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C6 The Elevator

"Is he gay?"

"Otherwise, how could he resist such a beautiful girl like you?" Qiu Feng continued to use her rich imagination. As she spoke, she realized that Gu Rou was frowning again and quickly stopped joking. "I am joking. What do you plan to do next? Why don't you report He Yamei and Qiu Menglou to the President people and let the President punish them? He probably doesn't like to be plotted against."

Gu Rou shook her head to indicate that she could not do this. Although she also wanted to punish them, she had no proof. He Yamei and Qiu Menglou were both very scheming people. If she was not careful, she might even get herself into trouble.

She remembered that before she left the hospital, Shen Yue told her not to tell anyone about what happened last night.

When she asked why, Shen Yue looked like he wanted to say something but held back.

Actually, she also wanted to pretend that this accident had never happened, but the truth was that it had happened.

If this accident was really planned by He Yamei and Qiu Menglou, of course she wanted to take revenge on them!

In the following days, Gu Rou secretly paid attention to He Yamei and Qiu Menglou but unfortunately they did not have any abnormalities. She could not help but think that this matter really had nothing to do with them but she was not willing to believe it.

Qiu Menglou was a proud and ignorant person who made things difficult for her.

And He Yamei had an irreconcilable enmity with her.

Therefore, no matter what, she could not let down her guard against them.

She and Qiu Feng would arrive at the company more than ten minutes in advance every day. Today, the artiste Qiu Feng was in charge of had some activities outside. He went straight to his destination, and then she returned to the King's Landing Century's office building alone.

In the usually empty elevator at this time, a man actually appeared. It was a young man with an exceptionally outstanding appearance!

The man was dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He was tall and straight, had delicate and handsome facial features but did not lose his resoluteness. He had an elegant and noble temperament. Gu Rou could feel his coldness and alienation.

Gu Rou was not the kind of girl who would easily get close to others. She would not be infatuated with men who looked charming on the outside. Therefore, after looking at him indifferently again, she chose to stand at the furthest distance from him.

On the other hand, the man behind her had a slight change in his handsome face. He stared at Gu Rou, who was shorter than him by a head, and the light in his eyes surged.

He had the ability to remember everything, whether it was people or things. He had recognized her when she came in earlier. That night, she was enchanting, passionate, and fiery. Today, her face was as clean as a newly grown girl. Her eyes were as clear and pure as Shen Yue had said, pure and spotless.

However, was she really that pure and innocent?

When he saw her appearance of not recognizing him, Ji Chenxi's thin lips couldn't help but curl up slightly, and his straight long legs suddenly took two steps forward and arrived beside her.

Sensing the figure that was suddenly approaching, Gu Rou instantly retreated to the corner. However, he seemed to have ulterior motives. He kept getting close to her. She seemed to have touched his clothes!

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