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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C7 So This Is How You Fought the Northern Tribes!
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C7 So This Is How You Fought the Northern Tribes!

Mu Shuishan looked at the man in front of her who was already asleep. She couldn't help but secretly laugh while covering her mouth. "Hmph, I can't do anything to you if you're awake. I can avoid you if you're asleep, right?" As he thought of this, he started to walk towards the door stealthily. Just as he was about to pull the door handle, he suddenly thought of something.

An idea came to him. He quickly took a look at Zhan Beirong's room and saw it!

Mu Shuishan took a pen and a piece of paper from a table not far away and wrote, "I swear, I will come often!" He then drew a cedar tree beside him out of habit, which meant that Mu Shuishan had written this.

Mu Shuishan placed the written paper beside Zhan Beirong's bed. She didn't dare to compliment Zhan Beirong's actions at all, afraid that he would wake up and find out that she had slipped away again, and with his super power, it would be awkward if he was kidnapped and brought back to Zhan's Mansion.

After everything was settled, she opened the door and went downstairs. Just as she was rejoicing in her clever brain, she saw Zhan Guocheng standing downstairs with a serious face. Mu Shuishan's smile immediately froze.

Zhan Guocheng was keenly aware that Mu Shuishan had glanced at him after she came down, and his eyes seemed to be asking why she had come down.

"Oh, he's already asleep. I just happen to have something that needs to be done so I won't disturb you, old master Zhan." Mu Shuishan pretended to be unperturbed as she stood in front of the old man and said respectfully.

The old man seemed to have seen the situation just now and changed his attitude towards Mu Shuishan. All along, no one could get close to Zhan Beirong, the woman in front of him was able to have such a huge impact on Zhan Beirong. Naturally, she was not an ordinary person, and as long as it could help Zhan Beirong's illness, the other things were secondary.

"Yes, Lan Xu, send Miss Mu back." The old man didn't say much and just nodded his head slightly. His powerful voice had a power that made people tremble in fear, causing Mu Shuishan's scalp to go numb. Could it be that everyone in this family is like this?

"Yes, sir." Then, a guy in a black suit with a height of 1.8 meters appeared in front of Mu Shuishan. The man called Lan Xu made a gesture and said, "Miss Mu, please enter.

This Lan Xu in front of her seemed to be a little "out of place" with his entire Zhan's Mansion. At least until now, when Mu Shuishan saw that the eyes of everyone in Zhan's Mansion were sharp, it made her feel a kind of fear and not dare to be presumptuous. However, this person had a smile on his face, and also seemed to look very gentle and gentle.

Mu Shuishan walked in front while carefully observing the entire Zhan's Mansion. Whether it is the design of the garden or the decorations of the house, they all give people a sense of beauty but not of boredom, elegance but not vulgarity. The so-called Mu Manor was nothing compared to this.

Lan Xu, who was walking in the back, seemed to be able to read Mu Shuishan's thoughts, and he opened his mouth while smiling, "Miss Mu, what you see is only one-eighth of this Zhan's Mansion. The Zhan's Mansion is very big, and if you come frequently in the future, I can help you lead the way."

Mu Shuishan turned around and looked at the person behind her. Lan Xu was blinking at her with a smile. Mu Shuishan stopped and walked beside him, finding this person increasingly amiable as she exclaimed, "The Zhan's Mansion is that great!" The heavens were shouting! They were simply going to crush someone to death! Just how powerful was this family!

"Yeah, and no matter if it's the old master or the young master, they're both amazing people." When Lan Xu mentioned these two people, he seemed to have a look of worship in his eyes. He looked a bit like the girl in the TV series who had gotten addicted to sex. Mu Shuishan couldn't help but laugh.

However, when he heard about Zhan Beirong, the corner of his mouth twitched. He said in dissatisfaction, "That young master of yours is really hard to serve."

Hearing this, Lan Xu immediately stopped, the amiable smile on his face disappeared, and he said seriously, "Miss Mu, since only you can get close to the young master now, I'll tell you the truth. The young master has never been able to get close to anyone since he was young, it's because he's autistic, so he still hopes that Miss Mu can help the young master walk out."

"Autism?" Mu Shuishan opened her mouth in surprise. She couldn't believe it. No wonder no one could get close to him. Until now, she had only heard four sentences from him. A person with such exceptional looks … "Mu Shuishan found it hard to believe." However … Then why … Can I get close to him? "

Mu Shuishan looked at Lan Xu with a puzzled expression as if he could give her an answer.

Suddenly, he smiled, looked around, tilted his head and mysteriously said, "Maybe, you are the lover of the young master, he saw you in his dream."

Mu Shuishan glared at Lan Xu, who was covering his stomach with a smile. She rolled her eyes and said, "Why don't you tell me that you might have known him in your previous life?"

"Yes, you're right." Lan Xu took over Mu Shuishan's words leisurely.

On the contrary, she felt that their affinity was very strong. As a police officer, she could feel that this person had a completely different personality from the sharp Lee Ying. She didn't know why he wasn't infected by the cold aura of Zhan's Mansion.

Along the way, Mu Shuishan felt the comfort of the gentle cold wind blowing on her face through the window. As she thought about the word "autism" that Lan Xu said, Mu Shuishan mumbled something.

At that moment, he seemed to recall something from a long time ago, but it was only a flash. How was that possible? Mu Shuishan recalled what happened a long time ago. Thinking about it carefully, she felt some sympathy for Zhan Beirong and could only live in her own world, unwilling to accept others. Thinking about it, Mu Shuishan couldn't help but sigh.

So he was this Zhan Beirong. This feeling was somewhat familiar.

When they were almost to the Mu Manor, Mu Shuishan could not help but cry out, "It's over!" No wonder he felt like something was missing. He hurriedly came out, and the phone that Zhan Beirong left in Zhan's Mansion was still there.

Mu Shuishan covered her face with her hands as a dejected expression appeared on her face. That's right! He still hasn't called Gu Cheng! This was the most important thing at the moment. While talking to Gu Cheng about Zhan's Mansion, he was suddenly hung up. He was definitely worried.

As he thought that in his heart, he got off the car and quickly ran into the Mu Estate. Just as he ran into the living room to pick up the phone, he pressed Gu Cheng's cell number proficiently.

"Hey, Gu Cheng, I'm home now." Mu Shuishan said happily when she heard the beep on the other end of the phone.

"What happened to you just now? The phone suddenly hung up. Did something happen?" Gu Cheng's voice was filled with worry.

"It's nothing, it's just a patient who lost control of his emotions. Oh yeah, my phone is still there, so I'll call you temporarily." Mu Shuishan shifted into a comfortable position on the sofa.

Hehe, it's good that you're fine, I thought something happened to you, I almost called the police, it's good that he's fine, he lost his phone, I'll give you a new one tomorrow, hurry up and take a shower then, tomorrow I'll take you out for a good meal.

Mu Shuishan held the phone and saw a figure appear on the ground. She then replied sweetly, "Okay, okay. Then you should rest well too. Good night."

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