CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C16 Young Master Ji Is Interested in You
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C16 Young Master Ji Is Interested in You
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C16 Young Master Ji Is Interested in You

Lin Zhenghan and Ji Chenxi had come out to play many times. He knew Ji Chenxi's attraction to women. He thought Gu Rou was attracted by Ji Chenxi's tall and handsome appearance. He took the opportunity to seduce her. "Actually, not only me, my two brothers are also interested in you. Come with me for a drink?"

They were interested in her?

She did not believe it!

Gu Rou withdrew her gaze from the distance and refused once again. " "Sorry, I really won't go over. I already have a boyfriend. I can't do anything that will make my boyfriend angry."

A boyfriend? How is that possible!? " Who is your boyfriend? "

It's not convenient to tell you who my boyfriend is. Sir, please go back. " It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. Furthermore, Ji Chenxi was sitting there. Gu Rou tried her best to be polite with him.

At this time, the bartender interrupted again, "Her boyfriend is not worse than you guys. He is on par with your friend. I advise you to hurry up and leave. Otherwise, if her boyfriend sees you, you'll be in big trouble. "

"How is that possible? Alright, call your boyfriend out. I'd like to see who he is... Oh right, isn't it the 7th Festival tonight? "If you really have a boyfriend, why would you come here alone to drink?" Lin Zhenghan said and held Gu Rou's hand.

Gu Rou's body stiffened and impatiently scolded him, "Sir, let go of me!"

"I won't let go. I want to see what your boyfriend will do to me." This Lin Zhenghan was really not an ordinary rogue.

Gu Rou's expression became colder and colder as she stared at him. After a while, Gu Rou said angrily, "If I remember correctly, you are the youngest son of the chairman of Lin's Food Group, right? The outside world said that the chairman of Lin's Group was a very reliable and positive person. They did not expect that the son that he had carefully nurtured would be such a person. Mr. Lin, if you do not want some bad news to spread to your father, "Please let me go. Don't cause trouble for yourself."

Lin's Group and King's Landing Century had many collaborations, and a few of the big brands were endorsed by Mu Yunfann. Lin Zhenghan was usually high-profile, so Gu Rou recognized him.

Lin Zhenghan totally did not expect things to turn out like this. He looked at Gu Rou's indifferent eyes and his heart could not help but tremble. He thought, how did Gu Rou know about these things? What kind of background did she have? Could it be that she really had a boyfriend? Her boyfriend was also the young master of some company? That young master just happened to know him?

"I didn't think that you would have such deep thoughts at such a young age. Looks like I underestimated you. Alright, since you said you have a boyfriend... " I won't bother you anymore, but I still want to see who your boyfriend is. He's on par with my friend? Do you know who Ji Chenxi is? " Lin Zhenghan finally let go of Gu Rou. As he spoke, he looked towards the seat and deliberately raised his voice. His goal was to get Ji Chenxi and An Qingze involved.

However, he did not know that An Qingze had actually wanted to tease him a long time ago.

Although this Lin Zhenghan came from a wealthy family, he was a very despicable person. As a businessman, Ji Chenxi naturally would not go against money. The endorsement fee that Lin's Group offered to King's Landing Century every year was hundreds of millions. Of course, Ji Chenxi would welcome Lin Zhenghan politely. For example, he would occasionally accompany this young master of the Lin family, who he despised, out for dinner and drinks.

However, Ji Chenxi did not expect that he would meet Gu Rou here.

An Qingze was sure that Gu Rou was not a good girl, so he planned to kill two birds with one stone. He wanted to see the two of them make a fool of themselves.

Compared to An Qingze's cynical mind, Ji Chenxi's eyes were clear, and he seemed to be deep in thought.

At such a long distance, normal people might not be able to hear what they were talking about, but Ji Chenxi knew how to lip-read. He understood what Gu Rou said. His calm heart was rippling with some unusual waves that were difficult to detect.

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