CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C10 The Person She Likes.
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C10 The Person She Likes.
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C10 The Person She Likes.

"Are you crazy? I didn't mean to seduce you. " Let go of me, don't touch me! " The more Gu Rou heard, the angrier she became. She had just experienced a great danger and her head was dizzy. She could not care about anything else. She lowered her head and bit towards his wrist with all her strength. While he let go, she quickly ran away.

She had never been to the top floor and was not familiar with the structure here. In addition to her anxiety, she walked around for a while before finding the elevator.

When she rushed back to her work department, she met Qiu Feng.

The weather suddenly changed, and Qiu Feng's filming activity was temporarily canceled.

Qiu Feng was shocked by her appearance and he pulled her to ask what was going on.

Gu Rou first took a breath and then brought Qiu Feng to an empty corner to inform the situation.

After Qiu Feng heard this, her eyes also turned silly and after a while, she scolded, "This person's imagination is too rich! Rou, are you sure you didn't recognize the wrong person? Is he really the President at the top of the pyramid, Ji Chenxi?"

The rumored Ji Chenxi had an extraordinary appearance, had a wise mind, and a mature and calm mind. However, he had said those words just now.

Gu Rou wanted to seduce him on purpose?

She was not trying to seduce him!

Ji Chenxi was thinking too much!

"By the way, did you really call him crazy just now? What kind of expression did he have? " Is he very angry? " Qiu Feng continued to ask and suddenly shouted," Rou, will you be expelled? "

Would Gu Rou be fired?

In an instant, Gu Rou woke up from her thoughts.

Yes, at that time, she did not hesitate to say whatever she thought. She did not even consider that the person was the big boss of the company. And she was in front of him with her back facing him. She couldn't see his expression and reaction.

"But you don't have to be afraid. Since he's interested in you, Why don't you take advantage of the opportunity to get him?" Qiu Feng said again. The distress immediately turned into joy, "The outside world says that he doesn't get close to women. This proves that his requirements are very high. Once you're chosen by him, it means that you have a position in his heart. It seems like... It seems that he has some feelings for you. Putting aside his frivolous behavior and words, he is quite good in other aspects. After all, there are so many girls in our company who are infatuated with him. If you work harder, "Rou, you might become the Lady Boss of our King's Landing Century!"

"Qiu Feng, don't talk nonsense. It's impossible between us." Gu Rou also opened her mouth and frowned as she scolded.

Qiu Feng did not think it was a big deal and continued to speak. "How is it impossible? Others might not be able to. But to you, "I have 100% confidence in you. I remember when we were studying, many male students secretly wrote you love letters. And those male colleagues, Always secretly watching you. Of course, you are an excellent person. If the person who likes you is Ji Chenxi, That's hard to say. "

"Alright, Qiu Feng, you know what I mean!" Gu Rou's tone was slightly hurried as she interrupted Qiu Feng's self-entertainment yearning.

Qiu Feng was stunned for a moment and gradually a name appeared in her mind.

Leng Junyu.

He was an outstanding and charming man. He looked tall and handsome, and his heart was warm and friendly. In Rou's most difficult years, he had always been by her side. He accompanied Rou out of the darkness and gave Rou unparalleled love and love.

To Rou, Leng Junyu was the most important person in her life. He was also someone worth entrusting her with for the rest of her life.

It was also because of this man that she had the opportunity to know Rou. She and Rou became good friends and best friends. They relied on each other to survive these years.

In her heart, she was also biased towards Leng Junyu. She felt that there was no man in this world who could give Rou a happy and happy life more than him. Unfortunately, fate played tricks on people.

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