CEO, Please Divorce/C2 Yes Miss Ran
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CEO, Please Divorce/C2 Yes Miss Ran
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C2 Yes Miss Ran

"Do you really have the heart to abandon this little life? This is the child you have been looking forward to day and night! "

She saw the long electronic screen of the skyscraper in the distance.

The chairman of Jin's Group, Jin Haoyu, had successfully completed the divorce procedures today.

According to reliable sources, he will be married to his true lover, Wang Jingru, in a month's time at a century-old wedding.

She suddenly felt as if something in her chest had suddenly shattered, causing her to burst into tears.

She simply could not accept this cruel reality.

This... How was this possible? How could it be Jingru!

"No, that's impossible!" She shouted all around

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to cry.

She opened her eyes again and breathed heavily. She stared at the woman on the screen who walked into the hotel with Jin Luyao's arm under the spotlight with a smile on her face.

She looked at the two of them as if they were a third party.

That beautiful, greasy gaze pierced Rann Meng's heart.

Her memory stayed on that hot and unrestrained summer. When she found out that Jin Luyao was willing to be engaged to her, she dragged Wang Jingru's hand and went crazy for a whole day and night.

Wang Jingru held her hand tightly and asked, "Mengmeng, is Jin Luyao's family really that powerful?"

"That's not the point, okay? The most important thing is that Luyao's brother is super handsome! Furthermore, he was extremely good to me. Jingru, today is definitely the happiest day of my life. Bless me. "

Wang Jingru smiled enviously. "You must be overjoyed to be engaged to such a man. Then, I wish you happiness, darling. If you're happy, then I can be happy too."

But now, it seemed that those words were undoubtedly mocking him.

It was their secret, their thoughts, their shy dreams.

Her nails dug deep into the skin of her palms, turning a bright red.

So disgusting.

She suddenly felt hatred in her heart.

She didn't hate Jin Luyao that much when she left!

Wang Jingru didn't hate him that much when she betrayed him!

She just hated how blind she was to open her eyes!

She looked at the list in her hands, then gently caressed the child in her womb.

"Child, don't worry."

By the time Rann Meng had returned to Rann Family Mansion, the inside of the house had already been thrown into chaos.

She saw familiar faces one after another. "Uncle Chen, this is …"

"Eldest Miss!" "You're finally back!" Steward Chen squeezed through the crowd.

"Uncle Chen, what's going on?" Rann Meng's face was slightly pale.

"Isn't Rann Family going to go bankrupt soon … "So this …" Housekeeper Chen said somewhat embarrassedly.

Although he didn't say the rest, Rann Meng had probably understood it already.

These were all the older employees of the Rann Family. They had been working in the Rann Family all year round, so it wasn't too excessive for them to ask for a salary now.

All of them swarmed over like a swarm of bees, and said: "Aiya, First Miss, you're finally back, the Rann Family is going to go bankrupt, they're going to dismiss us. We've worked in the Rann Family for so many years, and we know that the Rann Family is in trouble now, so we don't ask for any severance pay … But... Director Rann has been staying inside the house all this time.

"I understand. Everyone, don't worry. Although our family has gone bankrupt, I will definitely give you this little bit of salary." As Rann Meng spoke, she looked behind her. It was a door that was tightly shut with Rann Family.

"Eldest Miss, it's not that we don't trust you, but …" Didn't the news say so? Aren't you divorced? We have no other intentions, but can you give us a salary? "

"That's right, Miss Rann. When can we get our wages?"

Trees fall, lemurs scatter, walls fall, people push? It was as if what they did wasn't excessive, but the hearts of the people were more or less sincere.

Rann Meng clenched her fists tightly and said, "Uncle Chen, please do a count and see how much money you owe me."

Housekeeper Chen looked at Rann Meng with sympathy. "This …"

"Don't worry, Uncle Chen." Rann Meng shot him a resolute look.

After five or six minutes, Housekeeper Chen walked over, "Miss Rann, I've finished counting. There are a total of six servants here. Everyone hasn't received their wages for more than half a year, a total of one hundred and fifty thousand yuan."

"What about you, Uncle Chen?"

Housekeeper Chen's face showed some helplessness as the corner of his mouth slightly moved. "I …" I have worked in the Rann Family for more than ten years, and have received favours from the Rann Family. I don't want the salary anymore, and I don't intend to leave either … "

For some unknown reason, there were a few tears in Rann Meng's eyes. She gave a slight bow to Uncle Chen and said, "Uncle Chen, thank you."

She took out the bank card from her bag, "The password is my birthday. Uncle Chen, you can pay them later."

"Yes, Miss Rann."

After those people left Rann Family's big house, Rann Meng came up to the door and knocked loudly, "Cousin, open the door!"

The door was slowly pushed open.

When Rann Lincheng saw it was Rann Meng, he heaved a sigh of relief and asked: "Don't you know about the incident at Rann Family? Why did he have to get a divorce at this time of the year? Is that a lie? "

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