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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C5 See you in person
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C5 See you in person

She didn't want her mother to know about this, nor did she want to worry her.

Mom once said, people, to have the spirit, do not be lost because of money.

However, could she be considered to be lost like that? Song Xiaowang was puzzled.

The originally quiet room immediately became noisy at this moment. Even though the hospital needed peace and quiet, Song Tian Hong couldn't care less right now.

"Warm, what's going on?" Yang Caifeng asked anxiously as she looked at her daughter's flustered appearance.

Why did this man suddenly come here? Hadn't he never bothered with them? Then what was this appearance now? And what was his identity?

And what did he want to say? Why did he say it was related to the Song Family? Did Warmth do something?

Regarding this series of questions, Yang Caifeng really wanted to know. But she didn't want to ask the man, and she didn't want to hear anything from him.

"Mom, it's fine. Don't worry about it." Looking at his worried mother, Song Xiaowang pretended to be calm as he said that.

In fact, she was nervous. She was really afraid that this man would say everything that he wanted to say. She was scared no matter what he wanted to say.

Because of the appearance of this man, Mom's mood began to become unstable. His face, which had finally regained a little color with great difficulty, began to turn pale at this moment.

If it was possible, she really wanted to use a broom right now to sweep this man out of the room and tell him to scram as far away as possible.

Previously, she had lowered her voice because she had something to ask of him. However, everything was different now. Everything that had happened now was something that she, Song Xiaowang, had obtained on her own. Even if he sacrificed everything, it didn't matter.

At least for now, she didn't owe him, nor did she owe the Song Family.


Another slap ruthlessly landed on Song Xiaoxuan's face. Perhaps it was due to him using too much strength, but this time, Song Xiaowang was not so lucky. Instead, he directly fell to the ground.

"Where do you think your medical expenses are coming from? Your daughter sold it. You can't believe it, can you? I can't believe you raised such a daughter. I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't for Howie showing me the video. " Song Tian Hong said disdainfully as he stood on the spot. He despised this daughter of his, and even more so despised the woman in the sickbed.

If he had been more ruthless back then, he wouldn't have ended up in this situation.

Of course, Yang Caifeng knew what these words meant. It was just that for a moment, she could not accept this piece of news.

Her warmth, her daughter … just what sort of sin had she done to make her be like this?

"You better think highly of your daughter. Don't embarrass the Song Family again, I can't afford to embarrass that person." With that, Song Tian Hong turned and walked away, not even sparing the woman on the sickbed a glance.

"There is no one like you in our Song Family."

He had clearly expressed his purpose in coming here. In that case, there was no need for him to continue staying here. Because if he watched, he would only be angrier.

It seemed that he was not lying at all when he said that all mothers had to have a daughter.

Looking at the man's leaving figure, Song Xiaowang quickly got up and chased to the door. "I've never been a member of your Song Family. Your Song Family doesn't have any good stuff." She would never admit that she was a member of the Song Family.

At that moment, it was as if Song Xiaoxuan had no more strength left. He sat on the ground and began to cry.

If there was a way, who would be willing to do those things? If she had a way, she wouldn't be like this right now. If there had been a way, today's events would not have happened.

Seeing her daughter crying like that, she didn't know what to say. She was angry, but most of all, she was pained. Her daughter, as a mother, had not taken good care of her.

The sickroom returned to its original silence, with only the soft sound of sobbing indicating that there was someone in the room.

"Warm, it was mom who let you down, it was mom's fault, Mom caused you harm." Sitting on the sickbed, Yang Caifeng said with tears all over her face.

That's right, all of this was her fault. If it wasn't for her, she wouldn't have been so wronged.

Rather than dragging on like this, she might as well die.

For a moment, such a thought appeared in Yang Caifeng's mind.

Her body was getting worse and worse every day, and the expensive cost of living was too much for her to bear. Now that she had received warmth, how could she not feel heartache? How could she continue to linger on with her life?

Since he didn't have much time left to live, he might as well end it early.

For a moment, Yang Caifeng took off her oxygen mask.

She had always relied on oxygen to sustain her life. Now, it seemed, she no longer needed it.

Seeing Yang Caifeng's actions, Song Xiaowang quickly got up from the ground.

The moment she took off the oxygen mask, Yang Caifeng's face immediately paled. Even her breathing couldn't keep up with the rhythm of the battle.

