CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C2 No matter who it is it is always the same if it is a fertile river that does not flow to a foreig
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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C2 No matter who it is it is always the same if it is a fertile river that does not flow to a foreig
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C2 No matter who it is it is always the same if it is a fertile river that does not flow to a foreig

"Little girl, do you need to call the police?" The driver kindly said when he saw the disheveled Song Xiaowang.

However, when it came to this, Song Xiaoxiao only shook her head, indicating that there was no need. After giving the address, Song Xiaowang closed his eyes.

She kept holding back her tears until she reached home.

Yes, it was only here, only in her own home, that she could cry without any defenses. Only in this way would he be able to prevent his mother from worrying.

"Mom, I'm sorry, I, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't …" Burying his face in his lap, Song Xiaowang fell into a deep self-reproach.

As she looked at the crying girl, Hao Si rubbed her eyes and walked out of the room. She didn't need to ask to know what was going on, so she could only walk over and hug Song Xiaoxi.

"Sister Sisi, please bring me to earn some money. It's good as long as it's only once." As if he had thought of something, Song Xiaowang raised his little face and spoke to Hao Si.

Song Xiaoxi knew about Hao Si's identity. But so what if he had that sort of status? Wasn't it all for the sake of living? It wasn't wrong to rely on his own ability to earn money to support himself.

These words caused Hao Si Si Si to be obviously stunned.

Did this silly girl know what she was saying? This kind of thing was not something that a little girl like her could bear. No matter what, this was not a good path.

"Little Warm, don't be impulsive. Big Sister will help you think of the way. About that, don't think about it." No matter what, she did not want this little girl to walk on that path even once.

Impulse? This kind of phrase caused Song Xiaoxi to be conflicted.

Was the current her impulsive? But the only way was useless. She didn't want to have anything to do with the Song Family, even if it was just a simple trade. Thus, she could only choose this path.

"Sister Sisi, I've made up my mind. Take me with you." Looking at Hao Si, who was in front of him, Song Xiaowang spoke with determination.

Yes, you made up your mind to go. Rather than begging the Song Family for help, she might as well rely on herself. There was nothing she couldn't do to earn money on her own. If they could, there was nothing she couldn't do.

"Little girl, listen to big sister. Don't make yourself do things that you regret. This isn't the path that you should take."

For such a young girl, her life should not be stained, at least that was what Hao Si thought.

"The path was chosen by me. There is no medicine for regret." Song Xiaowang's determination made the current her unable to tell that she was 19 years old. She was more mature than she should have been.

Since she had already made her decision, Hao Si didn't know what to say.

Charm, the top bar in C City, the brightest existence in the night.

Moon Bay, the most bustling part of C City at night. The bars were numerous, but none of them had the charm of haste.

This place wasn't a place that just anyone could enter. If he did not have any status, would he really want to enter this place? No way.

Looking at the four burly men who stood at the entrance and wore sunglasses, they gave off a terrifying feeling. When Song Xiaoxiao saw this, she shrunk her neck and subconsciously hid behind Hao Si.

"Xiao Wen, don't be nervous, relax." Patting Song Xiaoxi's head, Hao Si gently said.

It wasn't that she hadn't tried to persuade Song Xiaowang before, but the girl didn't listen at all. This made her feel helpless.

It wasn't that Hao Si Si didn't want to help. It was just that the current her wasn't doing well and her ability was limited.

As for Song Xiaowang's decision, it now depended on luck. Whether or not it could succeed depended on luck.

Looking at the row of beauties on the sofa, Song Xiaoxiao nervously tugged at the skirt she was wearing. Look at his wangzi steamed bun, how can he compare with her. They could truly be considered beautiful women. Let alone the fact that men like them, even she, as a woman, couldn't help but be tempted by them.

"That's enough. Don't just stand there. Sit down. Someone will come later." Seeing the dazed Song Xiaoxi on the spot, Hao Si reminded him.

Since he was already here, he might as well continue to wait.

Song Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa and nervously tugged at her dress again and again.

"Is this the first time little sister has come out?" "Don't be nervous, I got used to it already, maybe I can sell it for a good price." The woman beside him said in relief as she looked at Song Xiaoxian's warm appearance. When they first came out, they were also like this. As long as he experienced it once, everything would be fine.

"Okay, thanks." There was nothing left to say. Song Xiaoxuan knew that he had kindly reminded her.

