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C1 Hot sex.

On a peaceful night, the crescent moon was like a hook. The bright silver light scattered across the vast and boundless sea. A luxurious and imposing giant ship stood majestically.

In a certain VIP Room, the gorgeous door was pushed open from the outside, and a tall and straight figure with an imposing appearance was reflected in the dim light. Even though the light was dim, one could still see that the man's face was cold and deep, and he was extraordinarily handsome. The elegant and noble black suit made him feel cold and distant. In this dim night, he was like an eagle in the dark night. He was cold and lonely, but he was also sharp and aggressive. He was emitting a domineering aura that looked down on the world.

The handsome man walked with steady steps towards the direction of the bed, but as he walked, his dark eyes, which were as sharp as cold stars, suddenly shivered. His long, straight and powerful legs paused for a moment.

There was someone in the room!

His sword-shaped eyebrows twisted slightly. He paused for a few seconds before he started to move again. His expression was calm, but his eyes were sharp and cold like an eagle's. He stared straight in the direction of the bed, which had a strange look.

There was a woman on the bed.

He could not see her face clearly, but he was sure that it was a woman. She was kicking the blanket with all her might.

"It's so hot, so uncomfortable. . . . " A coquettish moan came from her mouth. Her cherry lips were full and moist like petals, and they were extremely alluring. She completely didn't know what kind of danger she was in.

The man's cold eyes slightly narrowed as he slowly walked to the front of the bed. But suddenly his waist was hugged by a pair of soft little hands.

"Save me, I'm hot, I'm uncomfortable, please save me. . . " He touched the smooth and delicate skin of a woman, accompanied by a delicate fragrance that spread to his nose.

The man's wide hand subconsciously reached over and asked in a low voice, "How do you want me to save you?"

"I want you. . . " Her words abruptly stopped and the woman finally raised her head. Her almond eyes were filled with confusion as she looked at him blankly.

In the eyes of men who were used to seeing all kinds of beautiful women, this woman's face was not considered to be the most beautiful, but it was also clean and beautiful. Her skin was fair and clear, and her elegant and refined temperament made it hard for people to imagine that she would reveal her hot and fiery side at this moment.

Because of the "heat," she had already clung onto his robust and masculine body. He also seemed to have smelled a faint fragrance exclusive to girls.

"How do you want me to save you?" He asked. A wisp of strange and unfathomable ridicule was contained in his cold and thin lips. The man's voice was deep, yet it also revealed a shallow coldness, and it had an innate charm that drew people closer to him.

The ignorant and confused girl subconsciously wriggled her beautiful body and leaned closer to him.

"It's uncomfortable, save me, save me. . . " Her soft moan echoed repeatedly and continuously spread throughout the entire room.

The man's calm and handsome face gradually changed. His black eyes were more like the depth of the dark night sea. Even though he did not know why this woman appeared in his room, he was sure that there was some kind of medicine in her body.

Who did it?

Who gave him such a gift? Was it to congratulate him on the fourth anniversary of the 'Saki Group'?

He felt that it shouldn't be. If someone really wanted to curry favor with him, the present that they carefully presented shouldn't be this kind of gift.

That's right, this accident must have been carefully planned, but what kind of scheme was hidden behind it?

He couldn't help admiring the power of the mastermind once again. Although this girl in front of him wasn't devastatingly beautiful, nor did she have any sex experience, she was able to successfully arouse his desire!

Ji Chenxi had never been close to women. In front of all kinds of beautiful women, he was always very calm. However, such a pure young girl suddenly aroused his desire that he had never felt before.

Ji Chenxi knew in his heart that what would happen next would definitely be a fiery, wild, and soul-destroying passion for sex.

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