"Are you crazy? I've only done this much because I want you to be by my side. I don't want you to leave. " After putting the oxygen mask back on, Song Xiaowang said in heartache.

Right now, she had long since calmed down from her excitement. If he thought about it carefully, this matter would come to light sooner or later. At least he wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.

So what if he did? For her mother's sake, she did not hesitate to do such a thing.

The love between mother and daughter was deep. They hugged and cried together.

The corridors of the hospital were always filled with people. Even the beds were placed in the corridors. If it wasn't for her mother's special circumstances, she would probably be in this corridor.

The moment the elevator door opened, Song Xiaowang was stunned.

She had never expected that this man would appear here.

What was he doing here? Was it to find him? With regards to this, Song Xiaoxi could not believe it.

The pain in his entire body assaulted her once again, as if what happened last night had happened just now. That kind of unforgettable pain seemed to be even more intense than the pain on his body.

Perhaps he was thinking too much, because from the beginning till the end, the other person didn't even look at her, just simply passing by her as if he was a stranger.

He watched the man's back until the elevator door closed. Only then did Song Xiaowang come back to his senses.

Thinking about it made sense. It was just a night's worth of work, so there was no need for others to remember him. Moreover, this was originally a simple transaction of value.

"Hey, bro, that girl was looking at you just now." Just as they turned a corner, Mu Lingxiao teased them.

Actually, this was a normal thing. This man, no matter where he went, was always a scenic spot with the highest rate of turning back. It was normal for people to notice him in a place like this. It was just that at this moment, he, Mu Lingxiao, was feeling bored.

"Boring." To this, Jing Shenghan's answer was this. He did not even bother looking at the man behind him.

It was not that he did not see the woman, but he was also very surprised to see her here.

Everything from last night was still fresh in his mind. Thinking about this woman's initiative, thinking about her beauty, and thinking about the redness on the bed sheets in the morning. This was her first time, no wonder she was so compact and beautiful.

He had indeed lost control last night, and had even gone a little crazy.

However, he did not want to involve himself too much with a woman who did it for money. After he took the money, he should have disappeared on his own. He didn't like women who bothered him, especially those who were insatiable.

He thought this woman would just come over when she saw him, but he didn't expect her to be stunned for a moment.

Was it really like a stranger, or was it just to attract attention? This, I don't know.

In the special ward, Jing ShengHan looked at the old man lying on the bed.

The current him did indeed look much quieter than before, and he was not as annoying as before. If it was any other time, they would have already started a ruckus. Thinking back, whenever he returned to his old residence, this old man would either throw the cup or throw something away. In that case, he really wanted to beat him to death.

If it hadn't been for the accident from that day, the old tutor would still be sitting in his old residence. However, now that he had become like this, it would be good for him to be quiet for a while.

The other day, it was actually an accident. He had left in a huff, but the old tutor had followed him just like that, slipping on one foot and tumbling down the stairs.

Normally, the old tutor wouldn't have been able to catch up, but he really hadn't thought of it that time.

"Heh, tell me, what did that fellow, Song Tian Hong, come to the hospital for? Is he also looking at people? " Looking at the elder on the bed, Mu Lingxiao suddenly said this.

Thinking back to when they were in the hall on the first floor, Song Tian Hong nodded and bowed to them. That fawning look on his face made people frustrated.

In fact, they all knew clearly in their hearts that these people's flattery was only for the benefit of others. If it wasn't, they wouldn't have done this.

"If you have nothing better to do, then go home." Seeing this person chattering nonstop, Jing Sheng coldly said. This guy, he's really more like a Ningbo person than a woman. He kept on talking endlessly.

It was still unknown when the old tutor would wake up. Seeing that half a month had passed and this person still hadn't woken up, he felt a bit more at ease.

These were his family, his only family. Although there were still aunties, so what? He wasn't surprised.

Ten years ago, if it wasn't for his father's death and if the Jing Clan wasn't able to survive, the current him wouldn't be like this. It was all thanks to the old man that he possessed all of these things. But even so, so what? Back then, he was still extremely poor, and could only helplessly watch as his mother died? Actually, he hated the Jing Clan more.

They had met each other when they came, but they had actually encountered each other while they were walking. This made Jing Sheng feel indescribably agitated.

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