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C10 You Misunderstood

Tang Xi smiled and trembled slightly. He looked at Bo Yan, who was right in front of him, and said, "Hey, I didn't expect you to have such a hobby!" He had known Bo Yan for so many years, but he had never found out about it!

There was a rustling sound coming from the room, and there were even a few men's voices. It was especially tempting.

Tang Xi saw the expression on Bo Yan's face. It had turned from dark to gloomy, as if it had been dipped in a layer of ink. It was so dark that it was scary. No matter how he looked at it, it did not look like he was eavesdropping. Instead, it looked like he was going to catch a traitor.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? Could it be that the woman inside is. . . The Shi Cheng you are talking about?"

Bo Yan sneered and stood up. "I said that there would be no proper work this late at night. I caught her. " His tone was filled with jealousy.

Bo Yan cursed in his heart. He kicked open the door of the private room and rushed in.

A woman's scream could be heard from inside. Bo Yan saw an average-looking man wearing clothes in front of him.

Bo Yan's long and narrow phoenix eyes revealed a look of disdain, "Even if it's like this, you can still do it?"

Shi Cheng's eyes widened as she looked at Bo Yan who suddenly barged in and questioned her, "What are you doing here?"

This person actually had the face to ask her. Bo Yan frowned. "Let me ask you first, what are you here for?"

"Work!" Shi Cheng said confidently.

Bo Yan was speechless. "You do this kind of work?"

"What's wrong with this kind of work?" Shi Cheng crossed her arms and stared at Bo Yan. This person actually looked down on her work. They were both in the service industry. Who could be more noble than who?

Bo Yan seemed to have exploded in anger. He paced back and forth in the room like a trapped beast on the verge of going crazy. He cast a fierce glance at the man in front of him. The man in front of him successfully scared the man until he trembled and had the thought of running out of the door.

Shi Cheng saw that the man had this idea and quickly went forward, "Help me keep an eye on him. Don't let him run away. This is my financial backer. I haven't even served him yet. " This was a shiny white bill!

"You still want to serve him?" Bo Yan's expression became more and more dangerous. He even had some doubts. Did I miss him during the day?

However, Shi Cheng still had a sincere expression on her face. In her eyes, there was only love for money.

Bo Yan pulled the man away and threw him outside the door. Then, he closed the door with a bang.

Shi Cheng only felt some danger at this moment. Only the two of them were left in the room, and Bo Yan was still on the verge of exploding.

Shi Cheng asked tremblingly, "You, what do you want to do?"

Bo Yan pulled open his tie and casually threw it aside. His dark eyes contained a bottomless pool of water. "Since you want to serve me so badly, why don't you serve me?"

Shi Cheng showed a frightened expression, but very quickly, that expression was covered by Bo Yan. He pushed Shi Cheng lightly onto the bed and bent down to look at Shi Cheng.

Shi Cheng instinctively covered her mouth. Bo Yan pulled her hand away with interest and kissed that tender and tender lips.

"Wu, Wu, Wu!"

A cold and overbearing aura rampaged between her lips and teeth. His rough actions wished that he could tear apart her bones and swallow her.

Do you hate it? It's coming again! Shi Cheng pushed with force. She stared at Bo Yan with a crimson face and panted as she scolded. "Son of a b * tch! Have you forgotten the principle that we should not disturb each other!?"

Bo Yan turned his face away and snorted coldly, "I haven't forgotten. "

"Then why did you chase my guest away?!"

Under Shi Cheng's confused and angry eyes, Bo Yan frowned discontentedly. He looked at Shi Cheng with deep eyes and said, "But I don't have the hobby of wearing a green hat. "

"What green hat? What are you talking about?"

What was Bo Yan talking about? Shi Cheng looked at him in confusion.

This woman still did not understand! Could it be that she was already used to it?

With a swoosh, the man's face instantly turned gloomy. It was so dark that it was almost dripping ink.

Shi Cheng held her breath and did not even dare to breathe loudly. " Did you misunderstand something?"

Misunderstanding? It's a stolen evidence! This woman still wanted to quibble!

Bo Yan's face sank, and the atmosphere instantly dropped to zero.

Especially when that cold gaze looked over, it was as if he was looking at a prey.

Shi Cheng, who had her hair standing on end from being stared at, could only wish to find a place to hide. In her heart, she was also wondering where he had offended her.

"Then tell me what kind of work you were doing just now?"

"I was appraising him just now! That man had a calligraphy and painting engraved on his back! He asked me to do the appraisal, so I definitely want him to take off his clothes! "

This was clearly a mistake, but this woman was actually in the same room as the other men!

Bo Yan's expression still did not turn for the better, and Shi Cheng, who did not understand why, did not dare to take the initiative to provoke him.

"Oh right, I can't go back for now. I have to find a place to settle in our residence first. "

In the blink of an eye, the petite Shi Cheng was about to slip away from his eyes again. Bo Yan blocked her way.

"Stand there and don't leave. "

Bo Yan turned around and pushed open the door of the private room. He was caught off guard. He knocked Tang Xi, who was eavesdropping at the door, to the ground.


It hurt so much that his face twisted. But when he saw Bo Yan, he immediately became silent.

The good show was not over yet, and he was even discovered. Tang Xi hurriedly got up and laughed awkwardly. "Bo. . . Bo Yan, are you done with your work?"

Bo Yan looked at him coldly. "Help me prepare a villa. It's for two people. "

"Okay, okay, okay!"

Tang Xi nodded and agreed. He glanced at the private room, wanting to see the woman Bo Yan was talking about.

Suddenly, a woman with a bun walked out from the room. Her petite and cute figure and delicate face were not any worse than Shi Yi's. She was even slightly better than her.

Bo Yan's taste was not bad! Tang Xi was sighing in his heart. Who knew Shi Cheng would shock him the moment she opened her mouth to speak.

"Bo Yan, we can slowly find a house, but there are rules in every industry, especially in the service industry. You have to serve the customer first before asking for the money. Otherwise, your reputation in this industry will be ruined. "

Shi Cheng earnestly said. After all, someone with a big temper like Bo Yan could indeed earn money with his young and beautiful appearance, but this was not a long-term solution.

It seemed that these ladies took Second Young Master Bo as that kind of person! Tang Xi glanced at Bo Yan's darkening face and forced a smile to say, "You misunderstood. This villa was his hard work last night. He has already served. "

Bo Yan gritted his teeth and looked at him with disdain. Tang Xi was so scared that he quickly slipped away.

Shi Cheng was shocked. "Damn! So it turns out that one night is so expensive! Then how can I afford it!"

Bo Yan's face was twisted. He held back his anger and said through gritted teeth: "If you like it, I can serve you for free. "

Shi Cheng refused without thinking, "Forget it. I'm afraid of getting sick. "

Seeing his gloomy face, Shi Cheng hurriedly explained, " I did not mean that. I did not look down on you, I. . . I just felt that it wasn't easy for you to earn money. "

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