CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C19 It Was Unforgettable
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C19 It Was Unforgettable
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C19 It Was Unforgettable

A sweet ringtone cut through the silence.

Ji Chenxi calmed down. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone.

Shen Yue called. He said the car had arrived at the entrance of Quiet Club, but he could not find him.

"I'll be right there." Ji Chenxi hung up the phone and held it in his hand. He looked at Gu Rou again for about ten seconds before he turned around and left.

After a while, Gu Rou raised her head and looked at the figure that had walked far away. He was tall and straight, walked elegantly and steadily, but also had a kind of indifference that made people not dare to approach him.

Gradually, she regained her reason and her eating movements also quickly stopped.

Ji Chenxi, you don't care who I am. If you want to fire me, then fire me!

Did she really say those words just now? She actually said those words to him!

After enduring for so long and being afraid for so long, she finally decided to throw caution to the wind!

Her expression was incomparably sour as she smiled. Gu Rou raised the Pineapple Beer and drank it all in one go. She continued to eat those food and only left after she finished eating.

Qiu Feng, who had gone out for activities tonight, had already returned home ten minutes ago. She was frightened by Gu Rou's sadness and she supported Gu Rou to ask what was going on. She saw that Gu Rou did not say anything and thought that it had nothing to do with Leng Junyu. She should have thought of the beautiful time she had with Leng Junyu again.

Qiu Feng had comforted Gu Rou about Leng Junyu, but it seemed that there were not many times that could really solve her. Leng Junyu had left too deep a mark in Gu Rou's heart that could not be erased in a short period of time.

Without asking any more questions, Qiu Feng quietly helped Gu Rou to the sofa and used a hot towel to wipe Gu Rou's face. She helped Gu Rou put on her clean pajamas and sang a children's song to coax Gu Rou to sleep. Then, she looked at Gu Rou's elegant sleeping face and thought about it.

The first time she met Gu Rou was when she was just in her first year of school. At that time, Gu Rou was already very beautiful but her personality was very cold. Every time she did not talk to her classmates, it was simply shutting herself down. In a world without people.

Perhaps she saw her own shadow on Gu Rou and secretly fell in love with her. In the second year of junior high school, a man appeared beside Gu Rou. To be more precise, he was a big brother who was five or six years older than them. He had a 1.8 meter figure, a luxurious temperament, and a handsome appearance. The most eye-catching thing was his care and love for Gu Rou.

With the help of that big brother, she became friends with Gu Rou. At that time, she knew that the big brother, who was like a prince on a white horse, was called Leng Junyu.

As time passed, her relationship with Gu Rou became deeper and deeper. The more times they were together, the more she became familiar with Leng Junyu. She had some understanding of Gu Rou's family.

Gu Rou's father was a university professor. Her mother was a housewife and her parents loved Gu Rou. Unfortunately, good times did not last long. When Gu Rou was 11 years old, her mother passed away. It was said that she committed suicide due to depression.

In the same year, Gu Rou's father married a stepmother. The stepmother also brought three children with her. The stepmother did not treat Gu Rou well. The stepsister and stepsister often bullied and made things difficult for her. Leng Junyu appeared during that time.

Gu Rou only told her lightly about her tragic past, but she knew that things were not so simple. Otherwise, a lively, cute, and carefree girl would not have become a lonely and autistic person.

However, since Gu Rou did not elaborate, she was very considerate and did not ask her about it. She continued to be good friends with Gu Rou and watched how Leng Junyu doted on Gu Rou. Until something happened to Leng Junyu, Gu Rou fell from heaven to hell.

Four years.

Leng Junyu had disappeared from Gu Rou's life for four years, but Gu Rou did not forget a bit.

She was not sure if Gu Rou could let go of such an unforgettable relationship, such a fascinating man, and live such a long happy life together. She could only pray that Gu Rou could live a happier life every day, with less sorrow and sorrow.

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