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CEO, Please Divorce/C5 This Is Terrible
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C5 This Is Terrible

There was nothing to beat her, no more.

His cellphone suddenly rang!

"Buzz buzz!"

She lay in bed and ignored everything.

However, his phone was ringing with all his might. It seemed like Rann Meng would have to answer the call.

Rann Meng got up from the bed in high spirits and saw the name on the caller ID.

She mocked herself, "So the bad thing has only just begun …"

She opened the screen and picked up the phone.

"May I ask if you need anything?" Originally, he didn't want to answer, but after thinking about the things that he had yet to explain clearly, he decided to take advantage of this opportunity to explain things clearly.

Her tone was cold and distant, so cold that it was impossible to hear the true feelings in her heart.

Wang Jingru had never thought that she would use such a tone to talk to her. She felt a little awkward and uncomfortable as she asked gently, "Mengmeng, are you alright?"

"Thanks to you, I've been doing very well. You've made me realize the ugliness of the human world, I really need to thank you for that."

"Mengmeng, don't say that. Sorry. I know you must be upset now, but you must listen to me. I really don't know how to ask your forgiveness. "I really never thought of snatching Luyao from you, I didn't want him to divorce you, I just wanted to be by his side …"

"What a joke, Wang Jingru, the Rann Family is already at its lowest point, but you must know that I, Rann Meng, will not be bullied by you even if I, Rann Meng, become a tiger that falls to the plain!" Rann Meng subconsciously clenched her fists. You don't want to hurt her?

Then why did she have to be in such a high-profile relationship with her ex-husband on the day of the divorce?

"Mengmeng, can we meet again? "Mengmeng, you have to let me finish …" A woman's cry came from the other end of the phone. If it was in the past, Rann Meng might have chosen to forgive it.

A good man is bullied, a good horse is ridden.

That sounded reasonable now.

"Wang Jingru, let me tell you. I have heard your apology, but I will not accept it. Because I think it's so funny, I don't care, I don't care. "

After saying that, her mouth curved into a smile as she continued, "Wang Jingru, I've been with him for eight years. I know Jin Luyao better than you do, do you think I don't know your true identity?"

"I know. I just want to wait and see how miserable you will be after betraying your best friend."

After Rann Meng finished her sentence, she collapsed to the ground, paralyzed.

She climbed onto the bed and tightly wrapped herself in the blanket.

She hated herself for being naive and kind.

Why was that woman Wang Jingru?

"Why?" Rann Meng yelled crazily in the room.

Rann Meng sat up. She hadn't eaten for a long time and was hungry.

She could not eat, but the child in her belly had to eat.

She seemed to have thought of something and dragged her tired body down the stairs.

Him again?

Shi Chenjun, what a coincidence.

Just like an hour ago, it had just been upstairs and now it was downstairs.

There was no one in the elevator. Suddenly, an image flashed through Rann Meng's mind.

He had to grab hold of this man. This was his last resort!

She suddenly turned around and said to the man, "Hello, Director Shi. You called me Miss Rann last night. I think you know me."

"Oh? I know you? "

"Don't joke with me, Director Shi. Of course you know him. He's the most famous abandoned wife. I think you saw me on the news yesterday."

"Abandoned wife? "Don't say that." Shi Chenjun's tone was not cold.

"Then, thank you for your kindness. I have a business to discuss here. Are you interested?" The corners of Rann Meng's mouth curled up as a wisp of a smile emerged on her face.

"Since we have business to discuss on Rann Family, then I'll have to listen carefully." He looked down at his wristwatch. "But I only have fifteen minutes."

"More than enough!"

"Fine, Miss Rann can accompany me for dinner if she has time."

He led her downstairs to the hotel dining room and ordered a meal for her.

"I don't know, this doesn't suit your taste."

"I'm not picky with food."

He felt a lot of pressure facing Shi Chenjun alone.

Having lived with Jin Luyao for so many years, he subconsciously felt against Shi Chenjun.

He even cursed him for bankruptcy.

"You still have ten minutes." Shi Chenjun said as he leisurely ate his meal and looked at his watch.

"Is it true that you have a hostile relationship with Shijun?"

"Right, continue."

"I can help you defeat him on the condition that you help me save Rann Family."

"You have to know that even if I'm hostile to him, if you help me defeat him, I won't be able to reap much benefits." His tone was light, as if he were talking about a deal.

"On the other hand, not just anyone can go into this muddy pool of Rann Family of yours." After Shi Chenjun finished, he wiped the corner of his mouth gracefully and placed the handkerchief on the table.

"If you can think of better terms, call me tomorrow night. I still have matters to attend to, so I'll be taking my leave. " He left his card on the table.


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