CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C18 Who is that wild woman?
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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C18 Who is that wild woman?
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C18 Who is that wild woman?

In the hospital, even if Lin Yunxia had cracked her lips, Yang Caifeng did not have any reaction. All of a sudden, all that was left in this room was a woman's self-directed acting, making sense of the situation.

Looking at the woman on the sickbed, Lin Yunxia felt so angry. But now was not the time to act. Otherwise, she would have been furious a long time ago.

This woman really doesn't care about face. It was a bit over the top to pretend to be calm even at this point.

"Little sister, can you not be like this? Tianhong and I truly want you and Little Warm back at the Song Family. All these years, you guys have suffered enough outside. Don't tell me you still want Little Warm to suffer outside with you? " This sentence, Yang Caifeng said it after some thought. She was only betting on whether this woman truly cared about her daughter. Wasn't she unmoved? If that was the case, then she had nothing else to say. However, based on her understanding of this woman, she should care a lot about her daughter. Otherwise, he wouldn't have crushed his brain to send the child into the Song Family that year.

Yang Caifeng was puzzled. This Little Warm has already been here for so long, what is he doing now? However, thinking about it, this was good as well. At the very least, he could calm the girl down. To say that this woman was here would only break the silence.

On the other side, Song Xiaowang was still sleeping quietly under the covers, as if nothing could wake her up.

Looking at the red sports car parked at the entrance, the servants started to look at each other. Of course, they knew who the director of this car was. After all, it was not the first or second time they had been here, so they were not unfamiliar with him.

No matter how foolish they were, they could tell that this woman was interested in the Young Master. It was just that they couldn't say it out loud. Thinking about it, these were all people from the Jing Clan. They were all blood related. If they loved each other so much, it would be impossible. However, it was obvious that his young master didn't like this woman. It could even be said that he loathed her.

But now that the person had come, it wouldn't be easy for them to deal with him.

Just as a servant was about to turn around to report, Jing Lili got out of the car.

"Stand still, or I'll make you suffer." Jing Lili shouted loudly as she looked at the servant about to climb the stairs.

Of course she knew what the servant was going to do, but how could she give the servant a chance? It was the same every time. This time, she definitely wouldn't give them another chance. If she let the servants talk, how would she get close to the man? Originally, he was going to look for someone at the company, but unexpectedly, this person wasn't there at all. Since that was the case, then there was only one possibility. If she had known that this man was at home, she wouldn't have wasted her time like this.

Hearing the voice behind him, the servant stopped in his tracks. This, he was really helpless right now. No matter what, he was still the Jing Clan's young miss. Asking him to scram was still a matter of words.

"Where is he?" Jing Lili coldly said as she approached the servant.

"Young Master is … is … is in his room." With regards to this, the servant was honest and did not hide anything. There was no helping it, he was just forced to do it. If he had a way, he wouldn't say it even if he was beaten to death.

A room? That's just right.

With that in mind, Jing Lili headed straight for Jing Shenghan's bedroom.

The two women seemed to be in a stalemate, but Yang Caifeng's expression began to change slightly.

That's right, this woman was absolutely right. She didn't want her daughter to suffer any more. Not at all. She couldn't bear to think about what had happened to her daughter. But now, could she choose? No, no matter what, she had to discuss this matter with Little Warm. If Little Warm was willing, she was willing as well. However, if they were unwilling, then they wouldn't go. No matter what happened now, she had to take her daughter's feelings into consideration.

Jing Lili crept to the door of Jing Shenghan's room. Seeing the tightly shut door, and thinking that the man was inside, Jing Lili could not help but become excited.

It was rare for her to have such a chance to get close to her, so she must seize this opportunity. Perhaps, there would be a secret photo shoot. A group photo or something. In that case, he would have a lot of face in front of his friends. Look at how handsome her man was. Although he didn't belong to her, they were a family, so they had something to do with each other. Of course, if she didn't, who would know that this man had something to do with her? It all depended on her.

However, the moment Jing Lili opened the door, she almost couldn't believe what she saw. She believed that what she saw was real.

On the soft bed lay a man and a woman. Of course she knew who the man was, but she didn't know this woman at all.

She couldn't believe that this man had fallen asleep with an unfamiliar woman in his arms, just lying there. How could this be possible? This was completely impossible.

How could Jing Lili not know what sort of Southern Evildoer this man was? However, how was this woman going to explain herself now? If she did, there was only one possibility. It was this woman who had climbed onto Jing Shenghan's forehead bed. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Jing ShengHan to do so.

There had never been a woman here before. Of course, other than her, no other woman had ever come before. But now, this unfamiliar woman had appeared. Would Jing Shenghan bring back an unfamiliar woman? That was impossible.

Just by looking at this, Jing Lili became more and more angry. She didn't even have the chance to get close to this man, so what right did this woman have? Putting aside the fact that they were related by blood, she really wanted to take this man for herself.

Putting aside his identity, his handsome appearance and his provocative figure were simply too infuriating. It was enough to drive women crazy.

And she, was naturally one of them. But she was still okay, she still had a chance to interact with this man. If it was anyone else, they wouldn't have been able to get close to it.

As though he had sensed something strange, Jing Shihan opened his eyes. At first glance, he looked at the woman in his embrace before slowly turning to look at the door.

Jing Lili saw all of this. That flash of gentleness was something she had never seen before. She even thought that in his world, there would always only be coldness. But what did that look mean? Why did he look at the woman like that? This caused Jing Lili to involuntarily clench her fist.

She wanted to go forward, but she didn't know what to do.

Looking at Jing Lili who was standing by the door, Jing Shenghan did not speak and only frowned in annoyance.

He wanted to make her f * ck off, but with the woman in his embrace sleeping soundly, how could he possibly say anything?

Staring angrily at each other, Song Xiaoxuan, who was standing by the door, did not leave. Instead, he just stood there and watched. She just wanted to see what this man would do. A wild woman was lying beside him. He was still treating her like a treasure. It was like his head had been kicked by a donkey, pinched on the door, and had been drowned in sh * t.

After all, Jing Shenghan had gotten up. His actions were so light that even he did not know what he was doing. He had never cared so much about a woman before. The woman in front of him was the first.

At this moment, he was wearing only a pair of boxers and was walking towards Jing Lili.

Seeing such a sight, Jing Lili's eyes immediately began to sparkle. Heavens, did this man have to be so handsome? Her seductive abs made her salivate, and she really wanted to reach out and touch them. Her long legs, her firm chest, she really wanted to pounce on him now, then throw herself at the man.

So what if she was older brother and sister? If this man was willing, she could do it. It must be great to be together with this man.

It wasn't that she had never been on good terms with a man, but she had never met anyone like Jing Shenghan. Perhaps, she really did fall in love with this man. She fell in love with her half-brother.

"Who is that wild woman?" Jing Lili asked as she looked at Jing Shenghan, who was standing in front of her.

She didn't care about anything else. What mattered the most to her was who the wild woman was, lying on the bed. It was that simple. Otherwise, she would have to take action.

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