CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C4 You Miss Women?
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CEO’s Lucky Pregnant Wife/C4 You Miss Women?
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C4 You Miss Women?

Shen Yue did not tell Gu Rouyi what happened last night. Gu Rouyi could tell that he was worried, so she did not want to ask any more questions. She started to prepare to leave the hospital.

Shen Yue asked her to go home or to the company. He wanted to see her off.

Gu Rou declined. He was kind and friendly to her, but they were strangers and he was wary of her.

Shen Yue could only watch her get into the taxi and drive back to the company.

At this time, in the President office of King's Landing Century Corporation, two handsome, tall, and stalwart men were seriously discussing work. They were Ji Chenxi and General Manager, An Qingze, who were the President of King's Landing Century Corporation.

After the discussion, Ji Chenxi, who was sitting in the President chair and wearing a black suit, suddenly fell into deep thought. An Qingze, who was wearing a blue suit opposite him, looked at him with interest and teased, "What are you thinking about? Do you miss women? "

Ji Chenxi composed himself and looked at him with his sharp black eyes.

An Qingze shrugged and continued to tease, "Actually, you did not handle the matter last night well. You should have raped that little girl. It doesn't matter if she's a spy sent by the enemy or not. If she's really a spy, you should have taught her a lesson. She won't dare to be impudent in the future. "

"If you had told me earlier, I would have let you do her." Ji Chenxi finally responded. His casual tone had the same meaning as his expression.

An Qingze rolled his eyes immediately. "I have a lot of women, but you live like a monk all day long. Men must enjoy themselves. Look at me. My life is so carefree and comfortable. I'm really worried that you will age prematurely."

"Be careful that you will get sick."

The girls that I have found are all decent and clean. In fact, with your condition, as long as you open your mouth, many good girls will come looking for you. "

"Then be careful that your kidneys can't be treated"

"You don't have to worry about that for me. I'm in the prime of my life. "I'm in good health. Besides, if I can't handle it... " You won't be able to handle it either. " An Qingze started to laugh evilly, "Although you don't look for women, It's just that your way of venting is different. You use your hand. "

"An Qingze, stop joking."

"Hahaha! Hahaha!"

Ji Chenxi pulled his lips. He was speechless and lowered his head to flip through the information on the table.

An Qingze found it boring and was about to leave, but just as he got up, the magnificent tempered glass door was suddenly pushed open.

Shen Yue came.

An Qingze stopped and grabbed Shen Yue to ask him some questions.

When Gu Rou woke up, Shen Yue had already reported the situation to Ji Chenxi on the phone. This time, he roughly said it again and expressed his opinion once again.

An Qingze coldly snorted and poured cold water on him, "Stinky Kid, don't tell me that you already like her. You have been saying good things for her."

"Boss An, what are you thinking? I didn't mean it that way. Also, why did you say such unpleasant things? She was affected by the aphrodisiac, so her reaction was normal. " If it were you, you would be the same. " Shen Yue was young after all. He had little experience and was thin-skinned. His straightforward personality was completely exposed, and he even gave An Qingze a dissatisfied glare. He then turned to the man in the large chair behind the desk and explained. "Young Master Ji, I am not speaking for Gu Rou as you think. I really think she's innocent. If you had seen her expression, you would have thought the same. People's eyes are the easiest to reveal their inner thoughts. Her eyes are very clear. Not a single plot or plot. "

Ji Chenxi, who was behind the desk, stared at Shen Yue thoughtfully for a moment. His tall body moved slightly forward and asked meaningfully, "Then look at my eyes. See what is hidden inside? Is there any scheme? "

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