CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C8 But My Wedding Day Is Coming Up!
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C8 But My Wedding Day Is Coming Up!
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C8 But My Wedding Day Is Coming Up!

When Mu Shuishan looked up, she saw Mu Ziyao standing in front of her with disdain. She was wearing a white nightgown, and her hair was scattered coquettishly on her shoulders. She had an arrogant expression on her face, and the strong aroma of perfume made Mu Shuishan want to vomit.

Mu Shuishan ignored Mu Ziyao's existence, rolled her eyes, and walked past her.

"Don't be complacent. As long as it's something I want, I won't let you snatch it away!" Mu Ziyao gritted her teeth as she spoke from behind her with an expression of demonstration on her face.

Mu Shuishan stopped and turned around, "Little sister, could it be that your hobby is always to eat what others eat? I really can't tell. " Mu Shuishan sized up Mu Ziyao from top to bottom with a hand holding onto her face. Her tone was full of contempt. Who knew how many people she dressed up for her like this every day!

"You!" Mu Ziyao pointed at Mu Shuishan, her face turning green. She was so angry that she couldn't say a single word. She looked like she wanted to swallow Mu Shuishan whole.

Mu Shuishan opened up her hand and pointed at herself, "You what? Big sister doesn't have time to play with you!" Then, ignoring Mu Ziyao, she walked happily upstairs, leaving her stomping on the floor.

The next morning, when the sky lit up, Zhan Beirong opened his eyes. His hands were empty, as if something was missing, and he couldn't help but frown, he had just turned around when the next note entered his sight, and the cedar tree immediately entered Zhan Beirong's line of sight. The corner of his mouth slightly raised, revealing a intriguing smile, his mind was filled with Mu Shuishan's appearance, and every movement made him extremely happy.

"Lalalalalalalalala …" Mu Shuishan hummed as she got up early to put on her makeup. She was going on a date today and it would still be beautiful! Just as he carried his bag to the entrance of the Mu Estate to pick up Gu Cheng, a luxurious Rolls Royce came to a screeching halt in front of him. Gu Cheng's car doesn't look like this... Furthermore, he wasn't that handsome.

Mu Shuishan looked down and saw Lan Xu get out from the front passenger seat. He casually took off his sunglasses with his right hand and looked at Mu Shuishan with a face full of smiles. Early in the morning... With sunglasses... If he suddenly appeared like this, could it be … It was a little strange.

"Ah, the sun is pretty big today, I guess." Lan Xu could see Mu Shuishan's expression. He deliberately blocked the sun in front of him and then opened the back seats. He extended his hand and continued, "Miss Mu, please."

Eyebrows... A few big question marks appeared on Mu Shuishan's forehead.

"This is …" "Where to?"

"Zhan's Mansion, did you forget the note Miss Mu left yesterday? I'm following an order to pick you up now." Lan Xu explained patiently on the side.

"This early in the morning is really too much of a surprise, I didn't say I would visit him every day!" Hehe, how could I have forgotten, it's just that … "I have something to attend to today, I still need to …" Before he could finish, Lan Xu pushed him into the car. Peng, the car had already left before he could even react.

Mu Ziyao, who had just woken up, looked on with interest. A trace of a malicious smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, as if she had thought of something.

Mu Shuishan, who was in the car, stood uneasily. Gu Cheng would be here soon, and what would she do if she couldn't find him later? She didn't have her phone with her. Mu Shuishan anxiously told Lan Xu who was sitting in front, "I really have something to do. Let me go down first, I'll go to Zhan's Mansion later."

Lan Xu turned his head and asked with a smile: "Is it a date? How about I go in your place, haha …" Mu Shuishan helplessly glanced at him. Sure enough, people with Zhan's Mansion were all dishonest! "Then a small light bulb above his head lit up. Got it!" "Then can you lend me your phone and send me a text?"

"No problem!" With that, Lan Xu handed the phone over.

Mu Shuishan immediately sent a text message to Gu Cheng, saying that she had some business with him at the police station, so she would look for him when she was busy later. I didn't forget to delete the text message later.

Along the way, Mu Shuishan thought to herself, I can't possibly come to the Zhan's Mansion every day, right? If I do that, I really would feel like I'm marrying myself into the Zhan's Mansion!

When Mu Shuishan helplessly came to the Zhan's Mansion again, she had a nagging feeling that her life for the past few days had been too subversive.

The moment she stepped in, Zhan Beirong came down from upstairs as if he had predicted it. His eyes were filled with tenderness as he forcefully pulled her hand to the side of the table. He didn't give her any chance to break free and even pulled up the chair for her.

"You are … Wait for me to have breakfast? " Mu Shuishan sat down and looked at Zhan Beirong in surprise. Zhan Beirong stared at her and nodded.

Alright, can it be that if you stare at me, the food in the bowl will become even more delicious? If that was the case, then he shouldn't have become a police officer! He should go to those high-end, high-end, high-class restaurants!

Mu Shuishan picked up the delicacies on the table and began to eat. She hadn't eaten breakfast anyway, so it was a waste not to eat. However, the food here was indeed delicious! When Zhan Beirong saw Mu Shuishan happily eating, he revealed a satisfied smile and also started to eat. He even helped Mu Shuishan pick up a lot of snacks on the way.

The old man held the Dragon-Headed Cane as he stood upstairs, looking at her with satisfaction. It seemed that this woman had indeed helped his grandson tremendously!

"Young Master, let's borrow Miss Mu for now. Master has some business with Miss Mu." After eating, Lan Xu stood beside Zhan Beirong and said in a debating tone.

Zhan Beirong frowned slightly but didn't say anything after looking at Mu Shuishan's nervous face.

"Miss Mu, please. Master is waiting for you in the study room." Lan Xu led the way in front. Mu Shuishan bit her lips as she anxiously followed behind Lan Xu. She even turned around to look at Zhan Beirong. It seemed that the old man was even more terrifying than Zhan Beirong!

The moment he entered the study, Lan Xu knocked respectfully on the door and said, "Master, Miss Mu has arrived." Then he left. Mu Shuishan frowned at Lan Xu as if she hoped that he could save her. However, Lan Xu just smiled at her and left.

"Master, what can I do for you?" Mu Shuishan was the first to speak.

"En, Miss Mu, don't be nervous!" The old man said as he sat down on a chair. He raised his head with a serious and solemn expression, "If someone doesn't try to beat around the bush, then I won't beat around the bush."


"I hope that from today onwards, Miss Mu can continue to stay in the Zhan's Mansion and take care of Beirong. As for the compensation, Miss Mu naturally need not worry." The old man stared at Mu Shuishan's face, not showing any signs of bargaining.

Mu Shuishan could not help but jump in fright, her face paled as she rejected without a shred of hesitation, "Master, I'm afraid I can't agree to this." The old man had a face full of doubt and severity, as if no one had ever rejected his request, and the look in his eyes was somewhat unhappy.

"Master, it's like this. My wedding day is about to arrive, I really don't have much time, so I'm very sorry." Mu Shuishan's face reddened slightly as she hurriedly explained while twisting her clothes.

The old man was just about to say something when he was stopped by the sound of a powerful hammer striking the ground.

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