CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C6 I Swear I will Come Often!
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C6 I Swear I will Come Often!
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C6 I Swear I will Come Often!

Mu Shuishan's eyes opened wide as she stared at the good-looking man who made him angry. She was regretting what she had said just now about returning the first kiss, but at the same time, she was also frustrated. How could there be such a person in this world! Mu Shuishan got up from Zhan Beirong with a face full of anger. She bit her lips and looked at Zhan Beirong who was just lying on the ground. Just as she was about to leave, she bumped into Lee Ying who just came in.

Lee Ying took a glance at Mu Shuishan and immediately shifted his gaze to the ground. He couldn't help but squat down nervously and said, "Young Master, your wound!" She immediately shouted towards the door, "Nanny Zhou, quickly bring the medicine and gauze!"

Mu Shuishan stopped walking when she saw Zhan Beirong supporting himself on the ground with one hand while frowning. The wounds that had just finished changing the medicine started bleeding and the gauze on his body turned from white to red.

Eyebrows... Could it be … Was it because I fell on him and hurt his wound?

Mu Shuishan was so worried that she stood motionlessly on the spot. Her heart was full of guilt. Although he was the one who was in the wrong, the situation now … Furthermore, he had offended the man in front of him, so he didn't mention that he was returning to his original position. If he accidentally caused a fatal disaster, it wouldn't be worth it.

Nanny Zhou rushed upstairs with a tray for some unknown reason. The old man followed closely after her.

As soon as he came up, he saw Zhan Beirong sitting on the ground, still looking as distant as before. All these people understood Zhan Beirong's habits, and seeing his cold demeanor, the old man glanced at Mu Shuishan and asked Lee Ying with a serious tone, "What's going on? Wasn't it just fine!? "

Lee Ying helplessly pursed his lips and didn't answer the old man directly, "I think it's better if you treat the young master's wounds first." Then, he turned to Mu Shuishan, who was standing by the door and biting her lips, and signaled Mu Shuishan to help him deal with Zhan Beirong's wound.

The old man followed Lee Ying's gaze and looked at Mu Shuishan, as if he was not going to leave soon.

Mu Shuishan raised her head and looked at the few people in front of her. She had no choice, even if the wounds were not caused by her guilt, they would have been killed by the eyes of the entire Zhan's Mansion. He squatted beside Zhan Beirong in fear and whispered as if he was coaxing a child, "Let's get up and treat the wound first, otherwise it will be very troublesome if we get infected."

Zhan Beirong raised his eyes and looked at Mu Shuishan's nervous expression. He frowned but didn't say anything, just remained motionless.

Mu Shuishan let out a helpless sigh from the bottom of her heart. She pretended to be unperturbed and revealed a sweet smile. With a gentle tone, she said, "Listen to me. Let me help you up."

After saying that, he reached out his hand to support Zhan Beirong's firm and powerful hand.

Zhan Beirong stared at Mu Shuishan's smile and slowly said a few words in a firm tone, "No! Xu Li!" Mu Shuishan was stunned for a moment. Her hand that was touching Zhan Beirong suddenly trembled. In the next second, she roared, "Good, good, good. Whatever you say, I won't leave."

Zhan Beirong still did not change color, his face seemed to have the words "I don't believe" written on it. At this moment, Mu Shuishan finally understood what it meant to kill with a look. Even if the person in front of her didn't say anything, he could still make others take a deep breath.

Mu Shuishan pouted her lips and raised four fingers, looking very sincere. "I swear, I will come often!" "Otherwise …" Mu Shuishan seemed to have thought of something and put out her little finger in front of Zhan Beirong.

Lee Ying and the others, who were standing on the side, were shocked. This was Zhan Beirong, the one who gathered all his handsome, cold, arrogant, wisdom, and rejected others who were a thousand miles away! So … Childish behavior... Could it really work for him?

But, this was how miracles happened!

Zhan Beirong changed his cold and arrogant expression and his eyes lit up once again. He seemed to be emitting an enchanting light, as if he had found a second new world. He also stretched out his little finger and pulled her up.

"Alright, now you should believe me, right? I already swore and pulled the hook." Mu Shuishan seemed to be satisfied with this result. The young master was finally willing to compromise a little, so she quickly helped him up from the ground while it was still hot. Seeing this, Nanny Zhou hurriedly handed the tray over. She felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

As Mu Shuishan swiftly helped him with his wounds, she considered what she should do once she got back. Mu Shuishan secretly glanced at Zhan Beirong with a guilty conscience and matched Zhan Beirong's sharp gaze. Alright, since he has this habit of staring at others, Mu Shuishan will remember this.

"Let's go out first, don't disturb Beirong." Seeing this unbelievable scene in front of him, the old man finally opened his mouth and said to Lee Ying and Nanny Zhou beside him. The next second, he turned around and looked at Mu Shuishan meaningfully while holding his walking stick, "Beirong will have to trouble Miss Mu."

Mu Shuishan sat uneasily on the edge of the bed and nodded with an official smile.

Lee Ying didn't forget to close the door. At the same time, he glanced at Mu Shuishan and Zhan Beirong in the room and seemed to understand something.

The whole room suddenly quieted down, as if only the breathing of two people could be heard. Mu Shuishan was at a loss of what to do, it was not possible to stay now, the man in front of her didn't say a word, he just stared at her, as if he wanted to pierce through her heart and see through her.

Mu Shuishan swallowed her saliva and asked in a probing tone, "Now …" Before she could finish her sentence, she was pulled into Zhan Beirong's embrace. Mu Shuishan reflexively broke free from his embrace, but these actions were unnecessary. Furthermore, Zhan Beirong hugged Mu Shuishan even more tightly, making her unable to breathe.

"Don't move, sleep!" Zhan Beirong lowered his head and said this word in a golden tone. The warm air in his mouth entered into Mu Shuishan's neck, making her feel itchy. The atmosphere in the air was filled with a sense of pride.

Mu Shuishan raised her head and looked at Zhan Beirong. At this moment, he had already closed his eyes and started to sleep.

Her long eyelashes were as good-looking as the men in the novels, they had lost their initial cold arrogance and her unreasonable beauty. Her quiet and handsome expression made Mu Shuishan's heart race, looking at his thin and soft lips, swallowing his saliva, she closed her eyes and moved closer.

When they were only a few centimeters away from him, they suddenly realized something. They hurriedly stopped what they were doing the next second and continued lying there.

Thinking about her actions just now, Mu Shuishan couldn't help but blush in embarrassment. She bit her lips and muttered in a voice that only she could hear, "This is clearly me!" "He looks so handsome!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Mu Shuishan revealed a 'evil' smile and slowly rubbed Zhan Beirong's hand. She didn't even dare to make a sound as if she was afraid to alarm Zhan Beirong.

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