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CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C4 All the Good Things You Did to Her Were Fake
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C4 All the Good Things You Did to Her Were Fake

Shi Cheng ran while looking back. Fortunately, he did not follow her.

She walked lightly and walked to Shi Yi's ward. There was a loud noise coming from inside, as if there was some disagreement between the relatives.

"I told you not to bring her back. So what if the old man left her 30% of the shares? The card with the dividends is still not in your hands. Not a single cent will be in her hands!"

"Don't say that. Shi Cheng is my big brother's child after all. . . "

"Hmph! We only have these few people, there is no need to feign civility, right? You're afraid that she might rob us of our property in the future. So, it's not impossible to treat her better. But now you are inviting a wolf into your house? Let's see what she's going to do with Yi Yi! "

" That's right, let her sign early and give up the shares, then let her scram back to the slums! "

“. . . ”

Shi Cheng grabbed onto her lapels and leaned against the door as she listened. Her face was pale and her eyes were slightly red.

So that was the case.

She had always been grateful to Little Uncle and his family for bringing her back from the slums, so no matter how much Shi Yi went overboard, she had to endure it.

But their kindness towards her was actually fake.

No wonder they could easily abandon her. Today, they even wanted to kill her to silence her!

Shi Cheng bit her lips and her chest rose and fell violently but did not make a sound.

"Tsk, not running anymore?"

A mocking male voice sounded by her ear and Shi Cheng jumped in fright. She suddenly jumped to the side -

With a bang, the door was knocked open. Shi Cheng awkwardly took two steps forward and steadied her body. What entered her sight was a room full of strange faces.

Everyone was stunned for a while and felt a little guilty. It was Shi Rongrui who snorted first.

"Who taught you to secretly listen to the wall? No manners!"

Shi Cheng looked at her uncle. This family member who had treated her well for five years, she had never felt that he was so unfamiliar.

She said softly, "Little uncle did not do anything wrong. Are you afraid that I will eavesdrop on you sneakily?"


As soon as she finished speaking, a slap landed heavily on her face!

Shi Yi's mother, Du Meiyun, pounced over aggressively, her fingers poking the tip of her nose.

"Shi Cheng, don't go too far! How could your little uncle let you down? Do you want to frame him like this? And Yiyi. She gave in to you from a young age. As for you, you even stole her fiancé! "

A fiery slap landed on his face. It eliminated the last trace of familial love in Shi Cheng's heart.

The smell of blood spread from her mouth, and the corner of her mouth twitched. "The judge's sentence still needs evidence. What about Little Aunt's evidence?"

This mocking smile immediately angered Du Meiyun. She slapped her again.

"Evidence? Who doesn't know that you grew up in the slums and have the habit of being a pauper. You are jealous of everything you see?!"

Shi Cheng gritted her teeth and dodged. She saw that the other party's sharp nails were about to scratch her face, but at this critical moment, she suddenly stretched out a hand -

She firmly grabbed Du Meiyun's wrist.

Shi Cheng looked over in shock.

Who was he? Why would he help her?

Du Meiyun struggled and almost fell down. She was angry from embarrassment, but due to Bo Yan's pressure, she did not dare to directly attack him. Instead, she raised her voice in an eccentric manner.

"Everyone, look. It has only been less than half a day and there is already a wild man standing up for her. This vixen's temperament is exactly the same as her mother's. Back then, it was her mother who seduced our big brother and eloped, causing big brother to cut off relations with the family. . . "

Shi Cheng suddenly raised her head and looked at her in disbelief.

Her lips were bitten until blood flowed out. She looked at everyone present and her relatives all looked at her with disdain. On Shi Yi's face, there was a smile of success.

She suddenly felt that returning to the Shi family was a mistake. The Wealthy Class did not belong to her in the first place.

Shi Cheng sneered, "Little Aunt, I respect you and call you Little Aunt but you do not look like an elder at all. You have nothing to say to frame me and my mother. "

Du Meiyun raised her eyebrows, "What do you mean by empty words? At the wedding scene today, so many people saw it. The one who replaced Yiyi to get married was you!"

Seeing is believing?

Those people saw her replace Shi Yi to attend the wedding, but they did not see how the Shi family threatened her!

Shi Cheng took out an item from her handbag, shook one hand in the air, and unfolded it.

"Huh, what you saw might not be true. But I have something here. It must be real. "

It was a cheque of 150,000 yuan. Shi Yi personally signed her name on it as a deposit. She said that after the matter was done, she would give her the remaining half.

The moment Shi Cheng took out the cheque, the expressions of the three people from Shi family changed.

Shi Cheng turned a blind eye to it and showed the cheque to everyone.

"Take the money and do things. The wedding is just that simple. If you want to know why. . . "

" Shut up! "

Du Meiyun was so angry that her entire body trembled. She was worried that she would shake something out, so she immediately interrupted her words and screamed.

"Yi Yi is such a good child, how could she possibly pay for you to help her get married? It must be that you used some trick to get the money!"

Shi Yi, who was in the hospital bed, heard this and her eyes lit up. She hurriedly nodded her head.

"Yes, Mom. She was the one who threatened to shave my face, that's why she asked me to sign the cheque. Later on, she even knocked me out. That's why there was a wedding scene. . . "

Shi Yi's face was pale after giving birth, and her eyes were filled with tears. She looked pitiful.

The relatives immediately became excited.

"She is robbing! We must call the police and arrest her!"

"Yes, call the police! No, that's not right. The family should not be exposed. Didn't the old man say so? If her actions are improper, she should give the shares to the heir! "

" Hand over the shares! Hand over the shares!"

The crowd was agitated. Shi Rongrui deliberately waited for a long time before he coughed to calm everyone down. He spoke to Shi Cheng.

"Little Cheng, it's not that little uncle doesn't protect you, it's just that you went too far this time, letting down your grandfather's painstaking efforts. How about this, you give up the shares and let bygones be bygones.

Look at you now, you have neither parents nor children, nor the first heir. This shares, naturally. . . "

Shi Rongrui paused for a moment, and the surrounding relatives immediately shouted.

"This shares should naturally be given to your uncle. The company is run by him, what qualifications do you have to take the money!"

"That's right. Bringing you back to enjoy the fortune of the young lady is already very worthy of you. How can you have the face to snatch the property from them?"

Shi Cheng heard every word clearly. She looked coldly at these people and already understood their intentions.

Want shares?

Her chest was filled with anger. Her mind was filled with a single thought: I will never let them succeed!

Even if Shi Rongrui had never given her the dividend card and only gave her 5000 yuan per month, she did not mind and felt that it was reasonable.

But at this moment, Shi Cheng understood that she would rather give the shares to a stranger than to these hypocritical people!

Her gaze circled around the room, ignoring the angry expressions of those people, and finally stopped on that man.

Bo Yan was looking at all of this indifferently. He frowned slightly, as if he was worried about her.

Shi Cheng suddenly laughed, took two steps forward and held his hand, facing everyone.

"Thank you, uncle, for worrying about me, but I am sorry, I am going to have the first heir soon. "

"He will marry me, and he will also have children. I will give him a lot of shares"

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