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C1 Divorce

When Gu Nian and Chi Yu went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to settle the divorce procedures, it was Valentine's Day.

There was a long queue at the wedding window, but there was no one at the divorce window.

Gu Nian stood not far away and looked for a while. She smiled helplessly.

This was also good. There was no need to line up.

She had chosen the right day.

Chi Yu only came after a while. Gu Nian saw him as soon as he came in.

Gu Nian was a little proud of herself.

Although she did not propose the divorce, she did not pester him. Instead, she was so proactive when handling the procedures.

She preserved her dignity.

Chi Yu walked towards Gu Nian and frowned unconsciously. "How long have you been here?"

Gu Nian smiled. "A while. I didn't expect you to be late. "

Chi Yu hummed. "There was a temporary meeting just now, and I was a little late. "

Gu Nian nodded. "Let's go. There is no one at the window. "

Both of them had signed the divorce agreement and other documents.

Chi Yu was very generous to Gu Nian. He gave enough money and even gave her some of the company shares.

Some of the properties were also under her name.

Because they did not give birth to children during the wedding, there were no objections to the splitting of property.

Thus, the divorce procedures were completed very quickly.

The marriage certificate in their hands was taken away, and the divorce certificate was sent to them.

Gu Nian lowered her head and looked for a long time. Finally, her expression could not help but become somewhat absent-minded.

They divorced so quickly.

It was the same as when they got the marriage certificate back then. It was done in a few minutes.

It was just that the process of getting married or divorce was very simple, but it was too difficult to fall in love.

Gu Nian had always known that Chi Yu did not love her.

That was why when Chi Yu proposed divorce, she was only stunned for a moment before agreeing.

It was useless to hold onto someone who did not love her.

She had never liked to be entangled with people.

Chi Yu also looked at the divorce certificate for a long time.

Then he stood up first, turned around and said to Gu Nian, "It's noon. Let's have lunch together. "

Gu Nian took a moment to relax and immediately put on a smiling face. "Sure. We should have a meal together for the last time. "

Chi Yu stared at her deeply for a while, then turned around and walked outside.

Gu Nian let out a breath, then stood up and followed him out.

The two of them went to a 5-star restaurant not far away.

This "last meal" was quite formal.

Gu Nian felt uncomfortable in her heart and did not want to express it on the surface, but other ways were still possible.

So after taking the menu, she only stared at the price.

She said, "You are the one treating, right?"

Opposite her, Chi Yu lowered his head and took out a cigarette box. He took out a cigarette and said, "I already gave you so much money, yet you are still so calculative about this meal. "

Gu Nian snorted and laughed, "Of course I am going to be calculative about this money. I don't have a job, nor do I have other abilities. I don't have a way to earn money, so I naturally have to save some money. "

Chi Yu put the cigarette in his mouth and said," The shares I give you and the dividends every month are enough for you to spend. "

Gu Nian looked up at Chi Yu and said, "Tell me, are you paying for this meal?"

Chi Yu smiled and said, "Yes. "

Then he raised his eyebrows. "Do you mind?"

He was asking about him smoking.

Gu Nian's gaze landed on the cigarette that Chi Yu was holding in his mouth.

In the past, Chi Yu had never smoked in front of her.

This man's role changed really quickly. They had just gotten divorced, and his attitude had changed.

She looked at the menu again. "I don't mind. "

After saying that, Gu Nian turned her head to the waiter, "I want all of the most expensive dishes. "

The waiter was stunned. "So many. Are you sure you want all of them?"

On the opposite side, Chi Yu was holding a lighter to light his cigarette. He did not even look at what dishes Gu Nian ordered and directly said, "Yes. You guys go and prepare. "

The waiter smiled awkwardly. "Okay, please wait a moment. "

Chi Yu lit up the cigarette, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled the smoke ring.

He looked at Gu Nian for a long time before saying, "You still haven't asked me why you want to divorce. "

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