CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C1 Come with Me I'll Marry You
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CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C1 Come with Me I'll Marry You
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C1 Come with Me I'll Marry You

In the 10th month of autumn, the marriage between the Qiao family and the Shi family was held in the most magnificent hotel.

As it was a strong marriage, it was naturally full of people.

Shi Cheng was dressed in a graceful wedding dress. She was held by the hand and faced towards the groom. She slowly walked onto the red carpet and nervously swept her gaze across the guests.

In the crowd, there was an exceptionally sharp gaze.

Someone was looking at her?

Shi Cheng instinctively felt danger and a thin layer of sweat appeared on her back. Through the veil, she followed that gaze and looked over.

The first row of the long chair seats. Sitting there was a man in a black suit.

It was a handsome face with three dimensional eyebrows. The outline was deep, the bridge of his nose was high, and his thin lips were bright red. Just by sitting there motionlessly and looking at her, it brought a great sense of oppression.

Shi Cheng's heart could not help but beat a little. This man, did she know him?

No, once she had seen such a man, it was impossible for her to forget him.

Just as she was thinking, her veil was suddenly lifted. The groom, Qiao Zichen's handsome and unbelievable face immediately appeared in front of her.

"Why is it you?! Where's Yiyi?"

"What??" Shi Cheng was stunned. Her uncle had clearly told her that they had greeted the groom earlier. He had said that her cousin suddenly had a high fever and was unable to attend the wedding normally. He had invited her to attend the ceremony for the sake of the two families' face.

Actually, Shi Cheng knew that whatever sudden fever was fake. Shi Yi was unable to attend the wedding because her private life was in chaos and she had an unexpected abortion before the wedding.

She could understand why her uncle hid the truth for Shi Yi's happiness. Besides, She had no choice but to agree to help in order to get the money, but who could tell her why the groom was in a daze? Could it be that Little Uncle hadn't discussed it with the other party in advance?

Shi Cheng's mind was immediately pulled back and she became serious. Her delicate little face was indescribably serious and she forced herself to explain, "Hello, Young Master Qiao. I am Shi Yi's cousin sister. Shi Yi had something to do at the last minute. She asked me to substitute for the wedding and calm down the guests. After a while, I will get the bride back. . . "


A heavy slap directly interrupted her words.

Qiao Zichen was so angry that his face turned green. " You are the elder sister that Yiyi often mentions? You really don't know shame!"

This slap made Shi Cheng turn her face sideways and five finger marks immediately appeared on her face.

The audience was so shocked that they all stood up.

"What's going on? Why is the groom arguing with the bride? He even said he doesn't know shame. "

" Look at Young Master Qiao's expression. It's as if Miss Shi has done something wrong to him. "

Shi Cheng covered her face as she chuckled in her heart. These people really knew how to guess. She, Shi Yi, had indeed done something that had let Qiao Zichen down. And she had helped to smooth things over and even had to accept it on behalf of others. The little universe in Shi Cheng's heart was about to explode! But when she thought of the money Little Uncle had promised her, She suppressed her anger and forcefully smiled. She pulled Qiao Zichen's sleeve and lowered her voice. "I will discuss this matter later. Let's finish the wedding first. After all, it concerns the reputation of the two families. . . "

"Do you think I don't know what you are planning? You want to marry me if you're wrong, dream on!"

Qiao Zichen gritted his teeth and suddenly shook her off. He glared at her fiercely, turned around, and left the hotel without looking back.

"Zichen, Zichen. . . Sigh, what is this!"

The Qiao family's parents were anxious. They pointed at the Shi family's parents and said, "Look at what your daughter has done. You can settle this yourself!"

After saying that, they stood up and chased after Qiao Zichen.

“. . . ”

Shi Cheng opened her mouth but did not say anything. Her fingers nervously grabbed the wedding dress.

The scene was in chaos and the guests were already in an uproar.

"Why did the groom leave the bride and leave by himself? What about the wedding?"

"I'm afraid Young Master Qiao has been cheated on?"

Those probing gazes kept looking at her. Shi Cheng hurriedly put down her veil to block everyone's sight.

She did not expect it to be like this. Her heart was somewhat flustered.

She looked at her uncle and aunt who were below the stage for help but met their cold and disgusted eyes. The two of them snorted and walked away, abandoning her directly.

Shi Cheng bit her lips hard. They were clearly the ones who forced her to act -

What should she do? She was now riding a tiger and riding a tiger. The relatives of the two families wished they could eat her.

At this moment, a figure walked past the crowd like a crane in a flock of chickens and walked towards her. . .

In the bright halo, a man walked towards her in the reverse light. His tall body was covered with a warm radiance but it still could not hide the sharp aura from his body.

It was him - - the man who had been looking at her just now!

Shi Cheng instinctively took a step back and saw that person standing in front of her. His handsome face was approaching her.

His eyes were pitch black, like the vast night sky. One look was enough to drown a person.

"Miss Shi, Qiao Zichen's bride?"

His voice was like a cellist, deep and pleasant to listen to.

"Ah. "

Shi Cheng nodded her head in confusion, and in the next second, The man's thin lips parted slightly, and a thunderclap rang in her ears.

"Come with me, I will marry you. "

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