CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C9 I'm Going Back to Work?
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CEO's 99 Ways Of Love/C9 I'm Going Back to Work?
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C9 I'm Going Back to Work?

At night, Bo Yan's friend 'rented' the car. The two of them were sitting in the car, shuttling back and forth between the large neon lights. There were no lights in the car, so the interior of the car was filled with colorful lights.

"Let's make a deal first. I'm afraid we won't be able to make it in time tonight. In two days, I will make an agreement with you. Let's make a verbal agreement first. We will still do our own things. I won't disturb you, and you won't disturb me either. I'll find you to cooperate with me when necessary, how about it? "

Shi Cheng gave a very generous offer, "This 15% share will be the fee for me to hire you for the rest of your life!"

Bo Yan narrowed his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking!

Shi Cheng looked back at him, "Hey! Are you not satisfied? This is a bonus every month. If you don't work, you will be able to support you for the rest of your life!"

Bo Yan raised his eyebrows and revealed a meaningful smile.

"Why? Why? Shi Cheng felt a little guilty. "Can't you afford it?"

"What do you think?" Bo Yan looked at her sideways. " We will do as you say first and add one more thing. Since we are already married, if I need you to appear in the future, you have to come out and cooperate with me! "

"Please, I'm your sponsor. You still need me. Before Shi Cheng could finish speaking, she felt Bo Yan's gaze that could kill people.

She quickly changed her words, "Can you explain what kind of occasion it is?"

"Just like today, I want to meet my family and friends!"

Bo Yan's words were ambiguous. Shi Cheng automatically understood that it was not difficult to meet Bo Yan's grandmother today, so she readily agreed.

The car passed by a bustling street in the city. Shi Cheng received a phone call and hurriedly asked Bo Yan to stop the car. After Bo Yan parked the car, he said, "Where are you going?"

Shi Cheng got off the car and waved the phone in her hand. "I'm coming to work. I have to go to work!"

After saying that, her petite figure turned around and hid in the crowd. In an instant, she disappeared without a trace.

Bo Yan started the car again and headed towards the destination he had agreed on earlier. The last words of Shi Cheng echoed in his mind, "Coming to life!" What came to live for? No matter how he heard it, it did not sound like a serious sentence.

It was already late at night. Many streets were already silent. Many people had already fallen asleep. A top club in B City was singing and dancing, as if their lives had just begun.

Bo Yan changed into a suit, and his straight suit looked like he was abstinent. His face was taut, and the aura he gave off made no one nearby dare to approach him. However, they could not stop their eyes from looking at the suit that was in his way and touching the body that they had coveted for a long time.

Tang Xi stood at the door of a private room with his long legs crossed in front of a pair of shiny leather shoes. When he heard the exclamations of the crowd, he looked up and saw Bo Yan, who stood out like a crane among chickens. This man's charm had never disappointed anyone.

"What about this?" Tang Xi waved at it, attracting Bo Yan's attention.

"Why did you come to the door to pick me up?"

Bo Yan followed Tang Xi into the house. It was already chaotic inside. Strangely, these people stopped what they were doing when they saw Bo Yan. The woman stopped twisting her waist and sat down properly, pretending to be a pure female student who scored full marks for every subject. The man took back his restless hand and even put down his wine glass.

Bo Yan walked over the piles of junk on the ground and sat on the only spacious sofa that was empty. Like a ferocious beast, he looked at his territory. After confirming that no one wanted to resist, he smiled and kindly forgave their actions. "You guys continue. Don't worry about me!"

As if a switch had been pressed, the music continued. The voices started to become noisy, mixed with some slutty sounds.

"I'm doing this to celebrate your success in snatching the bride, right?"

Tang Xi sat on the other side of the sofa and crossed his legs. He wanted nothing more than to sink into the sofa. He looked completely different from Bo Yan, who had a straight back.

Bo Yan cast a sidelong glance at him. "You called so many demons and devils to celebrate for me? Besides, I didn't succeed in snatching the marriage!"

"What? You didn't snatch Shi Yi?" Tang Xi was very surprised. "How many girls did our young master Bo Yan charm with his face? He actually didn't charm Shi Yi?"

"No. " Bo Yan thought of Shi Yi's mean face that was always showing off. He frowned slightly, but soon Shi Cheng appeared in his mind, which made his mood a little better. "I did not snatch Shi Yi. I snatched another woman. This woman is much more interesting than Shi Yi!"

"A woman that can make you an interesting one!" Tang Xi revealed an ambiguous smile. "Now that you mention it, I really want to meet her!"

Bo Yan narrowed his eyes dangerously. "You can meet her, but you can't have any ideas about her. After all, we have already obtained the certificate!"

"You have also received your certificate?" Tang Xi's eyes were about to pop out. "Don't worry. A friend's wife cannot be played. I understand this principle. "

Tang Xi gave Bo Yan a look that he understood and received Bo Yan's disdainful look.

After three rounds of drinking, Tang Xi was in high spirits, "Second young master Bo. Second young master Bo, hurry up and bet with me, guess the size! If I lose again, I won't be able to return home!"

" You play by yourself first! " Bo Yan got up and strode out of the private room. He went to the bathroom to play with the water.

He drank a little too much. When he came back, he didn't know if he should go left or right.

Bo Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at the two identical doors. His ears moved and some sounds came from the door on his right. The sounds were very familiar.

Tang Xi opened the door and saw a scene like this. Their Second Young Master was leaning his butt against the door frame, his ears sticking to the door frame to eavesdrop.

Tang Xi raised his eyebrows and took a step back expressionlessly. He closed the door again. When he heard the noisy music, he felt that he had returned to the real world. He must have opened the door in the wrong way, or he must have drunk too much.

But if the person outside was really their Second Young Master Bo, it would be too embarrassing to let others see him. He took three deep breaths. With the determination to die, Tang Xi opened the door again!

Bo Yan was still standing in the same position. His face was gloomy and scary. It did not look like he was eavesdropping on some inappropriate scene.

Tang Xi was a little curious. He walked over and listened carefully with Bo Yan's face close to his face.

He heard the voice of a woman and a man.

The woman said, "Pull up the curtains. This kind of thing cannot be seen by others. "

The man seemed to be a little bashful, so the woman urged loudly, "Quickly take them off and wait for what?"

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