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C3 Solution

A catalyst?


Gu Rou remembered that at the banquet, she was eating and walking around with Qiu Feng when she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and her body was inexplicably hot. Gu Rou went to the bathroom to wash her face. Unexpectedly, just as Gu Rou was about to push open the door and enter, a strange fragrance assailed her nose and a large hand quickly covered her mouth.

Gu Rou continuously struggled and turned back to see who it was but unfortunately before she could see, everything before her eyes turned black and her entire person sunk into an endless darkness.

Later on, Gu Rou vaguely felt as if she was soaked in hot steam. During this period of time, someone seemed to come over with a special charm and lured Gu Rou to approach him instinctively.

Gu Rou helplessly moaned and reached out her hand to boldly touch his well-built body. Gu Rou kept pushing her body closer to him and Gu Rou felt an unprecedented discomfort. She asked him for help and heard him asking in a hoarse voice how to save her. However, Gu Rou did not know how to make him save her.

So, it was actually the effect of an aphrodisiac?

Then did something happen to her?

In shock, Gu Rou hurriedly lifted the blanket and lowered her head to check her body through her loose collar.

"Don't worry. Nothing happened as you imagined. We sent you to the hospital in time. The doctor helped you remove the medicinal properties through physical treatment." Shen Yue comforted Gu Rou at the right time.

Gu Rou seemed to have thought of something and asked, "You keep saying 'we'. Other than you, there seems to be someone else who knows about my situation? Who is that person? " Also, how did you guys find out about me? I remember that when I felt my body heat up, I planned to wash my face. "But I was attacked at the bathroom door and fainted."

Hearing Gu Rou's words, Shen Yue couldn't help but recall some of the scenes from last night.

Shen Yue was having fun with Jian Hao at the venue when he suddenly received a call from Young Master Ji. Shen Yue and Jian Hao rushed to Young Master Ji's temporary room and saw Gu Rou, who was twisting and struggling on the big bed.

Gu Rou was like an octopus, clinging tightly to Young Master Ji's body. Her fair arms were exposed.

Shen Yue had been by Young Master Ji's side for many years. He had never seen a woman who could get so close to Young Master Ji. But last night, this girl called Gu Rou actually got so close to Young Master Ji. Even though Young Master Ji looked a little angry, there seemed to be a different kind of emotion in that angry expression, as if it was awkward.

He did not think that the President, which had always been cold, would also have such a time.

"Mr. Shen!"

Shen Yue stopped reminiscing and thought about how to tell Gu Rou. Coincidentally, the doctor came.

The doctor gave Gu Rou a checkup and happily reported that Gu Rou's body was fine and could be discharged at any time.

After the doctor left, Shen Yue told Gu Rou that he was going to make a phone call. When he walked out of the ward, he immediately dialed Ji Chenxi's phone. His tone could not hide his joy as he reported, "Young Master Ji, that girl is awake. It turns out that we misunderstood her. She is not a spy. She is an employee of our company. Mu Yunfann's assistant is called Gu Rou."

Shen Yue kept talking non-stop for a while before a reply came from the other end of the phone. Young Master Ji's deep and magnetic voice was as light as water and he could not hear any emotion. "You go through the discharge procedures for Gu Rou. We will talk about it when you come back."

Shen Yue did not dawdle and immediately agreed. After hanging up the phone, he returned to the ward.

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