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C13 Ji Chenxi

The sudden topic was completely out of Mu Yunfann's expectation. He was startled for a moment before he slowly answered, "Yes. His girlfriend is in Capital. She is from a wealthy family, one of the ten biggest enterprises in Capital, the Su Clan family. I wonder if you have heard of her. Oh right, why did you suddenly ask about him? Could it be that you have done something to offend him? "

Mu Yunfann was clear about the crazy infatuation of the girls in the company towards Ji Chenxi, but he also understood that Gu Rou was not one of them. Now that he saw the strange look on Gu Rou's face as if she had lost her soul, he could not help but recall the call from Ji Chenxi that day, so he took the opportunity to tell her.

When Gu Rou heard this, she was instantly shocked again.

It turned out that Ji Chenxi had looked for Big Brother Mu!

Then, the reason why Ji Chenxi did not immediately punish her was because of Big Brother Mu?

As a celebrity in the entertainment industry, Big Brother Mu,

He was a superstar that the company had focused on. In the past year, he had earned a huge profit for the company in movies, television dramas, advertising endorsements, and variety shows that he had recently set foot in. Even the higher-ups were polite to him.

If Big Brother Mu was involved in this matter, he might be able to escape the danger.

Thinking about this, Gu Rou did not have time to tell Mu Yunfann about the accident that happened on the cruise that night. She was very distressed. "I also do not understand why it would be like this. If Qiu Feng did not hear this news today, I did not know the situation was so serious."

Mu Yunfann's expression also changed a lot. He said in a low voice, "About the incident the year before last, I was filming elsewhere. The specific situation wasn't clear, but since Chief Lee said so, it shouldn't be baseless."

As he was a key artiste in the company, there were many opportunities for him to get in touch with the company's upper management directly. For example, Ji Chenxi, who was the President Lord, and An Qingze, who was from General Manager's company, Mu Yunfann often saw them and had a pretty good relationship with them.

However, Mu Yunfann did not know much about Ji Chenxi's private matters. He only knew that the Ji and Su families were both famous families in Capital. Su Xiaofu was a pretty good girl, and it was not impossible for her to be liked by Ji Chen. Ji Chenxi had not been close to girls in the past few years, so it should be because of Su Xiaofu?

"Don't worry about it. Let me think of something. Maybe Boss Ji did not take it seriously. After all, so many days had passed. Besides, if something really happened, he would mention it to me that day. "So, don't let your imagination run wild." Mu Yunfann comforted Gu Rou.

Gu Rou still felt very nervous. She thought for a while and then said slowly, "Big Brother Mu, actually, I still have one thing that I haven't said."

"Hmm? What is it?"

Gu Rou bit her lip and told Mu Yunfann about what happened with Ji Chenxi in the elevator that day.

Mu Yunfann was stunned. Even though Gu Rou was being subtle, from a man's point of view, he could guess what she meant. Maybe her behavior and words were normal, but they definitely didn't come from Ji Chenxi. Ji Chenxi wasn't such a man at all.

After thinking for a while, Mu Yunfann decided to ask Ji Chenxi directly. Gu Rou stopped him. She felt that if someone as high and mighty as Ji Chenxi asked directly, it would cause him to become angry from embarrassment, and it would instead cause him to make a mistake.

When Mu Yunfann heard this, he also felt that it made sense. Actually, he himself also did not know what Ji Chenxi was thinking in his heart. Therefore, he changed his mind and wanted to find Shen Yue to find out what was going on.

Gu Rou shook her head again. "I asked Mr. Shen. He refused to tell me and even told me not to tell anyone. If he knew I told you, would he cause trouble for you?"

"But that night was the key. If we don't figure it out, we won't be able to analyze Ji Chenxi's thoughts and actions." Mu Yunfann had been in contact with Ji Chenxi a lot, but he did not know much about him. She only felt that Ji Chenxi was a very sophisticated and unfathomable person.

In the past, he had talked to his father about Ji Chenxi. His father had given him such an evaluation. He was not a simple person. He was not a good person. He was not a bad person either. He does things openly, but he gives me the feeling that he is hiding a lot of secrets... I've been in the business world for many years, and I've seen a lot of people. But I can't see through him. He is destined to be an extraordinary figure, and in the future, he will become a legend in the business world of China.

His father also told him to avoid provoking Ji Chenxi as much as possible. In terms of career, he would do his job well. In other aspects, he would not be able to have much of a relationship with Ji Chenxi. Because Ji Chenxi would not easily treat people like sincere brothers.

Ji Chenxi was good to him because he was an artiste in the company. He had helped the company earn a lot of money and was the backbone of the company. If this weight was not enough to offset some of Ji Chenxi's thoughts, would he make a mistake and hurt Gu Rou?

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