CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C5 You Return My First Kiss
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C5 You Return My First Kiss
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C5 You Return My First Kiss

Everyone present widened their eyes in surprise. Mu Shuishan, who didn't know what was going on, saw Zhan Beirong eat that piece of pork chop together, so she struck the iron while it was still hot.

After the meal, Mu Shuishan followed Lee Ying's instructions and changed Zhan Beirong's wound. As a cop, she had learned some basic treatments to wounds, so it wasn't difficult to do it. However, when she was faced with the alluring honey-colored pectoral muscles, a smear of red quietly crawled up her ear — —

Mu Shuishan didn't dare to look at Zhan Beirong. She quickly lowered her head to clean up the mess on the tray. At this moment, a familiar ringtone came from her pocket, "You're my little darling little apple …"

Mu Shuishan took out her cellphone and looked at the name on the screen. She then walked to the side with the phone and picked up the call.


"Shanshan." Gu Cheng's low and gentle voice came through the phone, "Where are you?"

Mu Shuishan bit her lips and didn't say anything as she recalled the unpleasant scene at the Mu residence that morning.

"Little Shan, are you angry with me? I know that you've been wronged, but it's all my fault. " Gu Cheng said apologetically.

Mu Shuishan still didn't say anything. Gu Cheng continued, "Although Aunt Mu is not your biological mother, she is still our elder. If I didn't stop you at that time, you really would have returned the favor. Xiao Shan, promise me, don't be angry. Once we get married, you will be free. In our home, I will listen to you, okay? "


Mu Shuishan couldn't help but smile when she heard these two words.

Lee Ying, who was at the side, noticed that the serene expression on Zhan Beirong's face when he looked at Mu Shuishan suddenly became gloomy. He looked at Mu Shuishan again, as if she was immersed in happiness.

"Where are you now? I'll pick you up, treat you to a meal, and apologize to you, okay? " Gu Cheng said sincerely.

"Yes." Although they couldn't see, Mu Shuishan still couldn't help but nod. "I …"

Before he could finish his sentence, his face was suddenly pinched by a strong force. Mu Shuishan screamed — —

He turned around and saw the 'perpetrator', Zhan Beirong. Mu Shuishan rubbed her sore cheeks and asked angrily, "What are you doing?"

"Shanshan, who else are you talking to? What happened?" Gu Cheng's anxious voice came out of the phone.

Zhan Beirong took the phone from Mu Shuishan's hand and threw the phone that was making a racket to the side without saying anything. Then he grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward the mahogany staircase.

Mu Shuishan felt that this man who could not speak and could only stare at others was simply sick. She anxiously struggled backwards and said, "Let go of me —"

Lee Ying, Old Master and the rest looked at Zhan Beirong, who had suddenly exploded into a rage like a wild leopard, and were at a loss of what to do.

"Beirong." The old tutor was the first to react, shouting harshly in worry that his grandson would do something too extreme.

However, Zhan Beirong turned a deaf ear to her. Seeing Mu Shuishan struggling so fiercely, he simply lifted her up into his arms. No matter how hard she struggled, she just ignored him and walked up the stairs with vigorous footsteps.

After reaching the top floor, Zhan Beirong kicked open the bedroom door, went straight to the big bed and put Mu Shuishan on it.

Mu Shuishan stood up from the bed and glared at Zhan Beirong with extreme anger. She could not help but scold him, "Are you sick!?"

Zhan Beirong looked at her with a sullen face and a frown between his eyebrows. He burst out in anger, coldly spitting out a few words in a loud voice, "Don't ever meet with him again!"

Mu Shuishan's deep and melodious voice was like an intoxicating wine. This was the first time she had ever heard such a pleasant voice, and also the first time she had ever heard him speak …

But now, Mu Shuishan didn't have the mood to think about this. She only felt that the man in front of her was too unreasonable and too baffling. The task of making the deal with Lee Ying had already been completed, she felt that it was better to leave this place as soon as possible.

Mu Shuishan looked at Zhan Beirong warily and walked around him towards the door. Zhan Beirong seemed to have expected her to run away. He narrowed his eyes and walked towards her.

Mu Shuishan's expression tensed up, and she strode towards the door — —

As a result, the heavens were not willing to see this happen. Mu Shuishan suddenly slipped under her feet, and her whole body lunged forward — —

"Ah …" She subconsciously closed her eyes, but the expected pain did not come. On the contrary, he felt that the floor had become soft, and there was even a faint fragrance of jasmine in the air …

Mu Shuishan opened her eyes as an enlarged, handsome face appeared in front of her eyes. Her lips felt soft and cool, and she carefully lowered her gaze as her eyes widened —

"Ah!" Mu Shuishan screamed again. Ah! Ah! Her first kiss!

She ignored the fact that she stood up and grabbed Zhan Beirong by the collar. With a ferocious expression that seemed as if she had a mortal feud with him, she fiercely said: "Give me back my first kiss — —"

When Zhan Beirong heard this, he raised his head and gave her a kiss …

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