CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C9 Kiss Me and Let You Go!
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C9 Kiss Me and Let You Go!
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C9 Kiss Me and Let You Go!

The old man and Mu Shuishan were both shocked by the sudden voice. Lili turned around in surprise and saw Zhan Beirong's slender figure at the door, her face full of anger. The hammer door's right hand was tightly clenched into a fist, and it was staring at Lili.

Zhan Beirong walked towards Mu Shuishan with anger, step by step. He stood a head taller than Mu Shuishan, looked down at her, and ordered, "Don't! Marry him!"

What was he talking about? Mm, are you sure you didn't mishear me? Previously, she was not allowed to meet with him, but now, she was not allowed to marry him! This young master had autism that could dictate other people's lives. Mu Shuishan was a little angry as she thought of this. She raised her head and looked at the man who was just inches away from her with dissatisfaction. Before he could open his mouth, he was forcibly dragged away by Zhan Beirong. No, to be exact, he was dragged away! Mu Shuishan herself was reluctant but helpless. She lowered her head and followed behind Zhan Beirong.

Mu Shuishan looked at her hand that was being held tightly, and felt as if her right hand was about to be cut off by Zhan Beirong. She couldn't help but shout at him, "Let go of me! You're hurting my hands like this! "

Zhan Beirong stopped and did not let go of her hand. Instead, he walked in front of her and held Mu Shuishan up in the air with a flip of his hand. Mu Shuishan couldn't help but shout out and struggle to get down, but Zhan Beirong ignored her. His expression was so firm that no one dared to resist. After walking for who knows how far, Zhan Beirong finally let Mu Shuishan down.

Mu Shuishan was about to curse out loud when she saw Zhan Beirong staring straight ahead with a deadpan expression. Mu Shuishan curiously followed his gaze and could not help but exclaim, "So beautiful!"

In front of him was a lake of clear water, surrounded by neatly planted cedar trees. The rows of them were just right, giving him the feeling that he had entered another world.

Mu Shuishan looked at the scene in front of her. She completely forgot how Zhan Beirong treated her, as if she was talking to herself, or as if she was talking to Zhan Beirong. "How can you be so good-looking? I didn't expect your taste to be pretty good. Plus, the combination of water and trees really matches my name, Water, Fir."

Looking at her happy expression, Zhan Beirong couldn't help but reveal a satisfied smile. Both of his eyes were full of smiles. Mu Shuishan turned around suddenly and asked excitedly, "Was this place designed by you?"

Zhan Beirong didn't reply to her words. Instead, he became different from how he used to be gentle. His face was full of tenderness as he looked at Mu Shuishan and called out, "Shan."


Mu Shuishan looked up abruptly. Shan? In Mu Shuishan's memory, there were only two people who called her that. Suddenly, her heart started beating faster when she heard the voice in front of her.

As expected, even a girl with great self-control like her found it hard to resist such an exceptionally nice person with such a high reputation. Of course, this was established under Zhan Beirong's normal situation, just like Zhan Beirong now, it was more than enough to make Mu Shuishan blush and her heart beat faster.

However, in the next second, Mu Shuishan wanted to slap herself to death for her reactions!

Zhan Beirong approached Mu Shuishan's body, tilting his head slightly towards Mu Shuishan's head. He slowly raised his right hand and gently pulled down the clothes on the side of Mu Shuishan's neck. Immediately, his fair skin was reflected in her eyes. Mu Shuishan reflexively pushed Zhan Beirong and in an instant, a slap sounded out!

Mu Shuishan frantically retreated while covering her clothes with one hand, while pointing at Zhan Beirong and shouting, "What are you doing!? "What a hooligan!" Her face was filled with disgust and unhappiness. Although she was handsome, had good taste in clothes, and also had money, but … What do you think I, Mu Shuishan, am? I've come to see you once, and you still want to keep going up to heaven?!

Zhan Beirong also seemed to be frightened by Mu Shuishan's actions. This sudden slap made Zhan Beirong's face turn red from happiness. This black and red face also scared Mu Shuishan to the point where she didn't know what to do. "Who asked you to molest me!? You're … This... Don't blame me! If you come over again and dare to do anything to me, I'll … I won't be polite with you anymore! "

molestation? Could it be that being 'molested' by such a handsome and rich boy was something that many girls would be willing to stick up for?

Zhan Beirong looked at the flustered girl who was "defending" his chastity, and couldn't help but to continue to move closer to her. The surrounding wind blew the hair on Zhan Beirong's forehead up, making him look even more evil. Mu Shuishan's heels left the ground and suddenly became a few centimeters taller. She kept her hands in front of her chest and raised her head just in time to see a faint smile on Zhan Beirong's face.

"You want to... "What?" Before Mu Shuishan could finish her sentence, Zhan Beirong bent down and pressed his soft and gentle lips against Mu Shuishan's pink-pink lips, tossing and turning. Mu Shuishan's eyes widened as she tried her best to struggle free, but to no avail. After a few seconds, Mu Shuishan stopped struggling as if she was in a trance. Instead, she closed her eyes with a look of immersion on her face.

It was unknown when Zhan Beirong gradually let go of Mu Shuishan and slowly opened his eyes with a smile on his face. Mu Shuishan noticed something and jumped out of Zhan Beirong's embrace with a blush on her face, "I …" I'll be leaving first! " As soon as she said that, she wanted to escape from this place. Who knew that Zhan Beirong would hold her hand and say, "You're not allowed to leave!"

Mu Shuishan looked at him in shock, then shifted her gaze to Zhan Beirong's hand. People with Autism... How terrible! She couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air. Was he planning on never letting her go?

"Don't be like this, okay?" Mu Shuishan lowered her head, feeling somewhat wronged, and bit her lips. "Can I leave first? I promise to come see you again tomorrow." Mu Shuishan could only surrender.

"Don't marry him!" Zhan Beirong continued to emphasize resolutely.

"Ah!" Mu Shuishan's eyes widened as she screamed in astonishment. Mu Shuishan was momentarily at a loss as to how to respond to this.

"Whatever you say, I'll promise you. Alright, I'll come see you another day." Mu Shuishan answered with a heart that was not her own.

Zhan Beirong squinted at her, as if he was very satisfied with her answer. He then revealed an evil smile and spat out four words, "Kiss me and let you go!"

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