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C6 I Have Such a Handsome Husband

Bo Yan was still driving very fast, but he did not hear any strange sounds from the woman beside him. He frowned and looked back. Shi Cheng was touching her lips with her fingers and was lost in thought. Her almond eyes were slightly moist. When she noticed Bo Yan's movement, she came back to her senses and looked at him with her pair of moist almond eyes.

At that moment, Bo Yan felt his heart skip a beat. He hurriedly turned his head to avoid getting out of control and driving the car away. This little girl not only kissed well, but also deserved to be charming.

The Porsche stopped at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Bo Yan got out of the car and walked to Shi Cheng's side and knocked on her. "Get out of the car. "

Shi Cheng blinked and slowly opened the car door. "Well, if you want to register for marriage. . . Yes. "

"It's okay. I have a way!" Bo Yan put his arm around her shoulder and walked into the registration room.

Shi Cheng thought, but her hometown is still in the orphanage, so she probably doesn't need a household register. That's right, but this person is very attentive. It is really not easy for male public relations nowadays. If I am willing to give him half of the property, he will definitely not let go.

Because of the live broadcast in the square in the morning, Shi Cheng's face had already been projected in the minds of the entire city. When the staff saw Shi Cheng's attire, they were first used to it and snorted. There was a bride in a wedding dress who came to collect her certificate. Upon closer inspection, wasn't this the one who replaced the Shi family's young lady and wanted to marry Qiao Zichen, Shi Cheng?

It was said that after Shi Cheng was ridiculed by Qiao Zichen, she ran away with another man in public. Now, everyone was guessing where these two people could run to. They didn't expect them to really come here to collect the certificate.

It didn't take much effort to get them. The staff member chuckled twice and dialed his reporter friend's number.

Shi Cheng dragged her dirty wedding dress and walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau with Bo Yan. After expressing her intentions, she was led to the studio to take photos.

Shi Cheng tugged at Bo Yan's sleeve and felt a little strange. "Hey, what trick did you use? Why did it go so smoothly?"

What move? Bo Yan smiled and pretended to be mysterious in Shi Cheng's ear, "I know a kind of enchanting technique, but I can't tell you right now. Otherwise, it won't work. "

The warm gas emitted by the man beside her ear made Shi Cheng's ears instantly turn red. She hurriedly jumped away and covered her ears, "You, you stay away from me when you speak in the future. I can hear you!"

Bo Yan showed a nasty smile after he got what he wanted. He thought this woman was very interesting.

After a while, Shi Cheng could not hold back her curiosity and went up to ask again. " What is that Great Confusion Technique of yours referring to?"

Bo Yan moved his lips but did not make a sound.

Shi Cheng,. . . "Ah!"

Bo Yan helplessly spread his hands. "You told me to speak further!"

Shi Cheng glared at him fiercely. The male public relations nowadays were not only bad, but also bad. They were not professional at all!

"Get ready. Come and take a picture!" cameraman called out to him from the side.

Bo Yan leisurely walked in front of the camera and waved at Shi Cheng. It seemed that he had gotten used to his new identity. Shi Cheng also walked to Bo Yan's side and faced the spotlight. Anyway, she had already proposed to him. It was not a big deal to get married once. The main thing was to keep her shares. At most, they could divorce again in the future.

With this thought, Shi Cheng leaned towards Bo Yan and intimately held onto his arm.

"Okay, one, two, three. Smile one!" Both of them revealed sweet smiles at the same time.

When they went in, both of their hands were empty. When they came out, there were two red booklets in their hands. Shi Cheng and Bo Yan walked to the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau and saw a group of reporters carrying long spears and short cannons. Although they did not get close, they felt a wave of malicious intent coming towards them.

Bo Yan frowned and was about to step forward to stop them. Before he even took a step, he felt the strength of the person beside him holding his arm tighten. Shi Cheng intimately held Bo Yan's arm and smiled very sweetly. "Hubby, there are people who want to see us display affection. You have to cooperate!"

Bo Yan did not have any expression. Instead, he very cooperatively followed Shi Cheng to the front of the reporters. He let people pass the microphone to Shi Cheng and looked forward to Shi Cheng's performance.

All the reporters asked questions at the same time. The reporters at the front asked a series of questions with their voices overshadowed by others.

"Miss Shi Cheng, are you here today to get your husband's certificate?"

Shi Cheng waved the marriage certificate in her hand, "There is no doubt about it!"

"But you only got married to Qiao Zichen in the morning. Are you choosing to marry this man now because of the revenge you got from Qiao Zichen?"

Reporters always had new ideas in their minds.

Shi Cheng leaned her head on Bo Yan's shoulder, looking like a happy little woman. "My husband is much more handsome than Qiao Zichen. Why should I covet Qiao Zichen? Oh right, you guys have to make my husband more handsome. Even though he is already very handsome in real life!"

Bo Yan heard her and looked at Shi Cheng with a smile that was not a smile. He successfully made Shi Cheng feel a chill down her spine. She braced herself and continued to answer the reporters' questions. She gently pinched Bo Yan's back. Big Brother, it's fine if you don't help me with the conversation, but don't drag me down!

Bo Yan's smile became even wider as he watched Shi Cheng's eyes gradually deepen. In the camera, it indeed caused this person to look at Shi Cheng with deep affection.

At this moment, a reporter held up the microphone for a long time. The series of interviews just now did not get the answer they wanted. To them, it did not matter who Shi Cheng married. The answer they wanted was that Shi Cheng admitted that she coveted Qiao Zichen's property and wanted to marry into a wealthy family by any means possible.

"Miss Shi Cheng, Mr. Qiao is much richer than the man beside you. We all know that Miss Shi Cheng is very short of money. She did not hesitate to hurt Miss Shi Yi to get the chance to get married for money!"

Bo Yan dangerously narrowed his eyes and looked at the reporter. The reporter was shocked by his gaze and subconsciously took back the microphone. However, Bo Yan had already remembered the name on this media and reporter's work plate!

Shi Cheng felt the reporter's deep malice and her expression became solemn. She said to the reporter, "I don't know who released the news to you, saying that I don't have money? I sometimes have 30% of the shares of the family. And I will give half of it to my husband, so you don't have to worry about the money. I never thought of marrying Qiao Zichen, nor would I marry him for money! "

The faces of the reporters present were colorful. They had never thought that Shi Cheng would still have shares in the company.

"You, you have to be responsible for what you said. How can you prove that you really have 30% of the shares?"

These reporters had already started to use unscrupulous means to dig up Shi Cheng's black material.

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