CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C14 They Met Again at the Bar.
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C14 They Met Again at the Bar.
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C14 They Met Again at the Bar.

Mu Yunfann was deep in thought and frowned. This caused Gu Rou to feel a sense of guilt in her heart. She quickly apologized, "Big Brother Mu, you must have had a hard time performing this time. You just returned from the voyage. You should have had a good rest, but I have troubled you with my own matters."

"You're welcome. I told you, I treat you as my little sister. I should naturally protect you. At least, "I'll help you solve your problems." Mu Yunfann patted her head again and comforted her. He suddenly saw a magazine on the table and came up with a plan. He shouted, "I have an idea!"

"Hmm?" Gu Rou could not wait to ask.

"Since Boss Ji misunderstood you and wanted to get close to him, we might as well let him know that it was not the case. If he knows that you have someone in your heart, and that you like the person in your heart very much, then we will let him know that it is not the case. " Won't this misunderstanding be resolved? "

"But, where am I going to find someone in your heart?"

"He's right in front of you!" Mu Yunfann pointed at his handsome face and laughed very happily. "Since it's an act, then act until the end. Let's pretend to be in love."

Pretend to be in love?

"No, this will damage your reputation."

Gu Rou had been involved in this business for a long time, but she also knew that celebrities paid the most attention to relationships. Especially when it came to idols like Mu Yunfann, who was sought after by countless young fans, they could not afford to make any mistakes.

Of course, Mu Yunfann had thought of this as well. He told her not to be afraid. He would find a suitable time to make arrangements. In short, this relationship would only let Ji Chenxi know. The media outside would not be able to stir things up.

He saw that she was still worried, so he continued to comfort her. " Silly girl. I know that if I help you and harm myself, you will definitely feel guilty. So I won't let this happen. Leave this to me. I will definitely resolve this crisis and let you return to a calm and relaxed life. Right, "I bought a gift for you in America, see if you like it."

Gu Rou continued to worry, and Mu Yunfann temporarily stopped this topic. He turned around and took out a gift from his suitcase. He also brought one for Qiu Feng.

He knew Gu Rou liked colorful things and bought a rainbow bracelet. This was not an ordinary seven-colored bracelet. It was specially handmade, a limited edition bracelet. Even rich people might not be able to buy this bracelet.

Gu Rou was very touched. When Mu Yunfann personally put the bracelet on her wrist, she smiled knowingly.

That night, Gu Rou told Qiu Feng about Mu Yunfann's plan. Qiu Feng was well aware of Mu Yunfann's special care for her. She told her to pass everything to Mu Yunfann without worry. She nodded, and her panicked and confused heart finally settled down.

A few days later, it was the seventh night of the lunar calendar.

Every year on this special day, Gu Rou would wander outside alone. No matter how Qiu Feng persuaded, she did not want Qiu Feng to accompany her.

At night, the streets were filled with intimate couples. In the bright neon lights, it was very romantic. Looking at them and then looking at her lonely shadow, all of this strongly reminded her that Brother Junyu had already left her. He would never come back.

She remembered that in the first two years, she would be sad and cry. Gradually, she did not shed tears again. She only looked around with empty and dull eyes. She shuttled through the bustling streets and alleys like a walking corpse.

It was the same tonight.

However, as she walked, she suddenly entered a Quiet Club called "Sweet Time.

In the past, she had spent countless sweet days here. Someone pampered her like a treasure.

"Hi, long time no see!"

At the bar, the bartender, who was about thirty years old, greeted Gu Rou in surprise. There was a hint of uncertainty in his tone.

"Where's your boyfriend? Why isn't he with you? Let me calculate. You haven't been here for a few years. " I thought you guys went overseas to study. "

The bartender had seen all kinds of people when he worked here. He had such a deep impression of them not only because of their outstanding appearances, but also because he was shocked by the boy's extraordinary love for girls. Although he was also a man, he could not be as passionate as the boy.

Gu Rou naturally remembered the bartender. She smiled faintly at him and remained silent.

The bartender was slightly stunned and asked hesitantly, "Did you guys fight? What did you do to make him angry?"

"Why do you think I made him angry? Why didn't he make me angry? " Gu Rou finally spoke.

"He loves you so much, how could he not bear to make you angry."

Yes, Brother Junyu loved her very much. Not to mention anger, he didn't even speak loudly to her.

The cold bar instantly fell silent. Gu Rou Rou stared blankly ahead, and her expression became even more sorrowful.

After the wine was prepared, he handed the wine to her. "People always think that girls need to be accommodating. Actually, we men also need to be coaxed. Tonight, I have added a new type of sweet dew that has a hint more sweetness than before. When you go back later, remember to give him a call. Teach him. I'll wait for you guys to come together tomorrow. I'll treat you guys to a drink when the time comes. "

Thank you. " Gu Rou took the cup and whispered in a low voice, "I also want to have this opportunity. " Unfortunately, this is impossible. "

Wine Master could not hear clearly and was puzzled as he wanted to ask, but he saw that she had already lowered her head and quietly drank the fruit wine. Coincidentally, another customer called him, so he temporarily walked away.

At this time, on a certain table in the bar, three young men with outstanding appearances gathered together. They were Ji Chenxi, An Qingze, and the others. They had all discovered Gu Rou.

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