He, Song Haojie, had also endured following his brothers over. His little brother's pain made it difficult for him to move, but he endured it. Rather than waiting at home to be mocked by that damned girl Song Jasmine, it was better for him to just come out and play with his brothers. Charming was their best choice.

Charming was definitely the best choice compared to the bars on Moon Bay. Aside from the unique and eye-catching decoration here, the service here was definitely first-rate. Especially the girls here, they were so good that there was nothing to say.

"Guys, tonight, do you want to have a good time?" Look, the girls sitting over there are waiting for us. " One of the men said as soon as he left.

Of course, to come to a place like this, just drinking wine was meaningless.

"That's right. Seeing that our young master Jie is injured, we should at least comfort him a little." The other man said, but this was also the truth. Song Haojie didn't say anything.

However, when he thought about how that damnable little girl would kick him so viciously, he couldn't help but feel infuriated. If he were to meet that damned girl, he definitely wouldn't let her off easy.

However, when he got close to the sofa, Song Haojie laughed.

Initially, he thought that it would take him a few days to meet them. It seems that even the heavens want to help him.

The approach of the man caused the nervous Song Xiaowang to be unable to react.

He pinched Song Xiaowang's chin and said, "Yo, let me see who this is." Song Haojie said sinisterly.

Looking at the woman in front of him, Song Haojie wanted to crush her. Thinking about her little brother's pain, it was all caused by this woman.

"Tsk tsk, it seems like our young master Jie has chosen someone." Looking at Song Haojie's actions, the man standing beside him said.

"Let go." When he finally regained his senses and saw who it was, Song Xiaowang said coldly. However, he was extremely shocked in his heart. She had never thought that this fellow would actually appear in such a place. What bad luck.

Looking at this scene, Hao Si wanted to help, but there was nothing he could do. Of course she knew who the man in front of her was. Everyone in C City knew the young master of the Song Family. A typical young master would never have any peace after provoking him, let alone the likes of them.

Was it just that they knew each other? From the looks of it, he seemed to know her.

"Young Master Jie, Little Warm is a newcomer. If you act like this, you'll scare her." Hao Si spoke coquettishly as she held Song Haojie's arm, just for the sake of helping him out.

Instinct told her that Warm Little was someone the man knew and seemed to be very unhappy.

Towards Hao Si's expression of goodwill, Song Hao Jie only took a glance and continued to focus his attention on Song Xiaoxi's face.

"Song Xiaowang, you really are embarrassing our Song Family." "You don't even have the money from the Song Family to actually do it, you're really amazing." Song Haojie closed the distance between the two and said in a mocking tone.

"How much is it? I'll buy you. 500,000? Is that enough? A hundred thousand more than you want. "How about it?"

It was just that he did not realize that before Song Xiaoxian could say anything, he was already dragged away.

This kind of scene caused everyone to be shocked. Everyone heard what Song Haojie said clearly. It seemed that these two knew each other.

However, what puzzled Hao Si was the fact that Young Master Jie said he was embarrassing the Song Family. Was this girl related to the Song Family? Although they both had the surname of Song, she was still unable to connect them together.

However, what they didn't know was that there was a pair of eyes staring at them. To be exact, he was staring at someone.

He was born to be a king. Even though he was sitting in the dark, he still had a domineering aura.

Ever since Song Xiaowang sat there, he had his eyes set on him. Especially when one looked at his nervous appearance, especially at that pair of clear and helpless eyes, he was truly too similar. For a moment, he thought it was the woman. It was only for a split-second, but he still regained consciousness.

That woman had long since disappeared without a trace.

"Let go of me, you bastard. Let go of me." Song Xiaowang cursed loudly as he struggled. Obviously, there was only one outcome for him to be caught by this fellow. If he were to fall into the hands of this fellow, things would definitely not be good. In her heart, no one in the Song Family was a good person.

"Isn't it the same for everyone? Song Xiaowang, it has already come to this, why are you still pretending to be noble and noble? " Song Haojie, who had suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at Song Xiaoxuan mockingly. He had clearly already fallen to such a state, yet he was still pretending. How could there be such a person in the Song Family? How embarrassing. With that, Song Haojie dragged his men and left.

Above the charms was the Flourishing Hotel. Whatever you want to do, just go upstairs.

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