CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C9 A slut is an act of hypocrisy
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CEO, Please Take Me As Wife/C9 A slut is an act of hypocrisy
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C9 A slut is an act of hypocrisy

Seeing that the most important person had not returned after leaving for so long, Song Tian Hong started to get anxious. This was a rare opportunity for them to build closer relations. Now that the most important person was not around, what was the point of eating?

"Director Mu, Dad, I'll go take a look. You two take your time." As she spoke, Song Jasmine immediately stood up. She understood her father's meaning. He wanted her to go and have a look.

Not very willing, but not yet.

Right now, no matter what Song Xiaoxiao said, the man in front of her did not show any signs of letting her go. This caused her to become somewhat anxious. This man, how was he right now? He was actually like this the whole time. Wasn't he tired?

"Sorry, I really have to go to work." Seeing that there was still no reaction from the man, Song Xiaowang was on the verge of tears. Was it really interesting that this man was crazy right now?

"Today, your time is mine. Whatever it takes is up to you." It was still the same line, it was something that could not be solved without money. Seeing the woman's anxious expression, Jing ShengHan knew very clearly that this woman did it for money.

"Isn't this something that you can solve by giving money, okay? I need a job, a steady one. I don't need your money. Please don't hinder me. " His patience was almost worn out. Song Xiaowang began to feel irritated. That's right, it was easy to say, but this man just wouldn't listen. This made her really frustrated. And she was a customer of the store now, so she couldn't be negligent. Otherwise, he could only be dismissed.

"Is that so? "Since there's no need, then the five hundred thousand from last night …"

"What are you doing?"

Before Jing Shenghan could finish his sentence, a sharp female voice rang out, causing Song Xiaoxiao to subconsciously shrink her neck.

And at this moment, Jing Shihan frowned in annoyance.

It had to be known that he never liked people who interrupted his work, even Mu Lingxiao.

When they were coming over, Song Jasmine had thought of a lot of things, such as the toilet having no paper, and this man's phone just happened to have no electricity, or something else. But she never would have thought that she would see such a scene when she came over.

Looking at the distance between the two of them and their actions, even if she did not do anything now, she knew that Song Xiaoxi must have seduced this man. Dressed like this to work, it was obvious that she was here to seduce men.

"You are as cheap as your mother." After that slap, Song Jasmine said in a sharp voice.

He had heard from his mother that Song Xiaowang's mother was a slut. Of course, if it wasn't for her seducing his father, he wouldn't be where he was now. To put it bluntly, Song Xiaowang was here to humiliate the Song Family. But now, this seductive person was seducing her. You know, Daddy meant to be nice to him and this man.

At this moment, she really treated this man as her other half. As for that rumor, who knew if it was true. It was said to be a rumor, but without personally witnessing it, who knew if it was true or false. Besides, based on this man's identity and appearance, which woman didn't like him? He thought that if he was with this man, he would get whatever he wanted. For a moment, Song Jasmine immediately started to think.

However, in the next second, with a "Pa," another slap did not land on Song Xiaowang's face.

"Bitch, you dare hit me?" Clutching her face, Song Jasmine was filled with disbelief. That damned girl actually dared to fight back, and in front of this man. For a moment, she felt that she had lost face. Of course, this was mostly anger.

Who was Song Moli? She was the daughter of the Song Family, and there had never been anyone who treated her like this before. Not to mention anyone else, even her father hadn't hit her. But now, he was actually beaten up by this bastard.

As for Jing Shenghan, he left. He never liked fighting with women. Plus, he already disliked that young miss of the Song Family, so when he saw her shrewish appearance, he became even more disgusted. However, what surprised him was that this little woman could actually counterattack. It was truly strange. He didn't even dare to get angry at her just now, but now she had actually made a move. He had thought that she would be merciful for the rest of his life.

"Song Jasmine, you can hit me or curse me, but you are not allowed to insult my mother. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite. " Staring at the woman in front of him, Song Xiaowang said fiercely. Her mother was her bottom line, and she would not allow anyone to slander her like that.

That kind of expression was something that Song Jasmine had never seen before. She had never done this even when he had beaten her and scolded her. Right now, it was a bit scary.

"Slut is an act." Looking at Song Xiaowang who was angrily staring at her, Song Jasmine said these words before turning around and leaving.

Song Tianxiong was puzzled by Jing Shengghan's return. This person had already returned, why hasn't Jasmine returned yet? Was this girl crazy now? But luckily, not long after, that damned girl returned. This made Song Tian Hong heave a sigh of relief.

His main purpose today was to make the man opposite him fall in love with this little girl. As long as that happened, the future matters would be much easier to deal with.

However, from the looks of it now, it did not seem to have achieved the desired effect. Such a result made Song Tian anxious.

He thought about his daughter's looks. Usually, she would fall in love with them at a glance. However, it would be strange if he wasn't in a hurry, since he was still so indifferent to the man in front of him. If this man was still unmoved, then the only explanation would be that he was about to fail.

However, after seeing Song Jasmine's return, "Jasmine, what happened to your face?" Looking at Song Moli's face, Song Tianhong said worriedly. He had only gone to look for someone, why was a slap on his face now? Could this man have hit him? Logically speaking, this should be impossible. Beating someone up for the first time was not this man's style. So, where did the palm print on her daughter's face come from?

It's fine to not say it, but with this said, Song Jasmine's anger rose again. How could she not be angry now? As for what kind of image it was, forget it. She did not want to maintain it any longer. Speaking of which, this man clearly saw her get beaten up just now. It was fine that he didn't help, but he still left in the end. He thought he would be beaten up and pretend to be pitiful, and then get the man's sympathy. Unexpectedly, this was the result.

"It's all that little bastard. When I went over just now and saw her seducing me, I wanted to go up and teach her a lesson." Unexpectedly, she hit him instead. She also said she wanted me to look good. " Regarding father's inquiry, the grievance Song Jasmine had mentioned …

If I can't do this, then I'll just let dad do it.

Listening to Song Moli's side of the story, Jing ShengHan felt disdain for her in his heart. This woman really knew how to stir up trouble. How could he not know about what had just happened? However, he still did not understand why that little girl suddenly exploded. Was it because the bottom line had been touched?

After he finished tidying up his emotions, Song Xiaowang went back to the bar to stay with the others. In any case, there weren't many people around, so there was no need to be too formal and casual.

Hearing this, it would be strange if Song Tianhong wasn't angry. How could that woman's daughter hit her own daughter? She was nothing.

"Call your manager over." Slapping the table with all his might, Song Tian Hong shouted loudly.

The two men frowned at Song Tian Hong's actions, showing their displeasure. This was especially true for Jing Shenghan. When the slap landed, he immediately stood up.

"Boss Jing, Chief Jing, please take a seat." I was a little agitated just now, don't mind me, don't mind me. " Realizing that he had lost his composure, Song Tian Hong's attitude immediately changed.

"Director Song, is there anything I can help you with?" The manager was puzzled by the man's attitude. How could the person who was roaring just a moment ago suddenly turn gentle? Furthermore, he was bowing to the man in front of him. From this, it could be seen that the man's identity was not ordinary at all.

"Go and find Song Xiaowang for me. Look at my daughter's face, call her over for me." Song Tian Hong suppressed his emotions and said as he looked at the woman in front of him.

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