CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C20 Showing off Mu Yunfan and Gu Rou's Love to President Ji
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C20 Showing off Mu Yunfan and Gu Rou's Love to President Ji
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C20 Showing off Mu Yunfan and Gu Rou's Love to President Ji

That night, Qiu Feng just looked at Gu Rou, who was sleeping soundly, and thought about it. Qiu Feng fell asleep very late and woke up the next day in a tempting fragrance.

Qiu Feng was worried about Gu Rou for the whole night. At this time, Gu Rou was preparing breakfast in the small kitchen.

Gu Rou changed her clothes and it seemed that she had taken a bath. At this moment, she carried the freshly made eggs and steamed buns into the living room. Seeing that Qiu Feng had woken up, she smiled, "There are still five minutes left before breakfast is ready. You should wash up."

Looking at the radiant and energetic Gu Rou, Qiu Feng was stunned. She only regained her senses when Gu Rou called out to her.

When they were eating breakfast, Qiu Feng finally asked Gu Rou, "Rou, are you alright?"

Gu Rou's gaze was gentle as she looked at Qiu Feng and said meaningfully, "Do you wish for something to happen to me?"

"Of course not, how is that possible!" Qiu Feng quickly explained. Seeing Gu Rou suddenly blink at Qiu Feng and recover her previous naughtiness, Qiu Feng did not hesitate and changed the topic to another matter, "Oh right, Gu Hongzhi said this weekend is the treat and told you and me to go."

"Gu Hongzhi? The man from the engineering department who chased after you?"

"That's right. I've clearly rejected him, but he still hasn't given up. If you don't want to go, then let's not go. Anyway, I haven't promised him." As Qiu Feng spoke, she picked up her phone and pretended to send a message.

Gu Rou stopped her and her tone was quite cheerful, "Go, of course we will go. If there is free western food, why not go."

Qiu Feng's eyes slanted and looked at her suspiciously, "Free western food? Are you sure you are going for this? You are usually not greedy for small gains. Didn't the head of the marketing department who chased you last time also plan to treat us to a big meal? You didn't go!"

Gu Rou quickly felt guilty and found an excuse to cover it up. " At that time, I had a bad stomach and that was why I rejected it."

"The matter between me and that man in the promotion department has already passed. Don't talk about him. You can agree to Gu Hongzhi's dinner this weekend. Anyway, we haven't gone out for a long time. After eating, we can walk around the streets. "Gu Rou continued to pretend that nothing happened. In fact, she was planning something in her heart.

Gu Rou had seen Gu Hongzhi before. He was young but was quite talented. He was very talented in researching the Internet. He had good facial features and was 175cm tall. He was polite and came from a well-off family. He also genuinely liked Qiu Feng. If Qiu Feng and Gu Hongzhi were together, they would not lose a good relationship.

Gu Rou and Qiu Feng had known each other for many years. Gu Rou knew that Qiu Feng was an orphan and grew up in an orphanage. However, Qiu Feng was strong, optimistic, and diligent. In some aspects, Gu Rou and Qiu Feng were quite similar. This was also the reason why Gu Rou and Qiu Feng's relationship had become deeper and deeper after so many years. It was so deep that they were like sisters.

Qiu Feng was very concerned about Gu Rou and Gu Rouyi very much cherished Qiu Feng, this good friend. Gu Rou hoped that Qiu Feng would have a happy and beautiful family in the future and make up for Qiu Feng's unfamilial experiences since she grew up in the orphanage.

Qiu Feng was not clear about Gu Rou's thoughts but Qiu Feng considered that Gu Rou was not in a good mood recently so she might as well go out for a walk and gather to distract Gu Rou's attention.

Gu Rou and Qiu Feng were always thinking of each other and Gu Rou and Qiu Feng were planning for each other. They were indeed good sisters for many years.

After eating breakfast, Gu Rou and Qiu Feng went to work together. When Gu Rou and Qiu Feng returned to the company, Gu Rou was called to the office by Mu Yunfann.

Mu Yunfann told Gu Rou that Ji Chenxi had a social meeting in Wah Club tonight. Mu Yunfann was going to bring Gu Rou there for dinner to show off Mu Yunfann and Gu Rou's love and let Ji Chenxi know that Mu Yunfann and Gu Rou were dating.

Gu Rou had heard that Wah Club was a five-star club that specialized in providing entertainment for the upper class.

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