. I apologize on her behalf."

"It's really a great fortune for Shuishan to have a fiance like you." Looking at Gu Cheng, whose family background and appearance were both outstanding, Shang Siman thought that if it weren't for Mu Shuishan, who had a foxy face like her mother's, such an outstanding man would already be her daughter's fiancé. Thinking up to here, she couldn't help but feel sad. She purposely pushed Mu Shuishan into the dust and said, "Shuishan has really been spoiled by us since she was young. She has no elders, and she even goes against Ziyao at all times …"

Gu Cheng listened blandly, but his deep eyes were unfathomable. After supporting Mu Ziyao into the room, he rejected Shang Siman's invitation to let him eat lunch and left the Mu Family.

Mu Ziyao reluctantly looked at Gu Cheng's leaving figure, took off her disguise, and angrily said: "Mom, can you think of something, don't let that little bitch appear in front of me again, I feel annoyed just by looking at her."

Shang Siman sat down beside Mu Ziyao and helplessly said: "What can I do? That old thing's will specifically said that we must raise her until she marries. Otherwise, we won't be able to obtain that priceless piece of land called Yu He —"

"I don't care. I don't want to see her again." Mu Ziyao crossed her arms over her chest and said brusquely, "Gu Cheng is mine. No one can take him away from me."

On the other side, Mu Shuishan, who had run away from the Mu residence, wandered aimlessly on the streets for a long time before realising that she didn't even have a place to go.

Just as she was thinking about whether she should get a report from the Leader and return to the station first, a domineering black business car suddenly stopped by her side — —

Mu Shuishan, who had a job sensitivity, took two steps back with a vigilant expression. The door of the car opened, and a tall, muscular man in a black suit alighted from the car.

Mu Shuishan looked at the man's stiff face and suddenly remembered that he was the bodyguard of the patient with gunshot wounds. When she saw him coming towards her, she couldn't help but ask, "What business do you have with me?"

"Hello, Miss Mu." Lee Ying greeted politely and went straight to the point, "Our Young Master's current condition isn't too good. I'll have to trouble Miss Mu to come with me." The seemingly polite words carried a coldness that could not be refused.

Mu Shuishan frowned in puzzlement. "Can I help you in any way?" Lee Ying was the first to interrupt her, "I know Miss Mu is not a doctor, and her real identity is a police officer. She is also in the process of capturing the murderer of a serial killer, so as a reward from Miss Mu for helping our young master, I will personally hand that suspect over to Miss Mu within three days."

Mu Shuishan was confused, not understanding how he knew so clearly. She then saw Lee Ying open the back door of the car and gesture for her to get on, then she somehow got on the car.

The car quickly merged into the traffic and headed for the center of the city.

Mu Shuishan, who was sitting in the backseat, was completely confused. While she was trying to figure out the situation, she glanced at the empty seat beside her and noticed a blue folder. She picked it up and started flipping through it.

Looking carefully, it was actually his own detailed information. The details were so detailed that he even mentioned when she was taken back to the city by the Mu Family people and when she entered the police station to work. Even her fiance Gu Cheng's family background was mentioned —

Lee Ying noticed Mu Shuishan's surprised expression from the rearview mirror and said lightly, "Miss Mu, don't be surprised. We didn't find your person at the hospital, so we checked this out."

But it was just a little bit of effort, to be able to investigate her so thoroughly. As a police officer, when she wanted to find someone, she could at most find an address and phone number …

It seemed like their Young Master's identity was not to be underestimated. Also, when he said that he would hand the suspect over to her within three days, he was not bragging. Thinking of this, Mu Shuishan immediately felt that this deal was worth it —

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