CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C2 He Took His Son away with Him
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CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C2 He Took His Son away with Him
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C2 He Took His Son away with Him

Shi Cheng was dumbstruck. She looked at the hand in front of her.

It was a white jade-like hand. It was long and smooth, with clear joints and neat nails.

This man must be joking, right?

Shi Cheng's mind was in a mess. She unconsciously placed her hand on his palm, but her words were rejecting him.

"Hu-sorry, I am Qiao Zichen's bride today. . . "

"What I want is Qiao Zichen's bride. "

Bo Yan's lips curved into a faint arc. He took her hand and suddenly pulled it behind him.

Shi Cheng simply did not see his movements clearly. She was carried on his shoulder like a gunny sack. As she walked, she swayed so much that she wanted to throw up.

"Hey. You. . . Put me down!"

What was he doing, snatching the marriage in front of so many people!

Shi Cheng heard screams coming from behind her. Not long after, she was thrown into a car.


Shi Cheng felt dizzy from the fall, but she immediately sat up and opened the car door.

"Let me out! The wedding hasn't been held yet!"

With a click, Bo Yan pressed on the four doors of the car with his slender fingers and locked them at the same time.

This madman. . . So he was handsome. He might not be a good person!

Shi Cheng stared at him hatefully. Did he know what he was doing?

Once she escaped, the orphanage would be finished. Shi Yi clearly told her that if she messed up the matter, the entire orphanage would pay the price.

It was an orphanage built by her mother. . .

Shi Cheng bit her lips and made up her mind. She pounced on him and reached out to lock the door.

"Oh. "

Bo Yan grunted, but his long and narrow phoenix eyes flashed with a smile. "Seducing me?"

“. . . ”

Shi Cheng's hand awkwardly stopped in midair.

It was not that she did not work hard enough, but. . . Her hand was not long enough.

Bo Yan grabbed her collar and lifted her up like a kitten, throwing her back to her position.

He pulled his tie and his movements were outrageously handsome, "If you go back now, it will only be a humiliation. This is how you repay me for saving you from the Sea of Misery? "

"I. . . "

Shi Cheng was speechless. Of course she knew that it would be useless even if she went back. But she took Shi Yi's money and should not have run away at the last minute.

The children in the orphanage needed this money.

She swallowed her saliva. "How do you want me to repay you? Wait till I finish my business and come back. . . "

"Marry me. "

The three light words interrupted what she was about to say.

Shi Cheng widened her eyes and suddenly looked at Bo Yan. This man did not speak in his sleep, right?

She was an orphan with no parents. He actually wanted to marry her?

However, the light in the man's eyes flowed, and he stared at her seriously. He didn't seem to be joking at all, causing her heart to pound fiercely.

Shi Cheng suppressed the throbbing and returned to her fake smile, "I just got married and received a 300,000 appearance fee. How much do you plan to give me when you marry me?"

Bo Yan looked at the little girl bargaining and could not help but smile.

Interesting. He did not expect Qiao Zichen to be so stupid. His wife was quite interesting.

He wanted to tease her, but he suddenly got closer and his voice became slightly hoarse.

"If I don't have money, can I pay the debt with my own body?"

“. . . ”

Not only was this person crazy, he was also a hoodlum!

Shi Cheng rolled her eyes, "You don't have money and still dare to snatch the marriage. . . " She suddenly paused, "This car of yours. . . "

She glanced at the hood of the car. It was actually a limited edition Bentley Hennessy poem?

"Oh, this car. " Bo Yan's expression did not change. "It's rented. "

Shi Cheng choked. Her eyes suspiciously glanced at the high-order suit he was wearing. "This dress?"

"It's rented. "

Bo Yan's eyes did not even flicker. He slowly said, "How is it? For the sake of snatching you, I specially rented it. Are you touched?"

Shi Cheng: Hehe, she was not touched.

She really did not want to waste any more time here. She could not take it anymore and said, "I'm extremely bored. Let me go back and get married!"

The smile on Bo Yan's face gradually disappeared, and a somber, cold expression appeared on his face. He lifted her chin up.

"Do you really have to marry someone with the surname Qiao?"

Shi Cheng was simply baffled. Her delicate chin lifted towards him. "Otherwise?"

Bo Yan did not wait for her to speak again. The coldness on the corner of his mouth became even more intense. He put down the passenger seat with his right hand and pushed her with his left hand. Then he leaned forward.

"Tell me, if I want you here, will Qiao marry you?"

The warm breath approached and Shi Cheng finally panicked.

This bastard, he is serious!

She tilted her head and tried to avoid it. She was already prepared to bite him, but at the last moment, the man retreated.

Shi Cheng did not have time to relax. She saw Bo Yan staring at the rearview mirror with a cold face and started the car skillfully.

"Someone is following us. "

Someone is following us? Doesn't that mean she can be saved!

Shi Cheng's spirit shook. She immediately rolled down the window and waved at the people behind her.

"I am here, here! Help - Ah!"

The sports car rushed out like an arrow leaving the bow. Her head hit the seat heavily, and her words were all choked back.

Bo Yan drove the car onto the main road and kept speeding at tricky angles. He only wanted to shake off those annoying trackers.

In the midst of all the busy times, he even took the time to glance at Shi Cheng. "Stupid woman. "

At this time, Shi Cheng could not hear him anymore. The huge sound of the wind, which exceeded the speed of normal people's endurance, made her brain completely tense up.

Ah! Ah! Who did this man want to kill by driving the car up into the air?!

She could not help but pull the handrail by the side and scream, "Stop the car! Stop the car! I can't die yet. . . "

“. . . ”

Bo Yan furrowed his brows.

Everyone knew that this young lady from the Shi family was reasonable and gentle. How could she be like this?

If it wasn't for the fact that he had brought this woman from the wedding venue, he would have suspected that he had robbed the wrong person.

Shi Cheng had never experienced this kind of life and death speed. Her heart was fiercely raised and her scream almost overturned the roof of the car.

Her originally tightly shut eyes opened a slit, and she became even more shocked.

"Hey, why do you want to let go of your hands when you are driving properly. . . Wuwuwu!"

Bo Yan simply freed his hands and used his seatbelt to tie her hands together. He then pulled off his tie and tied her mouth. Only then did he put all of his attention on the road.

"Be quiet, Miss Duck. "


Shi Cheng could not make a sound. She looked at the few black cars chasing from behind in horror and fiercely turned towards them from the left!

The ten thousand feet bridge was on the right. Those people did not seem to be saving her at all. Instead, they wanted the two of them to fall into the abyss together!

How could this be?

Shi Cheng's hands and feet went soft. Her mind was filled with the scene of her parents getting into a car accident.

When they were eight years old, they were also like this. They were stopped off the cliff and their parents used their flesh and blood to protect the young her. . .

That was why she was so afraid of riding the express car.

Shi Cheng kept fighting with her teeth, and Bo Yan's cold laughter rang in her ears.

"Didn't you want to ask these people for help? I don't have any enemies in B City. Tell me, who do they want to kill? Me, or you, Shi Yi?"

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