CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C1 I'll give you the money and let me sleep
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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C1 I'll give you the money and let me sleep
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C1 I'll give you the money and let me sleep

At this moment, the frail, pleading voice of the girl came from the originally quiet ward.

"Doctor, I beg you, please don't break my mother's oxygen, please." Kneeling on the ground, Song Xiaowang begged bitterly.

Looking at his mother on the sickbed, Song Xiaowang's heart ached.

Now, only oxygen could sustain her mother's weak breathing. If even this was broken, then her mother would have to die. No matter what, she had to save her mother. This was the only family she had in this world, and she could not afford to lose them.

"Little girl, there's nothing we can do. This is the hospital's rule, I hope you can understand." Looking at the girl kneeling on the ground, the male god wearing a white coat said helplessly. It wasn't that he was ruthless, but that the hospital had rules. Although the hospital was helping the injured, it was not a charity.

Of course, she, Song Xiaowang, understood what that meant. But...

"Tomorrow, I promise I will give you money. I beg you, please hold on. I promise, I'll get the money. " Kneeling on the ground, Song Xiaowang pleaded.

Five hundred thousand, where could she get that much money now?

All of the family's savings had been used up. Even if he worked a few jobs a day, it was still far from the medical and hospital expenses that his mother spent every day. The only way to do it was the Song Family, that man, that legendary father.

He lowered his head to look at the bruises on his body.

She still remembered a few days ago when she went to look for that man and she got a beating while she was kneeling in front of him and begging for her life.

Then, if he were to go this time, would the result be the same? But now, he couldn't care so much anymore. The only thing he could do now was to hurry to the Song Family and get his mother's medical fees.

Song's house

"I beg you, let me go in and meet him. I beg you." Looking at the servant who had stopped him, Song Xiaowang pleaded.

She knew, knew that the Song Family was rich, knew that the Song Family was big, so her mother's medical expenses meant nothing to them.

After begging again and again, the servant at the door finally let him in. Such a child was truly pitiful. Furthermore, they were from the Song Family, so they could only allow them to pass.

But unexpectedly, this time, she didn't see anyone she wanted to see. Their only hope had been shattered.

"You're asking daddy for money again? "But what do we do? Daddy isn't home right now." Looking at the woman in the hall, Song Haojie said plainly. However, the disdain in his tone was so obvious.

How could she, Song Xiaowang, not recognize such words? But now, she couldn't care less. As long as they got the money, they didn't care what they did to her. Even if it was like last time, she didn't care.

But now that man wasn't home, she couldn't stay here and wait. Even if she had to wait, she would have to wait outside the door, because she was not welcome here.

"Halt." Looking at the figure that left, Song Haojie called out anxiously.

He had waited so long for someone, how could he miss such a good opportunity?

"If you want money, stop right there." Looking at this person who still didn't stop, Song Haojie threatened him.

Right now, money was the biggest threat to Song Xiaowang.

Just like what Song Haojie thought, the moment he said those words, the figure that left was stunned, and he just stood there on the spot.

"If you want to save your mother, tomorrow, room 8888 of the Ramadan Hotel." Saying that, Song Haojie's face revealed a smile that showed that his evil scheme had succeeded.

He believed that this woman would definitely keep her appointment.

For her mother, Song Xiaowang kept his promise.

At the door of room 8888, Song Xiaowang was in a dilemma. Did he really have to go in? And after you go in?

The man said he would pay her as soon as she came. He was a member of the Song Family, could he really be trusted?

But now that it's all here, how could she retreat? Is there any leeway?

In the room, Song Haojie was wrapped in a towel and walking back and forth impatiently.

Looking at the time, how long had it been? That woman still hadn't come, and he had been waiting impatiently for a long time.

God knows, the first time he saw that pure and lovely face, he started to think day and night. And that petite body, it made him unable to restrain himself.

And now that he finally had the chance, how could he not be excited? Especially thinking about what happened next … Wet again.

Damn it, why hasn't this person come yet? Don't you know that he can't wait any longer?

Taking a deep breath, Song Xiaowang raised his hand. No matter what, as long as his mother's medical expenses remained, everything else was fine.

When he saw the upper half of the man appear before him, Song Xiaoxiao turned her gaze away in embarrassment and stared at the ground.

"I'm already here. Can you give me the money now?" Due to the awkwardness, Song Xiaoxiao's words sounded very uncomfortable. There was only one reason for her to come here, everything else was not a concern.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Come in."

As he said this, Song Xiaowang was dragged into the room.

The moment he entered the room, Song Xiaoxuan's body was immediately locked in place. She had never imagined that the moment she entered the room, this man would directly bind her to the door. Those two arms were supporting her on both sides.

"Song Xiaowang, do you think that this money is that easily taken away?"

"You want me to give you money? There are conditions no matter what."

Approaching close to that round ear, Song Hao Jie said coldly.

No matter what happened today, he would make this woman his mouth. In any case, he had already delivered himself to his doorstep. How could he refuse?

"What condition?" Shrinking his neck, Song Xiaowang pretended to be calm as he spoke.

This kind of approach made her feel irritated. Especially since this person was from the Song Family, this made her even more uncomfortable. If she could, she would have slapped the man away. But she couldn't do that because the money wasn't in her hands yet.

"I'll give you money. Let me … sleep." He leaned close to the ear and said these words.

He was betting that she would not refuse. If she still wanted money, she wouldn't refuse. At that time, as long as she was satisfied with what she had, the money wouldn't be a problem. As for money, as long as he, Song Haojie, said it, it would not be a simple matter.

Hearing these words, Song Xiaoxi was obviously shocked.

She wasn't an idiot, so how could she not understand the meaning behind those words? But was it really okay for him to do this? No matter what, they were siblings from the same father and mother. How could he not think that it was too excessive for him to say such words?

Seeing this silence, Song Haojie knew that she was hesitating.

"What are you hesitating for? As long as you let me sleep, your mother's medical expenses will be paid. Or don't you want money? " Staring at the silent Song Xiaowang, Song Haojie said seductively.

That's right, what was he hesitating for? With regards to this, Song Xiaoxiao asked herself in her heart.

The hope was right in front of his eyes, his mother's life was right in his hands, what was he hesitating for? Just like what this fellow had said, he was willing to pay him to sleep. It was just that simple.

With a ripping sound, Song Haojie unceremoniously tore apart Song Xiaowang's clothes. As far as he was concerned, not speaking represented tacit approval.

The cheap fabric was destroyed in just a few seconds.

She thought she could, just for a moment. However, when he felt those hands moving on his body, Song Xiaowang was still afraid.

The two large hands continued to move, causing Song Xiaoxiao to tremble.

God knows, this feeling was wonderful to him. After thinking about it for a few days, he finally had a taste of it …

This feeling was too terrifying. She wanted to persevere, but her legs couldn't help but lift up.

She didn't want this, not at all, not even for her mother's sake, not with this guy. It wasn't just because she had the same blood, but also because of that disgusting feeling that made her unable to persevere any longer.

"Ah …"

Unexpectedly, from the leg came a person's miserable shriek. For a moment, Song Xiaowang felt that he had been liberated.

Escaping was her only thought right now. Only then would she be safe.

Song Xiaowang rushed out, not caring about the torn and tattered clothes on his body.

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