CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C8 You Have Dozens of Girlfriends?
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CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C8 You Have Dozens of Girlfriends?
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C8 You Have Dozens of Girlfriends?

Shi Cheng looked at Bo Yan's taut handsome face. He gave her a look and said coldly, "Go away!"

Shi Cheng obediently hid to the side.

She saw that Bo Yan was no longer in Shi Cheng's way. He raised his long legs and hit Jie's abdomen with his knee. The other person groaned in pain and fell to the ground, clutching his stomach.

The subordinate behind him hurried forward, "Boss, how are you? Why did you only hit him once? . . . . . . ”

Bo Yan sneered. "That's right, it was just one strike. Why do you want to try it too?"

Bo Yan's attack was very powerful. There were no fancy moves. What he paid attention to was a fatal strike. In fact, if it wasn't for him holding back his strength, Jie would have vomited blood.

Jie was helped up by his little brother. He looked at Bo Yan vigilantly. Shi Cheng was also surprised by Bo Yan's fierce attack. She walked to Bo Yan's side and shouted at Jie and the others, "What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and leave!"

"Just you wait!" Jie glared at Bo Yan fiercely and then limped away with the help of his little brother.

Shi Cheng stared back at him without hesitation. "My husband is so powerful. How could he give you the chance to take revenge?"

Bo Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Didn't you say you wanted to protect me?"

Shi Cheng rolled her eyes. " That's right. It was you who attacked too quickly. Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to make him feel ashamed and run away!"

"So that's how it is!" Bo Yan held his hands behind his back and walked in front of him. "I didn't hit him too hard. It will be fine after a while. If that Jie wants to come back later, you can take care of him yourself. Let me see if I can make him feel ashamed and run away!"

"Wait a minute!" Shi Cheng heard him and quickly followed him. "You should hit him harder and teach him a lesson. I am starting to suspect that you grew up in the slums. We are all flattering him and we are going to hit him hard. We will never give him a chance to fight back. "

"I already said that I left here when I was six years old!" Bo Yan said impatiently.

The two of them found an old house in an uneven house. Bo Yan knocked on the door, but there was no response.

"Is Grandma not home?" Shi Cheng saw Bo Yan frown and showed some worry.

"He is at home at this time of the day!" Bo Yan knocked on the door twice harder, but there was no movement inside.

This time, even Shi Cheng became worried. "Why don't I go and ask the neighbors if they saw grandma go out. "

"No need. " Bo Yan let Shi Cheng stand to the side and also took two steps back. Then he kicked hard on the lock. There was a loud sound and the lock was opened.

Shi Cheng did not have time to sigh. She rushed into the room with Bo Yan and found the old man who was taking an afternoon nap in the bedroom. The old man was woken up by the sound of the door being kicked. He was about to get up to take a look.

"Xiao Yan, you came to see me!"

Bo Yan's grandmother looked very kind. After seeing Bo Yan, she smiled and bent her eyes. Although her hair was already pale and her body was a little hunched, one could still see the once delicate and pretty face between her eyebrows. It seemed that she was also a beauty when she was young.

That was true. To be able to give birth to such a handsome and world-shaking grandson like Bo Yan, the genes in the family would not be bad.

Bo Yan asked loudly in the old lady's ear, "Grandma, did you hear me when I knocked on the door?"

"I didn't hear you. I didn't hear you. " The old lady waved her hand. "I can't hear you. I can't hear you!"

Shi Cheng laughed. It turned out that the old lady's ears were a little deaf, so she didn't hear the knocking!

Bo Yan smiled helplessly. He helped the old lady sit down and asked about her recent situation.

The old lady's ears were a little behind her ears and her brain was very clear. She also spoke very clearly and answered Bo Yan's question fluently. After a while, Bo Yan pointed to Shi Cheng and introduced her to the old lady, "Grandma, this is my wife, Shi Cheng. We have already registered our marriage!"

Bo Yan took out the marriage certificate and showed it to the old lady. The old lady looked at the marriage certificate and then looked at Shi Cheng. She was very excited, "This, this is good, this is great!"

Shi Cheng's heart warmed when she saw the old lady's happy look. She also smiled and called out, "Hello grandma. Don't worry. Bo Yan and I will live a good life. I will come to see you often in the future!"

The old lady held Shi Cheng's hand and nodded continuously. She said with relief, "Good girl. It's a small banquet. It's much better than the dozens of girlfriends you brought back earlier. Grandma doesn't like granddaughter-in-law like that. They are all heavily dressed. Grandma likes Shi Cheng. You guys have to live a good life!"

Shi Cheng originally smiled sincerely. When she heard this, her expression froze. Dozens of girlfriends. She looked at Bo Yan suspiciously and raised her eyebrows at him. This kid actually had dozens of girlfriends and even brought them back to see his parents. How could he bring dozens of girlfriends like this? Shi Cheng was dumbfounded!

Bo Yan had a face full of confidence and promised, "Yes, I will live a good life with her!"

After chatting for a while, Bo Yan let Shi Cheng stay in the house with the old lady for a while. He went outside and found some tools to fix the lock. He even made a balloon and tied it to the door.

"Grandma, if you see the balloon moving, it means it has moved. There is someone outside the door, Bo Yan said. "

"I understand. That's a good idea!" The old lady gave Bo Yan a thumbs up.

Shi Cheng pursed her lips. The old lady often did not hear knocking on the door, which made life inconvenient. The idea that Bo Yan thought of could indeed play a role. He just needed to change the balloon regularly.

Although Bo Yan might be a little dissolute in life, he was filial to the old man and was a filial son.

Of course, Bo Yan did not know that he had been given a good person card by Shi Cheng. After saying goodbye to his grandmother, he went out of the small alley. It was dark outside. The two of them walked for a while before they found the parking spot. Unexpectedly, they found that the brand new Porsche had been destroyed so badly that the whole car had been scratched.

Bo Yan's face became uglier and uglier. Shi Cheng was stunned for a moment before she became furious.

"It must be Jie and the others who did it. I will go and find them!"

As he spoke, he was about to walk back angrily.

Bo Yan pulled him back and said quietly, "It's too late now. Let's go home first!"

Shi Cheng also realized that it was not rational to look for Jie now. Moreover, there was not even a surveillance camera nearby. She did not have any evidence and the other party would not admit it.

"Sorry, it is all because of me. I will compensate you for the maintenance!"

Shi Cheng looked at Bo Yan's face and guessed that his heart must be bleeding. He spent two rented luxury cars a day. The maintenance fees were already sky high!

"It has nothing to do with you. I brought you here!"

Bo Yan waved his hand to indicate that he did not need Shi Cheng to compensate him. He asked her to wait on the spot. He made a call not far away. After a while, there were people from the tow truck company. There was also a black Rolls-Royce that drove to the side of the road. The people in the car came down and greeted Bo Yan. They threw the keys to him and watched as the trailer company took the Porsche away.

Shi Cheng rubbed her eyes and walked around the Rolls-Royce in disbelief. "Don't tell me you rented this car!"

"Of course not. " Bo Yan started the car. "This car is my friend's. I rented it! "

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