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Ang Yi was shocked speechless.

After being struck by the lightning bolt, her eyes suddenly darkened. She got off the bed and said, "You just wait. If you don't go out soon, you might enter the police station."

She picked up her phone and turned around to give Mu Zikun a warning.

Mu Zikun, who was on the bed, shrugged at her helplessly. He had no intention of getting up at all.

Since that's the case, don't blame me for being heartless! Ang Yi turned her head and pressed the call button.

"Hey, is this the police station? "I have someone trespassing on my property. I'll have to trouble you to settle this —"

Before she could finish, her phone was taken away by Mu Zikun.

"Hey," he said lazily towards the other side, "It's the XX Police Station right? "Your director is Li Qiankun, right? I'm his friend. Oh, that was my girlfriend just now. It's fine, we had a fight and she got angry with me."

With a calm expression, he returned the phone to Ang Yi's hand and raised his eyebrows triumphantly.

Ang Yi snapped her chin shut and rushed over to ask, "Hello?"

"I say, little girl, it's fine as long as you and your boyfriend are at loggerheads. Can you stop joking with us at the police station?" A slightly reproachful voice came from the other side, followed by a "pa" sound.

"Hello, hello?" Ang Yi raised her head and looked towards Mu Zikun as she heard the busy signal from the other side. The resentment in her eyes gradually deepened.


Ang Yi paced back and forth in the bedroom, scratching her head from time to time as she turned her head to look at Mu Zikun on the bed.

Unlike her restlessness, the guy in her bed was able to remain calm and at ease.

Heavens, her head was aching again: who could tell her what she had done to offend such a troublesome person!

When he raised his head again, he was caught off guard and met Mu Zikun's long and narrow eyes.

Her black hair that had been ruffled was scattered messily over her shoulders. That bright black color, those pure eyes that exuded some embarrassment, that small delicate chin, along with the plain white cotton dress gave her an indescribably pretty and pretty feeling, like a little elf.

Mu Zikun blinked with his beautiful peach blossom eyes. "Why didn't you come over to sleep?"

Eh, Ang Yi almost vomited blood. She thought to herself, if you didn't cling on to my bed and refuse to leave, I might still be awake.

Mu Zikun patted the empty space beside him, while Ang Yi rolled her eyes.

If she hadn't thought that she wouldn't be able to live in such a big house alone, she wouldn't have rented this small room. There was only one bedroom and this was the only bed.

After staying up until midnight, when Mu Zikun fell asleep, An Ran finally couldn't resist coming to the bed and pulling the towel away.

When she was about to leave, her arm was suddenly grabbed by a strong hand. Before she could react, she felt dizzy and fell onto the bed.

Above her was a pair of slightly squinting Peach Blossom Phoenix Eyes. Mu Zikun had her under his body, his handsome and exquisite face was less than 10 cm away from hers.

Sexy thin lips pressed down on her...

"Hey!" "Hey!"

Seeing this, the drowsiness on Ang Yi's face was broken. She hurriedly reached out to push him — —

However, her hands were firmly restrained. Ang Yi struggled a few times and became increasingly panicked: she never expected Mu Zikun's hands to be so delicate and fair, but to contain such shocking power.

Mu Zikun grabbed both of her wrists with one hand and confined them to the top of her head. He leaned over and covered her lips with his.

Ang Yi was stunned. She took the opportunity to let the other party deepen her kiss. That burning breath of hers and that nimble tongue of hers entered her mouth. The temperature gradually rose, and the room was filled with an intense atmosphere …


Ang Yi absent-mindedly left the company.

She had been distracted when the director called her out to criticize her at the meeting.

"Ang Yi!"

She still remembered how the director had glared at her, "You're not focusing yet! Do you know how far your performance has fallen? "

Ang Yi pursed her lips. It wasn't that she wasn't focused during the meeting, but rather … For the past two days, she had been thinking about that night, the day that the vulgar fellow had not only forcefully kissed her, but had also eaten her dry. When doing those indecent things, he was still smiling and talking about everything that happened between a man and a woman, sooner or later.

If she knew that it was for this, no matter what, she wouldn't have agreed to be his girlfriend!

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