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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C11 Shocking News
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C11 Shocking News

"Qiu Feng, let's not worry about this anymore. Even if I find another boyfriend in the future and get married. That person could not possibly be Ji Chenxi. " He and we are from two different worlds. "No matter what he means, we don't need to care anymore." When Gu Rou spoke again later, her tone had already become calm.

Qiu Feng came back to her senses and nodded.

Indeed, in this society, The social status and economic status of both men and women were extremely important at the same level. Qiu Feng and Gu Rou, who had no family or background, were quite self-aware. Even though the high and mighty Ceo Ji was very charming, There were so many girls in the company who liked him, Gu Rou and she would not like him. Because they knew in their hearts that it was impossible for them to be together with Ceo Ji.

"Go to work." Gu Rou reached out her hand and lightly patted Qiu Feng's shoulder. There was a profound look in her eyes.

Qiu Feng grabbed Gu Rou's hand and forcefully shook it before walking towards her own position.

For the next day, Gu Rou did not receive any news from the top floor and nothing happened the next day. Just when she thought that these accidents had come to an end, she did not expect to receive another unexpected news.

On this day, Qiu Feng went out with the artistes to film. Not only did Qiu Feng's artiste participate in this filming event, there was also another artiste participating. Her name was Huang Xinyi.

This Huang Xinyi had a very big background. Three years ago, she was famous for participating in an idol drama and signed into the King's Landing Century's film company with a very high salary. It was rumored that it was introduced by the daughter of a big company in Capital, Su Xiaofu.

"You guys have to serve Huang Xinyi well. She and Miss Su are good friends. If she is not satisfied with anything, she will ask Miss Su to file a complaint with the President. We cannot bear the consequences!" This was the warning from the General Manager to the assistants before Huang Xinyi arrived.

One of the assistants immediately retorted, "The President is very wise. It is not this kind of muddle-headed man."

"You don't understand. Heroes often lose their fighting spirit because of their infatuation with women. No matter how powerful a man is, he can't leave a woman. "This Miss Su... Not only did she have a good family background, but she was also beautiful. She was smart and capable. She was highly valued by her father. Most importantly, she was not arrogant. In front of the President, she was very gentle and considerate. The President was naturally very good to her. He only has her in his eyes. "

"It is rumored that the President does not get close to women. Could it be that it is because of this Miss Su?" Another assistant interrupted.

"Of course!" The director answered proudly, "Since we're talking about this, I'll also remind you girls who love to dream that I don't care how you're obsessed with Presidents in private. But don't really come in front of him and do some shameful things. A year ago, a female employee used her beauty to seduce Presidents, and in the end, she was immediately fired. "Later on, she went to many companies, but no one dared to hire her."

"Is it that serious?"

"It's that serious." said Wang Yao. " If you still want to live a good life, then stop dreaming. Otherwise, you'll end up in a miserable state! "

Throughout the entire process, Qiu Feng was listening quietly. She kept thinking about these words in her heart. Suddenly, she thought of something and her heart was beating very fast.

After the night's work ended, she could not wait to find Gu Rou.

After listening to these gossips, Gu Rouyi was shocked. Some of the words that Ji Chenxi had told her before had jumped into her heart.

"People are all hypocritical. Even if you pretend to be innocent, you can't hide your low heart. Don't think that I will forgive you just like that. I am thinking of slowly taking revenge on you."

"You once climbed onto my bed and tried to seduce me, but you don't know who I am? Or do you want to continue pretending to be an idiot? Do you really think that I, Ji Chenxi, am that easy to deceive?"

"You pretended to reject me because you wanted to arouse my interest. You women all love this kind of trick? "But what are you, what right do you have to do this in front of me? Put away your trick, "It's useless to me!"

She called him crazy, and called him a beast in human skin. But in fact, she had already caused him to hate her deeply? He also thought that she was like that female employee back then, seducing him with ulterior motives?

He said that he would not forgive her, but slowly took revenge on her.


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