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"Is that so?" He leaned against the window and said lightly, "If you want me to shut up, then please get in the car, Miss Ang."

Ang Yi choked and gritted her teeth before angrily getting into the passenger seat.

The annoyance from work and his interference from earlier had made her mind a mess. She didn't even open the car door facing the back seat before she directly got into the passenger seat through Mu Zikun's open door.

Mu Zikun glanced at her and raised his eyebrows proudly. Just as he was about to speak up, he was interrupted by Ang Yi angrily: "Shut up! The grass community. "

She knew what he was going to say. Damn it, she was sitting with him, but it was too late to change places.

Mu Zikun shrugged helplessly.


Returning to the rented house, Ang Yi threw down her bag, washed her face and sat on the bed in a daze.

"The suggestion I made to you last time, to be my girlfriend, I wonder how Miss Ang is considering?" After sitting in the car for a while, the man's playboy nature exploded.

She glared at him, but he acted as if he didn't see her glare. He skillfully drove on, teasing, Why hasn't Miss Ang been working on anything lately? I've been chasing your "Young Master Hua Hua" all this time, so why did it suddenly break? This isn't good.

She was on the verge of going crazy. What was he trying to bring up? He had to bring up that cartoon she had lost her inspiration with!

It was Jiang Langcai again for "Young Master Hua Hua". She noticed that this man could make her angry the moment he opened his mouth!

And what a perverted psychology it must be to be able to chase after the Playboy, which was based on his bad events.

After the rage, she gradually calmed down. A chill rose in her heart: The two words he had just said appeared in her mind once more, causing her to feel the chill around her grow stronger.

She had always relied on the forum's actress to accuse Mu Zikun for her work. However, a few days ago, the accusation note, including all the accusations against Mu Zikun on the internet, was suddenly removed.

She suddenly lost her inspiration and was unable to draw anything for the past few days …

"Did you seal those online reports?" Ang Yi couldn't help but ask.

Actually, she had no right to blame him for anything. She could understand the reason why he, as a man with great authority, would use his family's influence to kill off words that were unfavorable to him.

However, wasn't it a bit too much of an abuse of authority for him to do so? What right did someone with power and influence have to cover up the truth!? The most important thing was that he had used his power and wealth to wipe out the truth! This was too unfair!

Looking at Ang Yi's angry expression, Mu Zikun innocently shrugged his shoulders and said, "I didn't do it."

"Maybe the assistants around me did it?"

He looked innocent, and she had no more ideas. Somehow, she made the unreasonable request: "How about, you tell your assistant not to block the information on the internet anymore. That's not a moral thing to do."

Unexpectedly, that shameless guy took the opportunity to make an even more unreasonable request: "How about, you be my girlfriend. to be able to keep track of what's going on with me. Also, I can bring you along when I deal with those female celebrities, so you can visit the first scene in time. "

Ang Yi admitted that Mu Zikun's last sentence had moved her. After all, being able to pick up material on the spot at the first possible moment is the dream that all those who love to create look forward to most, but which is difficult to realize.

She had agreed to him just like that.

Now that he thought about it, there were many things that didn't make sense!

This person was a playboy who could read countless people. There were hundreds of women who had spread rumors, even if there were thousands. Moreover, his reputation among women was not that great. Since the incident on the forum, there had been countless female celebrities who had come forward to denounce him for abandoning them. This romantic affair of his could have been made into dozens of movies.

There was one more thing that she did not think about. He actually said that after becoming his girlfriend, he would bring her along to date and help her obtain materials! Have you ever seen a man with his girlfriend on a date?

Ang Yi shook her head vigorously. Forget it.

Maybe it was because he was playing with tickets that he didn't mind taking her out with other women.

In the end, it was just a game.

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