CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C17 I will consider your proposal
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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C17 I will consider your proposal
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C17 I will consider your proposal

Ye Zichen truly thought that this man was so kind-hearted, but Song Xiaowang still underestimated this man in the end. It would be strange if he was so kind. In the end, they did it three more times in the bathtub before the man was satisfied enough to let her go.

Looking at the caller ID, Song Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, but she still picked up the call. "Hello, Mom." Actually, at this time, even Song Xiaowang did not expect his mother to call him at this time. But she picked it up anyway.

"It's warm here. Mom won't tell you for now." With that said, Yang Caifeng hung up the phone in a hurry. Originally, she wanted to ask why this girl hadn't come back yet. Unexpectedly, the moment the phone was connected, the ward's door was opened.

Looking at the phone being hung up, Song Xiaowang was puzzled. What was going on with this mother? He just called and said he had business. What could happen to her mother? She was currently in the hospital by herself, so aside from going to the toilet and eating dinner, what else could happen to her? Although he was puzzled, the sleepiness still caused Song Xiaoxiao to close her eyes.

Of course she knew the person who had come. However, Yang Caifeng could not understand why this girl would come here. How did she know that she was here? But then again, she didn't want to see this woman, not at all. If that was all, she didn't even want to see the Song Family.

There were some things that didn't just end up in the past. Even if he didn't say it, it was something that was deeply ingrained in his heart.

"Get out, you're not welcome here." Looking at this uninvited woman, Yang Caifeng coldly said. However, the oxygen mask on her face changed her cold tone at this moment.

"I say, little sister, you can't say those words like that. I've come with good intentions to see you. It's fine if you don't appreciate my kindness, but you still call me! Leave? You truly have no manners." Towards this kind of Yang Caifeng, Lin Yunxia did not care. In any case, this woman would never be able to beat her, so she didn't mind at all. It used to be and it is. However, there was one thing for him to do here.

Although she was the mistress of the Song Family, she still couldn't make decisions on some things. At the very least, what happened now wasn't something that she could do alone.

She had already heard about the restaurant. The child of a slut is the child of a slut, and his mother must have his daughter. How could his own daughter's happiness be taken away by others? Even if that man didn't have any feelings for that slut, that glare that he kept staring at wasn't a good thing either. So, for the sake of their daughter, they had to do this. That man from the Jing Clan was the best home for his daughter.

Thus, for her daughter, she had to think of a way. The best way now was to keep an eye on this woman and her daughter.

This was also the result of his discussion with Song Tian Hong. For their daughter, for the Song Family, they had to do this.

Seeing the woman sleeping on the bed, Jing Shenghan got close and lay down beside her.

He didn't know why, but this woman gave him a sense of security. Seeing her sleeping so soundly, he also wanted to be with her.

He could do whatever he wanted. This was his habit. He pulled her into his embrace and closed his eyes.

For a moment, the sickroom immediately became quiet. Neither of the two women said a word and just stood there quietly, as if they were waiting for the other to speak first.

However, Yang Caifeng simply closed her eyes. Anyway, she didn't want to see this woman anymore. He wanted to tell her to go, but she wouldn't listen, so what else could she do?

Looking at this proud and delicate woman, Lin Yunxia felt a sense of anger in her heart. This woman was truly repulsive. What right did she have to put on a front here? What qualifications did she have?

"Sister, I came here because I wanted you to come back with me to the Song Family. I've already told Tian Hong and she's accepted it. After all these years, it's time for you and Little Warm Mother to enjoy yourselves. So, little sister, come back, big sister is sincere. " Staring at the woman who still had her eyes closed, Lin Yunxia felt helpless. But right now, she could only compromise and continue on. Otherwise, according to her temper, she would have left long ago. Perhaps, he would never come to such a place. However, since they had come, they could only push things to the end. Success was their only option. Otherwise, she couldn't guarantee that her precious daughter's happiness wouldn't be affected.

As the saying goes, couples work together. Thus, one of them came to the hospital while the other went straight to the Jing Clan.

This matter had to be done well by the two of them, and no mistakes could be made.

"Please inform Old Master Jing that Song Tianhong from the Song Clan is here to visit." Looking at the servant by the door, Song Tian Hong said respectfully. Even if he was facing the Jing Clan's servants, he, Song Tian, would still be polite.

"Wait a moment." The servant then turned around and left.

"Mr. Song, please come in." After a while, the servant who had just left appeared. Standing in front of Song Tian, he said calmly.

When he saw the man that had appeared, Old Man Jing creased his brow indifferently before dissipating. As an old martial artist, how could he display his feelings in front of others? Except that kid, of course. Only when that brat was in front of him did he find it hard to control his emotions.

"Lordmaster, there's one thing that brings me here." Song Tian Hong did not delay and went straight to the point. He had come here for that anyway, so there was nothing bad about it. Everything had to be discussed. Only by saying this would one know if it would work.

"Wait a moment." The servant then turned around and left.

"Mr. Song, please come in." After a while, the servant who had just left appeared. Standing in front of Song Tian, he said calmly.

Song Tianhong hadn't thought that things would go so smoothly this time. He thought that the old tutor would turn him out. But this was good as well, at least he could save himself some trouble.

Old Man Song wasn't too formal with this sort of reception. He had come by himself anyway, so there was no need to be too formal.

In the garden, the two of them sat facing each other.

"Tell me, what's the matter?" Old Man Song didn't want to waste any more words as he spoke directly. For such people, they would definitely have something to do if they came looking for them. As for what it was, no one knew.

Hearing these words, Song Tian Hong knew that he no longer needed to beat around the bush.

"Actually, the reason I came today was just to propose marriage. Ever since I saw young master Jing, my daughter has always been thinking about him, so I wonder if we can become relatives. "Old Master Jing, you see, this little girl is unmarried, and Young Master Jing is the same. It would be better to let our two children get along for a while, perhaps they might even be able to get together." Song Tian Hong did not hide his words at all. The meaning of his words was simply saying, 'My daughter wants to marry your grandson, that's all'. However, he didn't dare to speak too openly in front of the old man.

Old Man Jing fell silent upon hearing Song Tian Hong's words. He had fallen silent just like that.

This question could indeed be considered. No matter what, the Song Family was a famous family. Putting everything else aside, the Song Family still had some reputation in C City. Although it was not as good as their Jing Family, it was still pretty good. If two families were to join hands, it wasn't out of the question. At least this way, there would be no controversy. Plus, the Song Family was easier to control, so he was assured.

Actually, it wasn't impossible, it was just that the brat …

"I'll consider your suggestion." He couldn't give an answer now, so this was all he could do. He knew that brat's temper better than anyone else. But if it wasn't for this stinking brat, their Jing Clan might not have survived until now. As such, he did not restrict the little rascal. After all, the family still relied on him to feed them.

"Alright, alright, alright. It's the same if you give me an answer when you have one. There's no need to be in such a hurry." Song Tian Hong said happily.

Considering, in other words, there was hope. As long as there was hope, he wasn't afraid. He was initially worried, but now it seemed that he was overthinking it.

After bidding farewell to old man Jing, Song Tianhong left.

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