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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C10 She is a bastard
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C10 She is a bastard

She wanted to ask what had happened, but she didn't want to ask anything about this man. In C City, the Song Family was not something that an ordinary person could afford to offend.

Song Tianhong was infuriated. However, he was not angered because his daughter had been beaten up. Instead, he was angered that Song Xiaowang had gone to seduce Jing Sheng. If he let her succeed, then all his plans would be in vain.

Moreover, not just anyone could guess Jing Sheng's intentions. Such a man was always hard to figure out.

"Xiao Wen, Director Song over there wants you to go over." As a manager, she could have just shouted for a new employee to pass. However, the problem was that this rookie was known by such a big shot. If he didn't point it out, then it would be impossible for him to call him by name. Thinking about it, it wasn't the first time the Song Family's boss had come here. To these employees, which one of them could call out their names? Perhaps she was the only one who could do it now. It would be better not to treat such a person badly before he was clear on his background. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if he failed to step down later on.

Go? Which man indicated that he wanted her to come over, probably because her daughter had been beaten up by him.

It didn't matter, she just went, it didn't matter, she, Song Xiaowang, didn't care.

Just as he walked in, Song Xiaoxi felt a burning pain on his face. The face that originally had the mountain of five fingers was replaced with a face that was undoubtedly rubbing salt into the wound, yet it hurt in her heart.

Song Xiaoxuan was very clear that Song Tian's slap was actually for Song Moli.

"Is that it? "If there's nothing else, I'll be going." Resisting the pain in his heart, Song Xiaoxiao spoke with her face upturned.

They were both father, why could he be good to Song Jasmine, but not to himself? She was not inferior to Song Jasmine in any way. Was it just because of her mother that he rejected her like that? Song Xiaoxiao could not understand why this man could not achieve fairness. His scales were always tilted.

Looking at this scene, Mu Lingxiao felt his heart ache. That's right, this little beauty was so cute. How could this man bear to use such a hand? If it was him, he would definitely not be willing to make a move. At most, he would move his mouth. However, he couldn't interfere in this matter, so he could only feel his heart aching.

What was the relationship between them? Song Xiaowang? Was it her name? Surname Song? Could it be that it had something to do with the old man, Song Tian Hong?

However, he did not express any opinion on this matter. Whatever they did, he would just sit here and watch. Everything was so simple.

However, no one knew who would be the main character of this scene.

However, someone couldn't hold it in anymore and asked, "Director Song, this lady and you …" Actually, Mu Lingxiao wanted to ask what their relationship was. Despite knowing someone else's name, his attitude is still vile. There must be some deep grudge between us previously.

"No, she's just a bastard child. You don't need to mind Director Mu." Before Mu Lingxiao could finish speaking, Song Jasmine had already rushed in front of him and said those words in a gloating manner.

Right now, she wanted to let these two men know that Song Xiaowang was a bastard. Because only then would they pay attention to themselves.

What right did she, Song Xiaowang, have to compare to her, Song Jasmine, to take a piss? You have to understand that she, Song Moli, was the focus of a man's attention.

"I say that this sort of person should not be staying here. It is simply demeaning. I truly do not know how you all are recruiting people." Looking at the manager who was standing in front of her, Song Jasmine said haughtily. Of course, she was a consumer, and consumer rights were the most important.

"This …" The manager hesitated.

Everyone knew that the young miss of the Song Family was ruthless and unreasonable, but even so, she didn't have the final say. However, this Song Xiaowang had just arrived. He was quite the likable person. If he was expelled just like that, it would really be bad. For a moment, the manager was in a difficult position.

"It's fine, manager. I'll be going in a while. For such a person, don't pollute such a good place. " Staring at Song Tian Hong, Song Xiaowang said coldly.

She knew that the manager was in a difficult situation, so she left by herself. In any case, she wasn't happy here. At most, they just wouldn't need to pay too much, at most, they would just work harder. It used to be possible, but now it is as well. It's no big deal.

People like Song Tian Hong weren't worthy of her, even if she was just a small waiter.

The father and daughter pair from the Song Family gnashed their teeth in anger as they watched Song Xiaoxiao turn around and leave.

"Dad, we can't just let her go like this." Seeing Song Xiaoxiao walk away so straightforwardly, Song Jasmine said in a spoiled manner. This slap, how could she just let it go like this? She must hit him back.

"Forget it, let her go." Song Tian Hong could only show helplessness. Since the other party had already left, what could he do? Could it be that he was going to capture him and bring him back? This child, why is he so ignorant today?

Actually, Song Tian Hong was also regretting his actions just now. He was regretting it in front of this man. They were probably going to be disappointed.

"I don't think there's a need to eat this meal anymore." With that, Jing Shenghan stood up and prepared to leave.

He had no intention of eating this meal in the first place. If it wasn't for that fellow Mu Lingxiao, he wouldn't have come. Now that things had turned out like this, he was in no mood. The father and daughter of the Song Family were really annoying.

"Scene, Chief Jing, Scene …" He wanted to ask her to stay, but she only gave him a view of her back, making it impossible for him to do so even if he wanted to.

"Han, for today's Hongmen Feast, I'm afraid that this old man's intention is to let her daughter get close to you. It's not that I said it, but that girl, she's even worse than that girl called Song Xiaowang. " Sitting in the car, Mu Lingxiao analyzed the situation.

A light drizzle fell, and Song Xiaoxiao didn't know where she was going. He had told his mother before that the restaurant would be given a place to stay at night. If he went back now, his mother would definitely worry. So as not to worry her mother, she had no idea where to go. This was because other than this main street, there seemed to be no other place that she, Song Xiaoxuan, could go to.

The restaurant was a place that he could no longer go back to. If he left there, there would be no way for him to return.

Under the lights of Hunan, a small figure was crouching on the ground. The originally sparsely populated street made her seem so lonely.

Song Xiaoxiao did not know where exactly this place was. In any case, she only wanted to calm down when she ran out.

The words "bastard seed" really made her heart collapse. She's his child, too, okay? But why did he have to be rejected in such a manner? What did she do wrong?

The wetness on his face, whether it was tears or rain, Song Xiaoxuan could not tell.

Wild? Why do you say that? She had a mother and a heartless father. However, when she heard the person who was related to her, it was as if there was a sharp sword stabbed into her heart, causing her to be unable to breathe due to the pain.

The rain continued to fall harder and harder. However, Song Xiaoxi showed no intention of leaving. He remained squatting down on the ground.

"Han, look at that little girl." She had originally been looking out the window at the scenery. She had never expected that with just a glance from Mu Lingxiao, she would see Song Xiaoxiao squatting under the light. This little girl really has a temper. She actually left just like that. However, it made sense. For people like the father and daughter of the Song Family, it would be weird if they could stay here any longer. If it were him, he would probably do the same. He had to admit that this little girl had some backbone.

"Drive faster." Looking at the direction that Mu Lingxiao was pointing out, it was indeed that woman. Immediately, Jing Shenghan directly said this sentence. Yes, just drive faster.

The rain had washed away the water on the road. The reason why Jing Shenghan said that was purely for revenge, but he did not think of this in his heart. He only wanted to see how miserable this woman was. When he thought about the rejection in the washroom, he felt really bad.

It had to be known that no matter how many women took the initiative to approach him, they did not have a chance. But now, he had given them the chance, yet they refused to take it. This made him feel extremely unhappy.

Wild? How could he be called a bastard if he wasn't wild?

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