CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C17 Uncontrollable Emotions.
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C17 Uncontrollable Emotions.
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C17 Uncontrollable Emotions.

Lin Zhenghan could not get help from An Qingze, so he had to let Gu Rou go completely. He returned to his seat.

He told everyone the situation, and only then did An Qingze understand the situation over there. He looked at Gu Rou with slight confusion, and just happened to see her get up and walk out of the bar.

"Are you sure you haven't seen her before?" Lin Zhenghan was still confused about Gu Rou's identity. He said angrily, "For so many years, I have never been warned like this. Who was her boyfriend? That waiter actually said that her boyfriend's identity was on par with Boss Ji's. He must be lying. "I'm going to question him!"

Alright, Young Master Lin. Since you know that he is lying through his teeth, why are you still going to question him? " Aren't you afraid that it will really affect your father in the end? " An Qingze spoke and stopped the indignant Lin Zhenghan.

Lin Zhenghan didn't dare to act rashly anymore and finally calmed down.

An Qingze looked at him and sneered in his heart.

Ji Chenxi looked at the bar entrance with a thoughtful expression.

They continued to sit for a while, and An Qingze suddenly received a phone call. It was a call from a flight attendant he knew a few days ago. The flight attendant had just finished a long flight and she called to ask if he had time to meet tonight. It seemed like she was planning to have a one-night stand with him.

In terms of work, An Qingze worked for Ji Chenxi but never restrained himself in private matters. Seeing that they had more or less reached an agreement, he readily agreed to a date with a beauty.

Lin Zhenghan was still upset about what had happened just now, and had some intentions of leaving.

Thus, the gathering came to an end.

At the entrance of the bar, Lin Zhenghan was escorted away by his bodyguards. An Qingze planned to send Ji Chenxi back first, but Ji Chenxi refused. He called Shen Yue and was ready to let Shen Yue pick him up. Finally, he signaled An Qingze to leave first.

An Qingze thought for a while, then drove away as well.

There weren't many pedestrians on the streets outside Quiet Club. However, due to the street lights, the entire square was quite bright. Not far away, there were some barbeque stalls, which were quite lively.

Ji Chenxi stood at the entrance of Quiet Club, smoking quietly. He casually scanned his surroundings, and his gaze suddenly fixed on a barbeque stall in front of him. A few seconds later, he put out the cigarette and strode over.

It turned out that Gu Rou left the bar and went to the barbeque stall.

In the past, every time she and Leng Junyu came out of the bar, they would come here for supper. When she saw these familiar things just now, she could not help but come over.

The boss of the barbeque store had changed. He didn't recognize her. He only thought of her as a new customer. He saw her light squid whiskers, chicken wings, corn, eggplant and beef balls. This was almost the weight of two people. He was immediately surprised and kindly asked: "Are you sure about that?"

"Yes." Gu Rou understood why the boss was puzzled, but she did not explain.

Actually, she had not eaten dinner tonight. Her usual appetite was not small, so she should be able to barely finish these things.

The boss went to prepare the food, and she quietly sat at the table. She poured a cup of Pineapple Beer into a disposable paper cup and drank it. Brother Junyu said that the Pineapple Beer would not get drunk, and would not hurt the body, so he ordered this every time.

The scenes from the past were still vivid in his mind. So, how could she forget him and completely let him go?

Brother Junyu, I miss you so much. What about you?

Tonight is Valentine's Day in China. You said you would spend every seven nights with me in the future. We will eat, shop, and watch movies like the other couples on the street. But in the end, I'm the only one.

The Pineapple Beer was sweet and fragrant, but she felt a bitter taste fill her mouth. Tears rolled out of her eyes and rolled down the corner of her lips.

It had been a long time since she cried.

Her eyes were filled with tears, and her vision was blurry. The image floating in front of her was so clear. It was a handsome man wearing a white shirt, and he had a warm smile on his face.

The boss presented the prepared food to Gu Rou, who was still immersed in sorrow and reminiscence. Until she saw a tall figure.

Ji Chenxi?

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