CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C8 Name a price i'll buy it for you tonight
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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C8 Name a price i'll buy it for you tonight
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C8 Name a price i'll buy it for you tonight

Looking at the woman with her head lowered, Jing Sheng's eyes began to darken. That pair of eyes stared at Song Xiaowei, from head to toe.

Especially when he heard the words' for money ', Jing Sheng's heart began to change.

500 thousand, an astronomical amount of money had slept with him all night. Was that not enough? If it's not enough, why didn't you ask for more from the beginning? Now he appeared, was he here to ask for money from the Song Family? Or was there another plot?

Was it really a coincidence that she appeared before him three, no, four times in a day?

No matter what, this was an ugly family. Song Tian Hong did not want the man in front of him to know about it. If this was known, it would definitely not be a good thing for their Song Clan.

And now that he had been played by that idiot Song Jasmine, he definitely did not have a good impression of her. It was impossible for a woman to ask the Song Family for money.

"I've let the two of you down. Hurry up and eat, otherwise, the taste won't be good." Without an explanation, there was no need to explain. Song Tian Hong shifted everyone's attention away awkwardly.

Of course, this was just what he thought. Other than Song Jasmine's unhappy expression, the two men had their own thoughts.

It seemed that this matter was truly not simple. However, in Mu Lingxiao's eyes, there was only amusement. On the other hand, it would be different if he were to view it from the opposite angle. In his eyes, there would always be a depth that no one could understand.

This kind of man was like a mystery that he would never understand or understand.

However, looking at Jing Shenghan's gaze now, Song Jasmine's heart started to feel uncomfortable.

What did this man mean? Could it be that she, Song Jasmine, wasn't as beautiful as this shameful illegitimate daughter? She was actually looking at it this way. She had been sitting here for quite a while, but no one had paid any attention to her. Why, was she not good enough to deal with Song Jasmine? If she wanted to have looks, a body, and a body, it would be strange if her heart was comfortable without being looked at directly.

Without saying a word, Jing Shenghan stood up and left.

This scene made Song Tian feel anxious.

"Chief Jing …"

What was going on right now? This man suddenly stood up and left. Was he going to leave? He was just trying to build a good relationship. If this person left just like this, then his efforts would have been in vain. One must know how much effort he put in to get this man out. If he left now, it would be impossible for him to get an appointment in the future.

Adding on this disappointing daughter of his, it was really infuriating. The reason he wanted her to come was to see if he could rope her in. Yet, in the end, such a thing happened.

Based on his daughter's looks, there was no man who didn't like her. The reason he called out was to see if there was any hope in taking down the man known as Jing Shenghan. No man could resist the temptation of a woman.

In the past, he had been unable to resist, which was why he had had Song Xiaoxuan. Now that he thought about it, there was actually no such thing as a lagoon. A man being flowery was a very normal thing.

"Dad, don't worry. He didn't leave. He just went to the toilet." Song Jasmine whispered into Song Tian Hong's ear. She still understood the terrain of this place. But from the direction of the man, he was going to the toilet. If they were to leave, they would be heading in the opposite direction.

Hearing his daughter's words, Song Tian Hong broke into a cold sweat.

In front of the washbasin, Song Xiaoxiao used cold water to calm herself down. Just now, she was just a hair's breadth away from it, yet she said it directly in front of that man. Really, goodbye, really awkward. Thinking about everything that happened last night, thinking about Song Tian Hong's farce. She didn't want to do this, but she had no other choice.

His face was still burning with pain.

Jing Shenghan did not expect that just by coming to the toilet, he would be able to meet her. Looks like this was planned long ago.

"Tell me, how much more do you want?" That impatient tone of his startled Song Xiaoxiao. She just stared blankly at the man that appeared in the mirror. At this moment, his originally large eyes grew even larger.

'Is she hallucinating? ' Why did this man appear in the mirror? No way, I still need to calm down. He turned on the tap and washed his face again.

Seeing her actions, Jing Shihan frowned in displeasure.

What was this woman's reaction? He was clearly standing here, so what did she count as? Did he think he was hallucinating? Or was he unwilling to acknowledge his appearance?

No one had ever done this to him before. This woman, she was the first. When she thought back to the past, even she had never done this before. But this woman … At this moment, he only had one impulse, and that was to strangle this woman to death.

"Wasn't it enough for you to go to my bed last night? You'd better not show yourself to me again. Otherwise, I will not guarantee that you will leave completely. "

That ice-cold voice caused Song Xiaoxi's heart to tremble, and her body to tremble as well.

Last night, they had only been crazy and patient, but they had never said a single word. And now, hearing such a voice, she was truly a little afraid.

He just stared at the man in the mirror, unsure of what to do.

Seeing the imprint on his back, Jing Sheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva. That was the mark he left last night after going crazy. It was his mark. Damn it, was this woman trying to seduce him by dressing up like this?

When he finished washing his face, Song Xiaoxi felt that he was stunned. Was this an illusion or an illusion? Why is this man still in the mirror?

Song Xiaoxiao really wished that it was an illusion and that everything was fine after a moment, which then disappeared. However, what was in front of her eyes was not as beautiful as she had imagined. Not only did the illusion not disappear, it became more and more real. The distance between them was getting closer and closer.

"What is it? "You don't want to see me that much?" For some reason, the sudden words from Jing Sheng frightened even himself.

Hearing the voice above his head, Song Xiaoxiao turned around nervously. She did not think that she would crash into him, but rather that she would crash into him.

"You're so impatient, is it because you want more?" Smelling the slight smell of disinfectant in his hair, Jing ShengHan said with a frown. The faint fragrance mixed with it made him feel uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, sir. I still need to work." Saying that, Song Xiaoxi wanted to leave. This man's aura was truly too strong, so strong that she felt like she was suffocating. In fact, when he looked at her, he could still feel the pain on his body. Previously, she had deliberately ignored it, ignoring the pain all over her body.

This was the first time she had hastily given it to someone else. Furthermore, it was an unfamiliar man.

She understood everything he said, but she didn't want to care. Since she had already gotten what she wanted, there was nothing more to it. However, the appearance of this man made her a little flustered.

He had to admit that this man was really handsome. Just a single glance at him would cause anyone to be unable to shift their gaze away. However, the current her really didn't have any extra feelings. She only wanted to stay far away from this man.

"What is it? You want to leave? " Immediately, Jing Shenghan stretched out his hands and trapped the girl in front of him between his fingers.

This was a result that Song Xiaoxi had never expected. She just wanted to leave as soon as possible, as long as she wasn't with this man. But now, she had no way out at all.

"I'm sorry, sir, but it's business time. If you have anything to do, you can write it down on the comments sheet. I'm sorry, I really have to go to work. " With a frown, Song Xiaowang felt that he was neither right nor left. With her arms pressed against the sink, she couldn't move either way. To put it bluntly, she did not want to have any contact with this man.

"How much do you want? I'll take care of it tonight." Name a price, and you can say more than you did last night. " Seeing the innocent look in her eyes, Jing ShengHan found it laughable.

"What's with this expression?" Where did the initiative go last night? You don't have to do this to me. Isn't it just money? I'll give it to you. As long as you are able to satisfy me tonight, more or less, it will not be a problem. " Close to the tiny earlobe, Jing Sheng said softly.

However, even though her voice was very soft, it caused Song Xiaowang to shudder subconsciously.

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