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CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C7 Big Sister Is Watching over You
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C7 Big Sister Is Watching over You

Shi Cheng looked at the reporter with a caring gaze. "Why don't you question why the king's son is a prince and why the prince wants to marry a princess?"

The reporter was confused by Shi Cheng's question. What does this have to do with my question? Bo Yan laughed very quickly. He gave a look to the tall man who had been standing not far away. In an instant, more than ten tall men descended from the sky and divided the reporters who blocked the door into two sides, creating a way out for Shi Cheng and Bo Yan.

The two of them successfully left the Civil Affairs Bureau. Shi Cheng excitedly pulled Bo Yan's sleeve. "Your colleagues haven't gotten off work yet. They are simply on call. They are too righteous! After the matter, should we treat them to a meal to express our gratitude? "

Bo Yan paused, "You don't have to worry about that. Come with me to a place!"

"Where to?"

Bo Yan put the marriage certificate in his pocket. "Go and see my grandma. Let her see her grandson and wife!"

Shi Cheng felt a little awkward when she heard him. "It's so sudden. We're just getting married on a fake basis. It is not good to lie to the old people like this!"

"Why are we getting married fake? The marriage certificate is real. She'll be satisfied when she sees the marriage certificate!" Bo Yan said, but he gave Shi Cheng a meaningful look.

Shi Cheng did not understand the meaning in Bo Yan's eyes. She was still in a dilemma. " Even if the marriage certificate is real. . . At most, we can only be considered as an arranged marriage. There is no need to be so serious, right?"

Bo Yan's fingers, which were tapping on the steering wheel, paused. His eyes gradually turned cold. "Those reporters are not far away. Why don't we call them back and tell them what you just said?"

Shi Cheng. " . . . Let's go. Let's go, let's go and see grandma. I like getting along with old people the most!"

Bo Yan revealed a pleased expression and started the car.

The car stopped on the poorest street in the city. The gorgeous Porsche seemed out of place with the dusty street. The road further in was narrower. The car could not enter and could only walk.

Shi Cheng got off the car and looked at the familiar street view. Five years, it had been five years. He was taken away by Shi Rongrui when he was 18 years old. It had been five years since he stepped onto this street.

This place was nicknamed the slums by the rich. Because the economy here was backward, the housing prices were low, and all the houses were in danger. The people living here were people from poor families and did not have income sources.

Shi Cheng had lived here for 18 years. She found that even after being apart for five years, she was so familiar with every plant and tree here. Even the clouds in the sky overlapped with the memory. This slum that everyone despised had already merged with her bones and blood, becoming an irreplaceable beautiful scene in her long life.

"When you were young, did you live here?" Shi Cheng asked Bo Yan probingly.

Bo Yan nodded. "But that was a long time ago. I moved out of here when I was about five. I went to live with my father and brother. "

It turned out that he was the same as Bo Yan. He was also picked up by his family later on. That was true. How could a person who had a smooth life choose such a job? Children who came out of the slums had all kinds of difficulties that they had no other choice.

"Then why is your grandma still living here? Why didn't you take her away? You seem to be doing quite well now. "

"Actually, grandma, she. . . . . . . . . ”

From Bo Yan's words, his grandma seemed to have been living alone. The houses here were not safe and there were frequent robberies. How could he be at ease if an old man lived alone here?

Bo Yan sighed. His black eyelashes, which were as thick as crow feathers, blocked the loneliness in his eyes. "She likes to live in her own house and reminisce about the past!"

Shi Cheng did not understand what Bo Yan meant when he said he would reminisce about old times, but she felt Bo Yan's mood suddenly drop.

After knowing that the other party had once lived here, Shi Cheng felt that the distance between the two of them had become much closer. She patted Bo Yan's shoulder heroically and then patted her own chest. "It's fine, little brother. Big sister also came from here. Since we used to be neighbors, we are brothers now. In the future, if you need anything, just tell me your name. Big sister will protect you! "

Bo Yan was so shocked by Shi Cheng's sudden appearance that his eyes were wide open. His expression was somewhat difficult to put into words.

Shi Cheng still wanted to continue expressing her bold words when she heard a noise coming from not far away. Following that, a few ruffians dressed like hooligans and gaudy people walked over. "Sigh. . . Isn't this Shi Cheng? How are you going to protect your brother!"

Shi Cheng frowned. She regretted not looking at the yellow calendar when she went out today and ran into these few mourning stars. She sneered," Little Jie, where did you come from? Don't block my way! "

Bo Yan's eyes lit up. He whispered into Shi Cheng's ear, "Your enemy?"

Shi Cheng had just bluffed. How could she lose her momentum now? She waved her hand calmly. "It's fine. It's just a few small fries. How can it trouble me? You should stand on my side first. . . . . . . ”

Before he finished speaking, Bo Yan had already consciously stood behind Shi Cheng and made an inviting gesture to Shi Cheng!

Shi Cheng touched her nose and awkwardly turned her head. She heard Jie sneer at her, "Shi Cheng, Shi Cheng, your man doesn't seem to protect you!"

Shi Cheng sneered. "It's fine. I can protect him. "

Jie laughed loudly when he heard her. He smiled, and the little brother beside him also revealed a mocking expression.

"You guys still don't know, right? Miss Shi Cheng came from our slum. Now she has become a phoenix on a branch. When she has money, she will start to keep a gigolo!"

Bo Yan's expression became cold. He did not care about these few hooligans. Just as he was about to stop them from talking nonsense, he saw Shi Cheng looking like she did not care. He smiled slightly, "Do you know why I can fly up the branch and become a phoenix? That is because I am a phoenix. You don't care if I'm a gigolo or not, I'm still better than you guys. "

Bo Yan clenched his fists tightly and relaxed. This girl's combat strength seemed to be a little higher than what he had imagined.

Seeing that the expression of the person in front of her was getting worse and worse, Shi Cheng put her hand on Bo Yan's shoulder and continued to add, "I already have a handsome husband. What about you guys? You are not young anymore, yet you are still idling outside. Have you married yet?"

The young men in the slums would worry about one thing when they were in their twenties, and that was getting a wife. There were very few girls here, and each and every one of them wanted to get married outside. Therefore, none of these people had a girlfriend. Jie suddenly became anxious. "Whether you get a wife or not is another matter. I'll beat you up first!"

After saying that, his raised fist came with the wind. Shi Cheng could not dodge in time and subconsciously closed her eyes. After waiting for a long time, she did not feel the pain that she had expected. She quietly opened her eyes and saw Bo Yan behind her reach out and accurately catch Jie's fist. It was just one hand holding Jie's fist, and it made him unable to move. His face began to distort.

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