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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C14 I've lost my mind
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C14 I've lost my mind

However, from the looks of it now, it was impossible not to be strong. This woman was truly disobedient. He had already explained it clearly, but this woman was still sitting on the ground as if she was stuck. In that case, don't blame him for not being gentle.

Gentle? What was he thinking? What is gentleness? Was this thing suitable for him? It seemed that it had never happened before.

"Ah! You bastard! Let me down! Let me down! Bastard! Bastard! Goudan …" Anyone would be surprised to see someone resisting all of a sudden. For a time, Song Xiaowang started to curse without any warning. As long as it had something to do with the egg, she would scold it.

Ye Zichen slapped his broad back with all his might, and just wanted to hurt this man a little. Then he could put himself down.

However, Song Xiaoxiao never would have thought that no matter how much trouble she caused on this man's shoulder, he would not let her go.

"I already told you, don't force me to use force." After putting him into the water-free bathtub, Jing Sheng said in a cold voice.

"Ah …" In the next second, Song Xiaoxiao's howl could be heard.

'Pervert! This man is definitely a pervert! ' Not only did he throw her in, but he even used cold water on her.

"Motherf * cker, did I have a grudge with you in my previous life? Or did I have a grudge with you in my current life?" The cold water was so strong that he could not open his eyes, but even so, Song Xiaowang's mouth did not rest for even a moment.

Jing ShengHan admitted that he was doing it on purpose. He had deliberately put cold water on her to let this woman know what would happen if she angered him. Otherwise, she really didn't know who she had offended.

Not long after, Song Xiaoxi's rosy lips started to turn black. If this was anyone else, they would definitely do the same. They thought it was summer and they didn't even know what weather this was. But even if it was a summer day, no one could withstand it.

However, he didn't expect that this man would actually fill a pond full of cold water and follow him in without a word. They sat face to face just like that.

Looking at the man in front of him, Song Xiaowang moved backwards, trying his best to stick close to the edge. From Song Xiaoxiao's point of view, she had to keep her distance from this man. Otherwise, who knew what he would do next.

He didn't even think about whether he was the one who had asked her to take a bath, or if it was him who was sitting in the bathtub.

What was he trying to do?

Seeing the wary look on the woman's face, Jing Sheng felt displeased. What was this all about? What was this woman defending herself against now? Is he a monster? It actually turned out like this. Damn woman.

But even so, Jing ShengHan did nothing. He just sat quietly in the bathtub and looked at her.

To a man like him, such a temperature was nothing at all. In any case, he had long since gotten used to this kind of temperature. Let alone this kind of temperature, he could even withstand temperatures colder than this.

"You, you, you're the one who told me to take a bath. It's fine if I take a cold shower, but if you don't go out now, how am I supposed to take a bath?" As he looked at the indifferent man, Song Xiaowang stuttered. No matter what, the current her felt a little guilty.

Alright, she admits that she was agitated just now. Then, she said something like that and did what she did. But she had calmed down and regretted it.

Regardless of the reason, she regretted her actions just now. To provoke a man, she would only do this if she was crazy. Now that he thought about it, other than regret, there was only regret.

The originally cold feeling had become much better at this moment. As long as this man could get out quickly, he would immediately change to hot water. Fuck, this man really wasn't human.

Listening to Song Xiaowang's weak words, Jing ShengHan gave a mocking smile in his heart.

"What, you're clear-headed now, so don't you want to go crazy?" This woman's transformation was really quick. He had been noisy and noisy before, but now he regretted what he had just done. This woman's face really changed whenever she wanted.

Just like that woman from the Song Family, she could still treat him gently one second ago, but in the next, she stabbed him fiercely with a knife, saying that she would kill him.

This was a woman, a woman who could change her face at will. Even though this matter had happened many years ago, he, Jing ShengHan, still remembered it all the same.

There were several times when he nearly lost his life. It was all because of that woman. Thus, when it came to his old dwelling, he would not go back at all. He didn't want to see that woman's stinking face, much less that family. What he hated most about that place was hatred.

"Um, I was wrong, okay? I want to take a bath. " At this time, Song Xiaowang could only admit it. That's right, as long as the man said anything, then it had to be something.

She suddenly felt that this man's fur had to be stroked along with his hair. She absolutely could not turn back. After the experience just now, she had finally managed to gain some experience.

"And if I say no?" Seeing such a pitiful appearance, Jing Sheng said indifferently.

At this time, how could he return it? Ye Zichen didn't even look at the situation, this woman actually told him to go out.

He could only say that he was lucky that he was soaking in cold water. Otherwise, he would have already taken care of this woman.

He wasn't the kind of person who would act impulsively. But now, this sort of scene caused the self-control that he was so proud of to completely disappear.

Damn it, he actually lost control of himself because of such a woman.

Due to being in the water, Song Xiaoxiao did not notice that her clothes were sticking tightly to her body. Under the immersion of the water, the originally white shirt became even more blurry.

Hence, this caused Jing ShengHan, who was sitting across from him, to stare in shock.

It was just a woman; he really couldn't understand what was going on.

It wasn't that there were no women by his side, but there had never been a woman that made him have such an impulse. However, the little girl in front of him had given him such an impulse.

"Are you even a man?" For a moment, Song Xiaoxi was infuriated again. This man was truly crazy. He must be. Otherwise, it's either that he's not a man and doesn't keep his word.

Was it a man?

"I'm not a man, you've tried, haven't you? Or do you want to try again? " With that said, Jing Shenghan closed in. Since he dared to question him like this, he might as well give it a try.

There was no way out, so Song Xiaowang had to extend his hand to stop the man from approaching. However, when his small hand touched that hard chest, he felt a scorching heat.

Did this man want to do this? The water was so cold, but he was actually so hot.

"I-I'll give it to you. I'm telling you, don't come over. Don't come over." Seeing that the man was getting closer and closer, Song Xiaoxiao seemed to be unable to hold on any longer.

He came so close that her outstretched hand began to withdraw. However, in that instant, his small hand was wrapped by the warm hand.

This time, Song Xiaoxuan was unable to break free. He pressed his hand against his firm chest and felt a powerful heartbeat.

What to do, suddenly nervous, what to do?

She was actually quite moved by such a handsome man in front of her. Putting everything aside, just this man's appearance alone would have already mesmerized everyone.

Putting aside the Song Family, this man was quite seductive.

Just this appearance was enough to attract people. Then he looked at the figure, the clothes stuck tightly to it. His strong muscles were faintly discernible. That wide chest, it was so enchanting.

It wasn't that she hadn't tried this kind of medicine before, but she clearly knew that this kind of chest definitely didn't fit her, nor did it belong to her. This was because they were people from two different worlds.

However, looking at this man right now, his handsome face, sexy thin lips, firm nose, and exquisite facial features were all perfect.

She had seen many handsome men, but this was the first time she saw someone as handsome as this man.

For a time, Song Xiaoxiao was in a state of confusion.

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