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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C20 Song xiaowang's attitude
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C20 Song xiaowang's attitude

"Miss, you should change your clothes before leaving. If you go out like this, it won't be good for you. " The servants wanted to help, but none of them dared to speak. In the end, the old butler spoke up. Such a little girl, if she were to go out like this, she would definitely be laughed at.

His old man didn't have a granddaughter. If he had one, he would probably be the same age as this little girl. Thus, when he saw Song Xiaoxiao acting in such a manner, his heart also felt very pained. Because other than feeling heartache, there was nothing he could do. After all, this was a matter of the Jing Clan, and servants like them had no right to speak.

However, this little bit of help was still possible.

Although the clothes were ordinary, it was fine as long as she could wear them. As for the rest, Song Xiaowei didn't care about them at all. It doesn't matter what you wear. The same goes for how much you wear. If one were to say what they normally wore, they would say that they were all cheap items on the stalls. No matter how cheap it was, it was fine as long as it could be worn by Song Xiaoxi.

"Thank you." Song Xiaoxiao thanked the man in front of her. Actually, there were still good people in this place. Regarding this, she, Song Xiaowang, had always firmly believed it. It was just that she had never encountered it before. But at this time, she had met him. His heart couldn't help but feel warm.

After bidding farewell to the butler, Song Xiaowang went to the hospital by car. At this time, her mother was her true support.

Originally, Yang Caifeng thought that he had returned, but the moment the door opened, what Yang Caifeng saw was not the face she wanted to see the most, but the face she didn't want to see the most.

What was this now? The couple appearing together in front of her, was it to provoke her?

It was just that after so many years, she had long since put everything down and couldn't care less. Right now, the only thing she cared about was her daughter, Song Xiaoxiao.

"Caifeng, come back with us. Didn't you always want to bring your child back to the Song Family? Now that you have the chance, why are you still hesitating? " Looking at this teary woman, Song Tian Hong said indifferently. Actually, it didn't matter whether this woman returned or not. What was important was that they couldn't ruin their daughter's future. That was the most important thing.

Looking at this silent woman, Song Tian Hong was not sure what she was thinking.

Actually, Song Tian had already prepared a plan. However, only he himself knew of it.

"Yang Caifeng, do you really want your daughter to do that kind of thing?" The meaning behind his words was just that. Even if he didn't say it explicitly, this woman should know what it was. That day, he had said it very clearly. He did not believe that this woman did not understand what he meant.

Listening to this, Yang Caifeng remained silent, but her heart began to waver.

Song Tian Hong knew that the woman's heart had begun to waver. Just from the expression on her face, he knew that this woman was beginning to waver. Because of her daughter, she wavered.

"Mom, I …" Originally, she wanted to say that she was back, but she didn't expect that at the moment she pushed open the door, she would see two people that she hated the most standing there, looking at the people on the sickbed.

What were they doing here? Had they done something excessive?

Looking at the mother on the bed, he saw that her eyes were filled with tears. And this made Song Xiaowang even more certain of one thing, that these two people bullied his mother. Otherwise, how could her mother be like this?

For a moment, Song Xiaoxi was furious. From last night's fire to just now, if she didn't vent it out, she would definitely let herself down. She hated the Song Family now. Since they wanted to present themselves at his doorstep, then, don't blame her for being impolite.

Looking left and right, he saw a broom in the hallway. Without even thinking about it, Song Xiaowang went over to grab a broom and rushed into the ward.

"Scram, who told you to come? Who told you to come? All of you, scram." This isn't your Song Family, what are you doing here? You are not welcome here. " Holding the broom and sweeping it madly, Song Xiaowang yelled with all his might. She was venting her anger right now as she used a broom to hit Song Tian Hong time and time again.

Lin Yunxia was quick to react, afraid that the broom would hit her. How could a lady from a wealthy family like her be beaten up by a wild girl with a broom? Even if no one saw it, it would be a disgrace.

Song Tian Hong was hiding, but the problem was that no matter how he dodged, the sickroom was only so big. There were very few places he could hide. Meanwhile, Song Xiaowang seemed to have gone mad, chasing and attacking him relentlessly. He had no intention of stopping at all.

Luckily, this was a single room, if there were many people here, then the Song Family would really lose all face.

"Song Xiaowang, you crazy girl, stop right now. Can you hear me by stopping?" Lin Yunxia said harshly as she looked at Song Tianxiong, who had been beaten up and was fleeing in every direction. His posture was as if he was giving orders.

However, it was a pity that Song Xiaoxuan did not take the bait. He was still moving his hands as before.

Seeing this, Yang Caifeng did not make a sound either. She knew the reason for her daughter's actions, so she did not stop her. If they wanted to vent, then they would have to let this girl vent her anger. After all, the Song Family owed them.

This kind of scene continued. No matter how the Song couple shouted, Song Xiaowang did not give up.

Finally, Song Tian Hong grabbed the broom, "Song Xiaoxuan, you're done. Don't forget your status. If you continue to be like this, I won't be polite. " Song Tian Hong said loudly as he pinched the broom with all his might. Didn't this damned girl know that he was her father? He actually dared to treat her in such a manner.

Identity? What kind of status did he have? "What is her status?" My status is low, my status is low, and I don't even have a status. I don't know what you mean by that, Boss Song. " Song Xiaowang said indifferently as he looked at the man with a cold expression.

"Don't forget, you're my daughter." Song Tian Hong said without thinking. Only after he finished speaking did he realize what he was saying. But what else could he do?

Hearing this, the three women in the room were all stunned.

Did this man know what he was talking about?

But regarding this, the one who was the most angry was Lin Yunxia. She had never thought that Song Tian would say such words. He had clearly said it was a plan, but now he said it. What did that mean? Did he really have to acknowledge this wild girl?

"His daughter?" "Hahaha!" Towards this, Song Xiaowang only gave a cold smile in response.

Daughter, that's ridiculous.

"Am I your daughter when you say I am your daughter? Director Song, don't forget how you've treated us all these years! Who was it that kept saying that a bastard like me wouldn't enter the Song Family? I think that Boss Song won't even forget about this, right? " Looking at this, Song Xiaowang said lightly. She was definitely lying when she said that she didn't mind what had happened that year. She would never forget what had happened to her and her mother over the years. All of this was caused by this man. If not, how could they have lived so arduously?

He thought back to how much suffering his mother had suffered for this family. Two jobs worked day and night every day, and when she came back in the evening to pick up trash, it was really hard for her mother at that time. However, she didn't say anything.

Why didn't he show up when they were in their worst times? What did he do then? Now that he suddenly appeared, what was the point?

However, this kind of warmth made Yang Caifeng's heart ache. How could she, as a mother, not know what her daughter was thinking? After all these years of suffering, she no longer wanted her daughter to suffer.

So at this time, Yang Caifeng's heart began to waver.

If she could, she wanted to end it.

Think of other people's children, at this age, are in school, enjoying a beautiful life. But what about Song Xiaowang? But she worked day and night, desperately working for her burdensome mother, and even did such a thing.

Thinking of this, Yang Caifeng's heart ached.

If possible, she really hoped that her daughter could accept it and not work so hard in the future.

"All of you can scram now. In the future, don't appear in front of us again." Seeing the two of them in silence, Xiao Wen immediately ordered them to leave. There was nothing she could do about it. She didn't want to see the two of them at all, because they made her want to vomit.

"You …" Lin Yunxia's Breath Festival. Right now, she really wanted to teach this wild girl who didn't know the limits of heaven and earth a lesson and make her act so disrespectfully towards her elders.

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