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This is good too … As long as she kept a certain distance from him, not touching the bottom line, the two of them would only act on the surface and be beneficial to her creation.

Ang Yi hugged her knees, her sharp chin resting on them as she lowered her gaze.

Ever since she was a child, she had loved comics. When she grew up, she resolutely enrolled in art school and specialized in comics.

However, after so many years of creation, only that "Young Master Hua Hua" from a while ago was able to garner her so many fans and attention.

Seeing the fans' comments and the director's hopeful and encouraging smile, Ang Yi really felt very happy and excited.

She was really worried that she would stop, that the editor's hopes of her would fail, and that her comic book business would end, and that she would return to those days when there was no hope.

For the past six months, her family had been trying to persuade her to end her comic book business and move to work in a financial unit. She really hates finance...

However, as long as she gained a certain level of fame in the world of comics, her family would definitely not force her anymore!

Right, there was no one who could stop him from drawing the comics!

Ang Yi thought stubbornly as she raised her hand and clenched it tightly.

She raised her head slightly. "Ahh!

Ang Yi was so shocked that she leaned her body back and looked at Mu Zikun with her eyes wide open. Her small, watery mouth was still slightly open.

That's right, the cry of surprise just now came from her.

Opposite her, Mu Zikun was squatting on the bed. His long hands were on his knees and his bright eyes were staring at her. Seeing her frightened reaction, the corner of his thin lips curled up slightly, and his slender beautiful hands lifted his chin lazily.

"Beauty Yi, is there a need to be so excited when you see your boyfriend?" He lazily made fun of her with his thin, devilishly beautiful lips as he looked at her with interest in his almond-shaped eyes.

"When did you come in?" Ang Yi stood up and glared at him.

"Just now."

Mu Zikun said indifferently as he stood up and sized up the small bed.

You came in just now? Doesn't that mean he's been staring at me for quite a while?

Ang Yi gritted her teeth and shouted angrily, "How did you get in here!"

Before she could say anything, a delicate silver key chain dropped in front of her face, and a brand-new key shook in front of her eyes.

The exquisite and smooth design, the lustrous and enchanting luster, was extremely pleasing to the eyes.

The things Mu Zikun bought were all very pretty, just like the suit he was wearing right now. It was a blue casual style, with a simple icon in the upper right corner, and a simple white shirt that gave off an indescribably delicate and elegant feeling. "The blue tie with white spots on the base was the best. With this combination, the originally dull and heavy suit gave off a unique feeling, giving him a sense of fashion.

But would a truly elegant person break into a house with someone else's key? Ang Yi gritted her teeth.

"Where did this key come from?" She frowned at him in disbelief and reached for the key.

"You don't need to know."

Mu Zikun casually put the keys on his palm, picked up a spot in the middle of the bed and laid down.

"Mu Zikun!" Ang Yi was frightened by his actions once again as she yelled, "You trespassed into my house, but don't tell me you're not going to ask my permission to lie down on my bed!"

She used all her strength to pull someone up from the bed and pushed him down. "Get out! Hurry and get out of here! "

Mu Zikun was pushed back a few steps. Suddenly, he raised his hand to grab Ang Yi and pushed her to the wall while holding her wrist.


Mu Zikun narrowed his eyes tightly and leaned towards Ang Yi. His long and slender eyes, under the contrast of his thick eyelashes, gave off the feeling of a demon fox bewitching people's hearts. He maintained his smile and said with a relaxed tone, "Is it illegal for a boyfriend to appear in your woman's home?"

He narrowed his eyes and sized up her delicate face for a while before suddenly releasing her. After walking a few steps, he picked up the place where he had been lying down lazily. He used one hand to support his head and looked at her, "Don't forget, you promised to be my girlfriend today."

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