CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C2 You've been drugged.
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C2 You've been drugged.
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C2 You've been drugged.

But. . .

If they wanted him to touch the little girl in front of them as they wished, then they underestimated his astonishing willpower that he had cultivated for more than twenty years.

His body was still hot, but the expression on his handsome face with delicate facial features had slowly returned to its former calm.

Ji Chenxi's thin lips once again raised into a strange and unruly smile. His cold eyes looked down from above at the young girl who was still squirming and giving off an enticing fragrance. After about half a minute, he put her down. He did not allow her to protest or struggle. He covered her with a blanket. Finally, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

The next day.

In a hospital in City T.

She felt an intense pain!

When Gu Rou opened her eyes, she felt that her head was about to explode. She subconsciously raised her hand to rub her temple. Her blurred watery eyes looked around and was immediately stunned by the unfamiliar environment.

Why did she come to the hospital? She was still wearing the hospital exclusive pajamas. What was going on?

"You're awake?"

A light and cheerful male voice suddenly sounded. Gu Rou then realized the person in front of the hospital bed. She was startled again. Wasn't this Shen Yue, the special assistant and bodyguard of Lord President?

Gu Rou's eyes widened and she looked like she was in pain. Shen Yue thought that Gu Rou's body had some sequelae, and his expression changed. He said with concern: "Are you feeling unwell somewhere? Oh right, I'll call the doctor first. "

After he finished speaking, he pressed the bed bell several times in a row.

"Excuse me, why am I here? What happened?" Finally, Gu Rou spoke.

Shen Yue was slightly stunned and asked back, "You don't remember what you did?"

What did Gu Rou do?

Gu Rou remembered that yesterday was the company's anniversary celebration. The King's Landing Century Xi Group was a famous company in City T. This year's anniversary celebration party was held on a cruise ship. Not only did they arrange for their employees to attend, they also invited businessmen, celebrities, and models. This was simply an exciting and wonderful feast.

"You've been drugged, so we can only send you to the hospital. The doctor has removed the poison, so your body is basically fine. However, the doctor still needs to come over and carefully examine you to see if there are any sequelae. " Shen Yue opened his mouth again and interrupted Gu Rou's memory.

When Gu Rou heard this, her face turned pale and she asked in shock, "I was drugged? What medicine?"

Shen Yue was confused again. Young Master Ji and Boss An said she was an undercover agent sent by the enemy. Why did she look different from everyone's guess? Could it be that her acting skills were too high and she was good at disguising herself?

For some reason, Shen Yue subconsciously ruled out this possibility. He felt that she did not seem like a scheming girl. Her eyes were so pure and clear.

"Oh right, what's your name?" Suppressing his confusion, Shen Yue asked.

Gu Rou pondered for a moment before telling him.

"Then what do you do? Why did you appear at our company's anniversary gala last night?" Shen Yue continued to ask questions. After Gu Rou answered, Shen Yue was dumbfounded. "Star assistant? You said you were our company's star assistant?"

"I have worked in the company for a year. Two months ago, I just happened to be working for Mu Yunfann. However, compared to his other two very capable special assistants, I'm just an insignificant person, so you don't know me. "

Mu Yunfann's assistant!

Oh my god.

One after another shocking news made Shen Yue almost unable to digest it.

But at the same time, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

From this, it could be said that the entire matter was a misunderstanding?

It seemed that she wasn't the spy that Young Master Ji and Boss An had regarded. This way, she wouldn't have to face a tragic punishment.

Unlike Shen Yue's complicated thoughts, Gu Rou asked again the reason for the matter, "Mr. Shen, you just said that I was hit by a medicine by mistake. You haven't told me what medicine it is. What happened last night? Why was I sent to the hospital? "

Shen Yue came back to his senses and stared at her for a few seconds. He replied in embarrassment, "You were drugged by an aphrodisiac. "

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