CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C12 What Should I Do?
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C12 What Should I Do?
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C12 What Should I Do?

For her, this job may be hard and bleak, but according to her diploma, it's still precious to have a job with this salary. Furthermore, when she first joined this profession, she had also made up her mind to do it well. If she left because of this reason, wouldn't she be very sorry for herself?

The key was, would she be like that female employee, her path ahead would be cut off?


"Rou, if he really set his eyes on you, what will you do?" Qiu Feng was worried and anxious. She suddenly became angry again, "I understand. This must be the doing of Hee Meiya and Qiu Menglou. They probably have heard of these gossips a long time ago. "They deliberately framed you like this. Their goal is to let Lord President torture you to death!"

The mystery that had troubled Gu Rou for nearly a week had finally been explained. Her heart was in panic and she could not help but hate Hee Meiya and Qiu Menglou to death.

"We will settle accounts with them in the future. We need to solve the problem now. Ji Chenxi dealt with that woman the next day. It has been a week. There was still no movement from him. "What exactly is he trying to do?" After calming down from her anger, Qiu Feng immediately analyzed the situation.

Gu Rou's brows were deeply furrowed and she was also deep in thought.

The second day after that incident, she happened to be in the same elevator as Ji Chenxi. Ji Chenxi did not mention that matter, but he took the opportunity to do some hateful things to her. Of course, she did not think that he was interested in her.

Actually, the most annoying thing at the moment was that she had no impression of what happened that night. She had no idea what she had said or done to him.

No matter what, he had said those things to her in the elevator. He should really be looking for trouble with her.

Then, how should she resolve it and deal with it?

Gu Rou was so worried that she was about to collapse when her phone suddenly rang. The screen displayed "Mu Yunfann.

Qiu Feng saw this and came up with a plan. "Didn't Mu Yunfann have a good relationship with the higher ups? Why don't we ask him to help us?"

Gu Rou did not say anything. In fact, she also had this idea in her heart. Finally, under Qiu Feng's urging, she went to find Mu Yunfann.

After not seeing him for a week, Mu Yunfann still looked radiant and radiant. He asked her what happened.

Facing Mu Yunfann's concerned gaze, Gu Rou could not help but recall the first time she met him.

At that time, she had been hiding in the stairwell and crying because of work. He suddenly appeared in front of her, and he was as gentle and friendly as he was now.

Actually, it wasn't the first day she had seen him. She was his fan. She liked the television and movies he filmed, liked his hardworking attitude, liked his low-key, gentle attitude, and his high EQ.

That day, he had told her a lot of things. His voice was even better than the ones on TV, and he was also better looking than the TV. The only thing that didn't change was his gentle and gentle smile that made people feel warm.

Thus, when he asked her if she wanted to be his assistant, she knew that she wasn't qualified. After being shocked, she still couldn't help but agree.

Although she was only a little assistant, she treated him very seriously. At the same time, she felt immense pressure, worried that she wouldn't do well and disappoint his good intentions.

He always patiently encouraged and helped her. After a year, she slowly got used to this job. She did it better and better, and her relationship with him became closer and closer.

She knew that it was not love. She and him were like siblings.

Once, she had asked him why he had asked her to work for him. He frankly felt that she was very similar to his sister. His sister had congenital heart disease and passed away a few years ago. He was very concerned about his sister. When he saw her, he always felt that his sister was still in this world.

Actually, she also hoped that she would have an older brother like him.

"It's only been a week since I left, how did you become like this? You seem to be thinking about me? " Looks like I'll have to bring you along when I go on a long journey again. " Seeing Gu Rou staring at him without saying a word, she gradually saw tears in her eyes. Mu Yunfann raised his hand to touch her hair and patiently teased her.

Gu Rou came back to her senses and shyly pursed her lips. She asked hesitantly, "Big Brother Mu, I once heard you say that you have a very good relationship with the President. What kind of person is he? Does he have a girlfriend? "Besides, does he really love his girlfriend?"

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